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List of submissions.

The following personnel were submitted for Corrections Today's annual Best in the Business issue. Many thanks to the correctional agencies and ACA chapters and affiliates for this year's submissions.


Lawrence Bevins, sergeant, ASPC-Lewis; Michael Forbeck, captain, ASPC-Lewis; Andrew Kneidel, sergeant, ASPC-Lewis; Mark McCain, sergeant, ASPC-Lewis; Travis Nelson, sergeant, ASPC-Lewis; Barbara Savage, captain, ASPC-Lewis; Daryl Shafer, captain, ASPC-Lewis; Harold Stuart, captain, ASPC-Lewis


California Conservation Camp Program


Robert Correa, warden, New Haven Correctional Center; Donald DeVore, deputy commissioner of juvenile services, Department of Children and Family Services; Equal Opportunity Assurance Unit, diversity council, CDOC; Nelson Garcia, correctional major, Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution; Neftali Rodriguez, captain, Northern Correctional Institution; Edward Wadowski, corrections officer, Hartford Correctional Center

District of Columbia

Patricia B. Britton, deputy director; Gregory E. Jackson, general counsel


Leroy Carolina, probation officer, Tampa East Lake-13F; James V. Crosby Jr., secretary, FDOC; Richard Dove, officer, Santa Rosa Correctional Institution; Stepheny P. Durham III, superintendent, Duval Regional Juvenile Detention Center; Albert Garza, officer, Santa Rosa Correctional Institution; John Howle, education supervisor, Baker Correctional Institution; Donald Leavens, sergeant, Santa Rosa Correctional Institution; Robert Lenzo, officer, Santa Rosa Correctional Institution; Todd Reeves, officer, Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Department; Andrew P. Smith, lieutenant, Florida State Prison; Michael A. Traver, vocational instructor III/F/C, Putnam Correctional Institution; Robert Tucker, superintendent, Falkenburg Academy.


Doug Engle, technology manager, GDJJ; Gordon Fisher, assistant deputy commissioner, GDJJ; Rob Rosenbloom, deputy commissioner, GDJJ; Juliet Tarpan, records management coordinator, GDJJ; Jimmy Taylor, investigation manager, GDJJ.


Dr. Wendy Blank-Navarro, treatment unit administrator, 1YC-Warrenville; Lynn A. Dexheimer, family services administrator, Decatur Correctional Center; Debbie Dowell, employment training specialist, Burlington Iowa Workforce Development; Reginald Jones, parole supervisor, Cook County Sheriff's Office; James McKinney, warden, North Central Correctional; James Simmons, parole agent, Cook County Sheriff's Office; Laurie Tockey, chaplain, Lincoln Correctional Center Iowa


Marcheta A. Resch, volunteer, Lansing Correctional Facility


Robert Forrest, social service clinician, Community Corrections East; Beverly Kay Freeman, youth worker II, McCraken Regional Juvenile Detention Center; John Payne, youth worker supervisor, Warren Regional Juvenile Detention Center


Mariana Leger, deputy warden for programs, Elayn Hunt Correctional Center


Olen C. Brake Jr., correctional case management supervisor, Maryland Correctional Institution-Hagerstown; William A. Diggs, captain, Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center; Dwight Johnson, major, Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center; James L. Pettaway, corporal, drill instructor, Herman L. Toulson Boot Camp


Lynn Bissonette, superintendent, MCI-Framingham; Robert Clauss, correctional officer I, Massachusetts Treatment Center; Mark Gonyea, correction officer III, chef, Northeastern Correctional Center; Lorene Melvin, health service administrator, MCI-Framingham; Bruce Pires, recreation officer II, Old Colony Correctional Center; John Rose, correction officer I/fire safety officer/BOPS, MCI-Norfolk; Robert Sykes, director of engineering, Old Colony Correctional Center


Shirley Fritz, communications specialist, Adrian Training School; Michael S. Green, administrator, Prison Build Program; Helen Henricks, senior group leader, Adrian Training School; Diane Linskey, youth group leader, Shawono Center; Roberto Valdez, storekeeper, Adrian Training School; Barry L. Wickman, administrator, Bureau of Fiscal Management


Clifford "Pete" Bethards, corrections officer I, Western Missouri Correctional Center; Diane Fuerst, office support assistant steno, Northeast Correctional Center; Ron Humphrey, correctional caseworker, Tipton Correctional Center; James Morrison, corrections officer II, Maryville Treatment Center; Michael J. Murphy, superintendent, Algoa Correctional Center


