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Listen up, y'all!

Having written sales training columns in this magazine for nearly 15 years now, I hope that I've made a difference. However, after reading the February ReaderPanel ("Who Sells?" page 88), I seriously question that I have.

When asked what the most important factor in making a sale was, 56% of remodelers surveyed said "Looking over the project." Was this a joke? A misprint? Are you people nuts?

I disagree. Strongly. The most important factors are those that were listed in "other factors cited." which didn't even make the top five: being on time, being personable, building rapport, establishing trust, et cetera.

If this is how readers of this magazine view the sales process, they will never understand how the most expensive companies have the most work and the most money, even if their craftsmanship isn't top-notch. Professional remodelers need to start taking the selling process as seriously as they do the building process.

Now go sell something!

Phil Rea

Phil Rea & Associates

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Title Annotation:CallBack
Author:Rea, Phil
Date:Apr 1, 2004
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