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List of participants.

Ames, Roget T., University of Hawaii, Manoa

Arjo, Dennis, Johnson County Community College

Beauchamp, Fay, Community College of Philadelphia

Bensyl, Stacia, Missouri Western State University

Bodner, Howard, Houston Community College

Brown, George, Slippery Rock University

Brubaker, David, University of New Haven

Buck, Elizabeth, East-West Center

Butler, Lawrence, George Mason University

Byun, Chonghyun Christie, Wabash College

Cady, Dona, Middlesex Community College

Colvin, Andrew, Slippery Rock University

Crosby, Joanna, Morgan State University

Cullen, Margaret, Ohio Northern University

Deitrick, James, University of Central Arkansas

Dippmann, Jeffrey, Central Washington University

Dorn, Dean, Pacific Sociological Association

Dunscomb, Paul, University of Alaska, Anchorage

Dykstra, Yoshiko, University of Hawaii

Eng, Robert, University of Redlands

Farland, Julien, Middlesex Community College

Feleppa, Robert, Wichita State University

Foster, Robert, Berea College

Gerard, Renee, Slippery Rock University

Ghosh, Koushik, Central Washington University

Gray, Silvia, Portland Community College

Hembree, Michael, Johnson County Community College

Hoffman Tim, Keio University

Howe, Brendan, Ewha Women's University

Janus, Nancy, Eckerd College

Jiang, Maorong, Creighton University

Jones, David, Kennesaw State University

Kadel, Carolyn, Johnson County Community College

Laumakis, Stephen, University of St. Thomas

LeBlanc, Bruce, Black Hawk College

Lehe, Robert, North Central College

Lekprichakul, Thamana, Research Institute for the Humanities

Littlejohn, Ronnie, Belmont University

Liu, Chi, Taiwan Chienkuo Technology University

Liu, Yu, Niagara County Community College

Lopez, Sandy, Trident Community College

Loughlin, Philip

Marion, Michele, Paradise Valley Community College

McDonald, Tony Hal, University of Central Arkansas

McKeon, Joe, Central Connecticut State University

Moore, Jacqueline, Austin College

Moser, David, Belmont University

Nakamura, Tamah, Chikushi Jogakuen University

Olson, Ray, College of DuPage, Emeritus

Overton, Joseph, Kapi'olani Community College

Palmer, Annette, Morgan State University

Pearlstein, Arthur, Creighton University

Peoples, James, Ohio Wesleyan University

Polinska, Wioleta, North Central College

Pu, Li, Slippery Rock University

Richards, Leon, Kapi'olani Community College

Rogers, Matthew, North Central College

Sachdev, Rachana, Susquehanna University

Schaefer, Weirong, Missouri State University

Schiltz, Elizabeth, College of Wooster

Shultz, Edward, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Schwerin, Ed, Florida Atlantic University

Scott, Susan, McDaniel College

Soltz, Roberta, Bloomsburg University

Tan, Janet, National Chengchi University

Yuan, Jinmei, Creighton University

Zhang, He, William Paterson University


Program Committee

Bruce LeBlanc, co-chair, Black Hawk College

Mark Esposito, co-chair, Black Hawk College

Anne Malloy, co-chair, Tulsa Community College

Local Arrangements Committee

Joe Overton, chair, Kapiolani Community College

Kusuma Cooray, Kapiolani Community College

Carl Hefner, Kapiolani Community College

David Jones, Kennesaw State University

Administrative Support--East-West Center

Sandy Osaki, East-West Center

Grant Otoshi, East-West Center

Technical Support

Mary Hattori, Director, CELTT, Kapiolani Community College

Staff, CELTT, Kapiolani Community College

Kalani Fujiwara, Honda International Center, Kapiolani CC

Shawn Yacavone, Honda International Center, Kapiolani CC


Gene Phillips, Kapiolani Community College

Cover and Folder Designs

Warren Houghtailing


Kapiolani Community College's Culinary Institute of the Pacific, Dave Hamada, Chef

David Miyamoto, Catering Manager

Shangri-La, A Center for Islamic Arts and Culture

We especially thank Deborah Pope, Executive Director, and Carol Khewhok, Program Manager, for making it possible for ASDP to hold its 16th annual conference reception at Shangri-La.
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Publication:East-West Connections: Review of Asian Studies
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Date:Jan 1, 2011
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