Jon Boothe, food service director, Lincoln Correctional Center; Dan Danahay, sergeant, Nebraska State Penitentiary; Cheri DeLay, administrative secretary, Hasting Correctional Center; Terry Elwood, corporal, Nebraska State Penitentiary; Dennis Enderez, accounting clerk II, Inmate Accounting; Matt Heckman, case management supervisor, Diagnostic and Evaluation Center; Lupe Hickey, intepreter, Hasting Correctional Center; Conchita Kroeger, administrative secretary, Division of Programs and Community Services; John McGovern, administrator, Cornhusker State Industries; Rex Richard, superintendent, Community Corrections Center-Lincoln; Bill Schnackenberg, Chemical Dependency Program administrator, Recreation Treatment Center-Nebraska State Penitentiary; Corey Wasenius, lieutenant, Omaha Correctional Center; Amber Wiens, administrative secretary, Health Services

New Hampshire

David Ball, bureau chief of operations, Division for Juvenile Justice Services; Jim Peace, house leader, Division for Juvenile Justice Services

New Jersey

Tongyin Liu, research analyst-intern, Division of Programs and Community Services; Joseph Maddock, lieutenant, Mountain-view Youth Correctional Facility; Russell W. Sachleben, senior correction officer, Bayside State Prison; Roy Lee Varndell, senior correction officer, Mid-State Correctional Facility; Doreen White, project manager, Central Office-Operations

New Mexico

Aaron Bell, correctional officer I, Level V, New Mexico State Penitentiary; Angelic Jaramillo, correctional officer I, Level V, New Mexico State Penitentiary

New York City

Charles Paris, correction officer, Applicant Investment Unit; Paul Rogers, correction officer, Otis Bantum Correctional Center; William Santiago, correction captain, Correction Assistance Response for Employees unit.

North Carolina

Kathy Dudley, central area administrator, North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; Keith Gardner, English teacher, C.A. Dillon Youth Development Center; Jerry Goodwin, construction estimator, Engineering, DOC; Jeff Norman, supervisor of recreational activities, Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center; Vanessa Roberson, court counselor, District 7 Office; Dr. Paula Smith, medical director, Division of Prisons; Michael Sprinkle, correctional officer, Marion Correctional Institution; Randolph Thomas, food service supervisor, Morrison Correctional Institution; Greg Worthington, court counselor and NC-JOIN trainer, District 13 Office


Dennis W. Dukes, training specialist, Office of Juvenile Affairs


Kenneth J. Glosek, corrections maintenance repairman 2, SCI-Coal Township; Harry Nicoletti, corrections officer 1, SCI-Pittsburgh; George Yartin, sergeant, SCI-Smithfield

Rhode Island

Arlene J. Chorney, education director, Rhode Island Training School

South Carolina

Margaret Barber, regional administrator, Piedmont


Beverly Cameron, children's services officer, Bradley County Group Home; Clara Harris, accreditation manager and assistant to superintendent, John S. Wilder Youth Development Center; Alice Kilgore, education specialist, West View Center; Rebecca Wester, manager of treatment, Mountain View Youth Development Center


Roy C. Catella, shift supervisor, Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility


Virginia J. Bandy, operations officer, Bland Correctional Center; Nancy T. Pruitt, office manager, Bland Correctional Center


Alice Payne, superintendent, McNeil Island Corrections Center; Nancy Jahns, community corrections officer, Northeast Region


William J. Grosshans, assistant administrator, Division of Community Corrections; Margaret "Peg" Kendrigan, assistant regional chief, Division of Community Corrections

Federal Bureau of Prisons

William F. Dalius, warden, Federal Correctional Institution in North Carolina; Bruce S. Fenner, deputy chief, Religious Services Branch; Rodney Kroft, senior officer specialist, U.S. Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pa.; Steve Schwalb, assistant director, Federal Prison Industries Inc.

Correctional Service Canada

Louise Pargeter, parole officer, Northwest Territory Area Office

Chapter/Affiliate Nominations

Alston Wilkes Society

Mubarak A. Al-muid, Linda J. Allen, Alston Wilkes Society Employee of the Year; Jason C. Booth, sheriff, South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers' Association, Law Enforcement Officer of the Year; John D. Bourne, board member, Dedicated Service; Jennifer Brice, Mark Hart Probation and Pardon Agent of the Year; Bradford Harrell, Olin Sanders Correctional Officer of the Year; Richard Lee, Alston Wilkes Society Veterans Home Volunteer of the Year; Annie Mickens, James W. Sparks Youth Worker of the Year; Dan Morris, Project Take Heart Volunteer of the Year; Office Depot-Lexington, Alston Wilkes Society Volunteer of the Year; Kimberly Paschal, William C. Nau Federal Probation Officer of the Year; Jan Rivers, Board Member, Dedicated Service; Donald Roy, Alston Wilkes Society Part-Time Employee of the Year; Barbara and Ernest Simmons, Alston Wilkes Society Foster Parents of the Year; Darren G. Wilson, trooper first class, South Carolina Law Enforcement Trooper of the Year

