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Lite spots to hit the airwaves.

Lite spots to hit the airwaves

According to the Miller Brewing Co., several new television commercials are set to be broadcast in support of Miller Lite.

Paul Basquin, Miller's low-calories director, explained the commercials will incorporate the new Miller Lite tagline. "|Miller Lite. It's it and that's that.' effectively communicates the brand's taste, popularity and leadership position through advertising that is distinctive, sociable and fun," he said.

Seven new Lite ads were produced by Leo Burnett U.S.A. The new advertising includes 30-second spots titled "Password;" "Vendors;" and "What |It' Is;" as well as a 30- and 60-second commercial, "Anthem." Advertising also includes two 30- and 60-second spots featuring country and western singer Clint Black. "Walking Away" will be broadcast nationally, and "Tour Bus" is currently being aired in Texas.

Additionally, a 30-second commercial supporting Lite's sponsorship of the National Football League and the brand's "Player of the Year" program will be broadcast later this year.

Finally, "Glamour," a 30-second commercial featuring vocalist Luther Vandross will air in the markets where he is performing his Miller Lite-sponsored concert tour, and it will also be broadcast nationally.
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Title Annotation:Miller Brewing Co. to air new commercials for Miller Lite
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Dec 2, 1991
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