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LitePoint Corporation Announces TrueChannel(TM) Emulator for Dynamic Wireless Systems Testing.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- TrueChannel Channel Emulation Creates Full Duplex Real-World Environments for up to 4X4 MIMO Wireless Architectures with Unprecedented Accuracy and Repeatability

LitePoint Corporation, an industry leading provider of advanced wireless test solutions, announces the new TrueChannel Emulator, which reproduces highly accurate multipath environments for testing up to 4X4 multiple input / multiple output (MIMO) or single input / single output (SISO) wireless solutions. The TrueChannel Emulator works with wireless integrated circuit and board-level products enabling researchers, developers and verification teams to stress a device-under-test's (DUT) algorithms and hardware designs. Furthermore, it allows developers and product managers to evaluate the performance of multiple products and validation testing under the same environmental conditions.

"Our release of the TrueChannel Emulator demonstrates the commitment of LitePoint to provide the most advanced wireless test solutions to our customers," said Greg Ravenscroft, President/Advanced Development at LitePoint Corporation. Mr. Ravenscroft continued, "The TrueChannel Emulator joins IQnxn, IQview and IQflex, LitePoint's MIMO and Legacy WLAN test solutions, addressing the varied needs of developers, manufacturers and product owners."

The TrueChannel Emulator provides end-to-end RF connectivity with the ability to accurately enable measurements of a DUT's response to a standardized or user-defined channel. Channel emulation is particularly critical to the latest MIMO systems, including 802.11n, where the ability to test algorithms and products against complex channel models is important to measure and validate the DUT with real-world effects such as multipath, fading and cross-channel correlation.

Accuracy and repeatability of the channel model is achieved by implementation of a low latency, custom digital signal processor supported by high dynamic range, high isolation Rx and Tx radio frequency interfaces. The TrueChannel Emulator supports all 802.11 requirements operating in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands with a channel bandwidth greater than 40MHz. All Rx/Tx ports are fully bidirectional with automatic switching and per-channel gain control.

The TrueChannel Emulator is very easy to use. User set up of the system is done through an included GUI. Once set up, the system runs automatically. Automation is supported through either a C++ or MATLAB(R) compatible API. Through these interfaces, the user defines channel model characteristics. Included are TGn channel models or the user can define their own models. Individual channel attenuation can be controlled for modeling roaming scenarios. Channel models can be dynamically changed at any time during packet transmissions to emulate changing environments and are supported by an interpolator which ensures smooth transitions between models. The system can be configured to provide physical layer link performance PER data in real time and works with popular performance analysis packages such as Ixia's IxChariot(R) or iPerf.

The TrueChannel Emulator scales with customer needs and is available in 2X2, 3X3 or 4X4 configurations. Systems can be expanded after initial purchase with TrueChannel Rx/Tx Expansion Modules. The TrueChannel Emulator and Rx/Tx Expansion Modules are available now. Contact LitePoint at +1 408-456-5000 or LitePoint sales representatives can be located at

About LitePoint Corporation

LitePoint Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, California, designs, develops, markets, and supports advanced wireless test solutions for developers and marketers of branded wireless products, for consumer electronics and contract manufacturers, and for wireless IC designers.

By leveraging its in-house expertise in the design of wireless systems and ICs, LitePoint has developed innovative test solutions to assure product conformance to specifications, interoperability with other compliant products, and overall product quality. LitePoint's test products address both R&D and high-volume production, providing its customers with superior ROI, accelerated time-to-market, improved manufacturing yields, improved product quality, and increased profitability.

For more information, visit LitePoint at

IQview is a registered trademark of LitePoint Corporation. TrueChannel, IQnxn, IQmax, IQfact, IQflex, IQsignal and IQwave are trademarks of LitePoint Corporation. MATLAB is a registered trademark of TheMathWorks. IxChariot is a registered trademark of Ixia.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 13, 2006
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