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Litepanels unveils products and finds another satisfied user.

Litepanels has introduced H2 Hi-Output LED lights. The new fixtures answer the need for a LED fixture capable of throwing illumination over a distance of between 20ft and 25ft, providing HD-friendly light with all the advantages of Litepanels' proprietary LED fixtures.

The H2 Hi-Output is 5600[degrees]K colourbalanced, using an array of 72 1W daylight LEDs that are focused to a 10-degree angle. H2 fixtures integrate perfectly into sets or locations using other Litepanels fixtures, providing wide-spectrum daylight (5600[degrees]K) colour-balanced illumination.

Like all its LED fixtures, Litepanels said the H2 fixtures supply incredible light output while remaining energy-efficient. The 100W H2 fixtures produce light equivalent to a 1.000W legacy lighting fixture, using just 10% of the energy. And as H2 lights generate no noticeable heat, the need for power-hungry air-conditioning is reduced.

The new fixtures provide the same dimming capabilities as other Litepanels fixtures as well as dimming range from 100% to 0%, with no noticeable colour change. Dimming is provided via a knob located on the fixture itself, or from a DMX dimmer board. The H2 has an integrated yoke and gimbal system for easy hanging in the grid or positioning on a light stand.

Aside from the new Litepanel products, the company also revealed that the number of satisfied Litepanel customers are increasing. One such customer is US-based cinematographer Alan Caso ASC (Lie to Me, Big Love and Trauma), who again chose LED lights from Litepanels for his new series The Defenders. The CBS one-hour drama centres on the personal and professional lives of two very different Las Vegas lawyers.

"I've been using Litepanels for about four years now," said Caso. "They are small and compact, and have a lot of punch. They fit into places that other lights of equivalent luminance can't. I have two 1x1 panels and two MiniPlus bricks on The Defenders, and they work all the time."

According to its producers, The Defenders is not the usual staid, courtroom-bound legal series. The characters are said to be bigger than life--and that includes the city of Las Vegas and the casinos that are such a big fabric of the town. Caso and company may be shooting flamboyant locations with a lot of flash, but he is always in need of that extra kick or flattering light.

"That's where Litepanels are so important," he pointed out. "I can get a soft source out of small corners or inside a car. Litepanels are always my saving grace. I remember when we were shooting Trauma and we were often in green-screenprocess helicopter sequences," he recalled. "Litepanels fit easily in those hard-to-fit areas in the helicopter to provide small source lighting. It worked quite well."


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Date:Jun 1, 2011
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