Association of State Correctional Administrators

Martin Horn, commissioner, New York City Department of Correction, Michael Francke Award; Robert Brown Jr., former commissioner, Michigan Department of Corrections, Louie Wainwright Award

Indiana Correctional Association

Rondle Anderson, superintendent, Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility, Presidential Citation; Jane Burns, superintendent, Edinburgh Correctional Facility, Lifetime Leadership Award; Penny Clevenger, vocational teacher, Putnamville Correctional Facility, Correctional Educator of the Year; Steve Fox, physical plant director, Westville Correctional Facility, Correctional Manager of the Year; Bob and Donna Hendricks, volunteers, Atterbury Correctional Facility, Volunteer of the Year; Ed Lampa, communications specialist, Correctional Training Institute, Presidential Citation; Curtis Mock, parole officer, Parole District 7, Parole Officer of the Year; David Morris, correctional officer, Reception-Diagnostic Center, Correctional Officer of the Year; John Mulroony, assistant superintendent, Wabash Correctional Facility, Distinguished Service Award; Ron Neal, administrative assistant II, New Castle Correctional Facility, Key Staffer of the Year; North Central Juvenile Correctional Facility Family Reintegration. Program of the Year; Sally Powalski, correctional counselor, Camp Summit, Correctional Counselor of the Year; Tobin Riney, detention officer, Vanderburgh County Jail Detention Worker/Jailer of the Year; Roxanne Roy, detention officer, Vanderburgh County Jail Detention Worker/Jailer of the Year; Mark Russler, detention officer, Vanderburgh County Jail Detention Worker/Jailer of the Year; David Swanson, chaplain, Putnamville Correctional Facility, Lifetime Leadership Award

International Corrections and Prisons Association

Kim Buchanan, student, University of Regina, Canada, Young Offender Traffic Theft Research Award; Department of Corrections New Zealand, Evaluation of the Te Piriti Special Treatment Program for Sex Offenders Research Award; Israel Prison Service and the Adler Institute, Offender Management, Treatment and Reintegration Award; New Zealand Public Prisons Service, Management and Staff Training Award; Pe Sakastew Healing Lodge, The President's Award; Roy Walmsley, Manager International Centre for Prison Studies' World Prison Brief Project, the President's Award

Iowa Corrections Association

Claudette Carter-Thomas, First District, Outstanding Multi-Cultural Issues Worker; Habitat for Humanity Project, Iowa State Penitentiary, Outstanding Correctional Program; Janet Harms, First District, Honorary Mention for Service; Candis Lockard, Iowa Attorney General's Office, Outstanding Victim Assistance; John Mathes, warden, Outstanding Correctional Worker; Mark Matkovich, Seventh District, Outstanding ICA Member; Sixth District Communications Project, Outstanding Citizen; Steve Tisue and staff, Waterloo, Iowa, Outstanding Public Official/Employee

National Correctional Industries Association

Kent Allin, assistant commissioner, Minnesota Department of Administration, the McLaughlin Award; Phil Burckhalter, program coordinator II, South Carolina Prison Industries, Marketing and Sales Person of the Year; Daniel A. Ferrise, chairman of the board, Minnesota Correctional Industries-RODLI Award; Milton "Sonny" Flynn, Southeast Region, Staff Award; Dorothea "Dee" Massey, regional manager of Textile and Furniture, Maryland State Use Industries, National Staff Award; Glen McKinney, Western Region, Staff Award; Robert Smith, Central Region, Staff Award; Donna Walker, South Central Region, Staff Award

South Carolina Correctional Association

Carl J. Fredrick, Distinguished Service Award; Ann Gaston, President's Award; Charlie Moss, McCormick Correctional Institution, Scholarship Award; Surleaner Lakin, President's Award; Deborah L. Padgett, Executive Committee Award; Brenda Reed, Executive Committee Award; Raymond "Bubba" Reed, Executive Committee Award; Patty Baker Welday, President's Award; W.C. Wilks, Lee Correctional Institution, Scholarship Award

Wisconsin Correctional Association

Daniel Brown, Boyd Spikerman Memorial Correctional Officer Award; Marianne A. Cooke, Sanger B. Powers Award for Excellence; Thomas Core, Boyd Spikerman Memorial Correctional Officer Award; Erwin Heinzelmann, Wisconsin Council on Community Corrections Service Award; Urban Klosterman, Dr. Juliette Martin-Thomas Award for Excellence in the Field of Human Services; Stacy Lischka, scholarship winner; Amanda Nickel, scholarship winner; Ryan Servais, scholarship winner; Don Woodley, Roland C. Hershman Award for Meritorious Dedication to the Field of Juvenile Justice.
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