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Literary Necrology 1998.

Nissim Aloni, Israeli playwright, Summer.

Eric Ambler, English novelist and screenwriter, London, October, age 89.

Shaikh Ayaz, Pakistani poet and prose writer, Karachi, 28 December 1997, age 74.

Gaston Baquero, Cuban poet and essayist, Madrid, 15 May 1997, age 79.

Georges Borgeaud, French essayist and novelist, Paris, 6 December, age 84.

Jose Cardoso Pires, Portuguese novelist, Lisbon, 26 October, age 73.

Clemens Eich, Swiss-German novelist and playwright, 22 February, age 43.

Paul Flamand, French publisher and founding codirector of Les Editions du Seuil, Paris, August, age 89.

Gloria Fuertes, Spanish poet, Madrid, 27 November, age 80.

Jaume Fuster, Catalan novelist and screenwriter, Barcelona, 31 January, age 53.

William Gaddis, American novelist, East Hampton (N.Y.), December, age 75.

Elena Garro, Mexican playwright and novelist, Mexico City, 22 August, age 77.

Julian [Julien] Green, American French-language novelist and diarist, Paris, 13 August, age 97.

Helvi Hamalainen, Finnish novelist and poet, January, age 90.

John Hawkes, American novelist and short-story writer, Providence (R.I.), May, age 72.

Zbigniew Herbert, Polish poet, 28 July, age 74.

Ted Hughes, English poet and British poet laureate, London, 28 October, age 68.

Ernst Junger, German novelist and diarist, Wilflingen (Ger.), 17 February, age 102.

Nizar Kabbani, Syrian Arabic poet, London, 30 April, age 75.

Viljo Kajava, Finnish poet, January, age 88.

Halldor Laxness, Icelandic novelist and 1955 Nobel laureate, near Reykjavik, 8 February, age 95.

Hermann Lenz, German novelist and prose writer, 12 May, age 85.

Jean-Francois Lyotard, French essayist and theorist, age 74.

Margarita Michelena, Mexican poet and journalist, 27 March, age 80.

Libu}e Monikova, Czech-born German novelist and essayist, Berlin, 12 January, age 52.

Ana Maria Ortese, Italian novelist and short-story writer, Rapallo (It.), 9 March, age 83.

&ivojin Pavlovi3/4, Serbian fiction writer and filmmaker, Belgrade, 29 November, age 65.

Octavio Paz, Mexican poet and essayist and 1990 Nobel laureate, Mexico City, 19 April, age 84.

Juhani Peltonen, Finnish playwright and fiction writer, age 57.

Sally Purcell, English poet and editor/bibliographer, Oxford, 4 January, age 53.

Taufiq Rafat, Pakistani poet and translator, Lahore, 2 August, age 71.

Anatoly Rybakov, Russian novelist, New York, December, age 87.

Muhammad Safdar Mir [Zeno], Pakistani playwright and poet, Lahore, 9 August, age 76.

Yunus Said, Pakistani short-story writer and publisher/editor, Karachi, 21 May, age 70.

Martin Seymour-Smith, British critic/editor and poet, Bexhill-on-Sea (Eng.), 1 July, age 70.

Iain Crichton Smith, Scottish poet and prose writer, October, age 70.

Giorgio Strehler, Italian dramatist and director, Milan, 25 December 1997.

Sa'dallah Wannus, Syrian playwright, Damascus, 15 May 1997, age 56.

Dorothy West, American fiction writer, Martha's Vineyard (Ma.), 16 August, age 91.
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Title Annotation:deaths of literary figures in 1998
Publication:World Literature Today
Date:Jan 1, 1999
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