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List of CE activities approved from July 1, 2005 to present.

0507-016    Swallowing Implications for   Angela Tate-Washington    2.4
            Neurological and Elderly
0508-017    Kids On Meds: What Every      Developmental Resources   6.6
            Professional Needs to Know
            About School-Aged Children
            and Psychiatric Disorders
            and Other Common Health
0508-018    2nd Annual Omnicare of SC     Pharmacy Consultants      6.3
            Long-Term Care Symposium
            "What Matters in the Long
            Run?" Fall Upstate Program
0509-020    Student Support Services      Richland School          11.4
            Conference                    District 1
0510-021    DON Boot Camp--LTC Nurse      SWK Consulting           24.3
            Leadership Seminar
0601-002AA  Legal Aspects of              Consultation On-Call      6.5
            Documentation in Healthcare
0601-003AA  Dying Without Pain: Pain &    Hospice Care of Tri-      2.4
            Symptom Management            County
0604-005AA  Sexual Assault Nurse          Carolina Forensic Nurse  45.6
            Examiner Training             Consultants
0605-007AA  SC Medical Directors          SC Medical Directors      5
            Association State Chapter     Association
            Meeting: Best Practices in
            Long Term Care
0606-008AA  South Atlantic Society of     South Atlantic Society   15
            Electrophysiology for Allied  of Electrophysiology
            Professionals Twelfth Annual
            Workshop for Allied
0608-010AA  Spanish for Healthcare        Aiken Technical College   8
0608-011AA  Clinical Challenges in        So. Carolina Geriatrics   5
            Geriatrics: 2006              Society
0608-015AA  Pediatric Sexual Assault:     Carolina Forensic Nurse  30
            Acute Medical and Forensic    Consultants
0609-018AA  Breast Health Navigator       EduCare                  28.1
0609-019AA  Exceeding Expectations:       SC Medical Directors      8
            Raising the Bar in Long-Term  Association
0612-025AA  Pharmacology and Late-Life    American Association     10.7
            Mental Illness                for Geriatric
0612-027AA  Health Choices for            Heritage Services         6
            Successful Futures
0612-028AA  IV Therapy for Healthcare     Aiken Technical College   6
0612-029AA  Comprehensive Wound           Motivations In            7.5
            Assessment & Debridement
0612-030AA  Our Journey of Hope           East Lake Community       6.6
0612-031AA  Mattresses, Seat Cushions     SpanAmerica               1.5
            and Proper Positioning: How
            to Choose and How to Use
0702-001AA  Current Trends in Neonatal    Carolinas Association    12.5
            Care                          of Neonatal Nurse
0702-003AA  Physician Perspective on      Interim Healthcare of     2
            Home Health Quality           Greenville
0703-004AA  Respiratory Illness &         Golden Corners Advanced   1
            Treatment Update              Practice Pro.
0703-005AA  Peripheral Arterial Disease   Golden Corners Advanced   1
            (PAD): The Quiet Epidemic     Practice Pro.
0703-006AA  Strategies for Initiating     Golden Corners Advanced   1
            Insulin Therapy               Practice Pro.
0703-007AA  Depression with Coexisting    Golden Corners Advanced   1.5
            Anxiety                       Practice Pro.
0703-008AA  The Critical Nature of        Golden Corners Advanced   1.5
            Hypertensive Management       Practice Pro.
0703-009AA  Diabetes Management           Golden Corners Advanced   1.5
            Utilizing Insulin             Practice Pro.
0703-010AA  Alcohol Addiction             Golden Corners Advanced   1
                                          Practice Pro.
0703-011AA  Antiplatlet Inhibition: A     Golden Corners Advanced   1
            Key Component to CAD Risk     Practice Pro.
            Factor Modification
0703-012AA  Hypertensive Management in    Golden Corners Advanced   1
            Diabetes Mellitus With or     Practice Pro.
            Without Proteinuria
0703-013AA  The Challenge of Alzheimer's  Golden Corners Advanced   1
            Disease                       Practice Pro.
0703-014AA  Dyslipidemia Management: Are  Golden Corners Advanced   1
            We Meeting the Goals?         Practice Pro.
0703-015AA  New Injectable Options for    Golden Corners Advanced   1
            Glycemic Control              Practice Pro.
0703-016AA  Management Strategies of      Golden Corners Advanced   1
            Bipolar Disease               Practice Pro.
0703-017AA  Crucial Risk Factor           Golden Corners Advanced   1
            Modification: Smoking         Practice Pro.
0703-018AA  Inhaled Insulin: The Latest   Golden Corners Advanced   1
            in Diabetes Management        Practice Pro.
0703-019AA  Treatment Options for         Golden Corners Advanced   1
            Vertebral Compression         Practice Pro.
0704-020AA  13th Annual SCPSAC            SC Prof. Society on the  10.5
            Colloquium                    Abuse of Children
0704-021AA  Update on the Treatment of    Lowcountry Advanced       1
            Anaphylaxis; New Advances in  Practice Nurses
            the Treatment of
0704-023AA  Post Traumatic Stress         Dorn VAMC                 1
            Disorder: Impact on Patient,
            Family & Friend
0704-024AA  Nurses Role in the Genomic    Clemson University,       3
            Revolution: Clemson           School of Nursing
            University meets the
0705-025AA  Caring for Victims of         SCCADVASA                 6.5
            Domestic Violence: Front
            Line Advocacy for Healthcare
0705-026AA  8th Annual Summer Institute   SC Campaign to Prevent   13.75
                                          Teen Pregnancy
0705-027AA  Health Choices for            Heritage Services         6.5
            Successful Futures
0705-030AA  Living in the Shadows of the  Thomas McAfee Funeral     3
            Ghosts of Grief               Homes
0706-031AA  South Carolina Directors      South Carolina            5
            Association State Chapter     Directors Association
            Meeting: Best Practices in
            Long Term Care
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