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Greenland: Singular, Spectacular, Surprising: Exploring the island at edge of the earth by helicopter, dogsled, and skiis. Feb 1, 2017 1300
Lipodystrophy law: a Massachusetts bill could offer medical insurance relief to people with lipodystrophy, the stigmatizing signature of early HIV medications. Feb 1, 2016 698
Step this way: two guys, a girl, and a gay dance place. Aug 1, 2009 310
The agony of success: how Prop. 8's win was bad business for several of its supporters. Feb 1, 2009 438
He'll be back--and forth: will California's governor get past his schizophrenia over same-sex marriage and become a reliable ally? Jan 13, 2009 379
Kmart exec gives it up for marriage. Brief article Aug 26, 2008 252
Sex toys and children make uneasy bedfellows. Brief article Aug 12, 2008 272
Know your faults. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 194
Killed in abroad daylight: Sacramento has long been considered a tolerant city, a gay man's violent death has exposed the wide divide between LGBT residents and the areas Slavic evangelical Christians. Dec 4, 2007 2483
No fruities with your rooty tooty? Nov 6, 2007 316
Shooting the messenger: Larry Craig and Merv Griffin couldn't be more different, but the response to media coverage of their sexuality was the same: how dare you? Christopher Lisotta talks to the journalists who became the controversy. Oct 9, 2007 774
Lordy, lordy, look what they did at 40: remember when 40 was a dirty word? As these icons proved, it's the age to weather a tragedy, win a Grammy, or conquer the world. Cover story Sep 25, 2007 858
Coming home: at the nation's first affordable-housing complex for LGBT seniors, created with public and private support, L.A.-area elders have a place to call their own. Jun 19, 2007 626
Hit squad: on the straight-friendly L.A. Rebellion gay rugby team, men of all sexual stripes come together to butt heads--but in a good way. Jun 19, 2007 1380
Person to know: Warren Cohn. May 8, 2007 396
Apology accepted. Apr 10, 2007 248
Losing a founding mother: during a time when gays weer happy just to go unnoticed by society, Barbara Gittings, who died February 18, forced open the closet door. Mar 27, 2007 544
Corporate diversity on DVD. Interview Mar 13, 2007 460
Patrick Sammon. Interview Feb 27, 2007 491
Boy behind bars: the gay president of the Stop Prisoner Rape human rights lobby bares his soul in a remarkable new memoir recounting his four years in prison--beginning at age 17. Nov 7, 2006 1179
The armchair activist: a new feature in which The Advocate focuses on one battle for equality, summarizes recent progress, and explains how you can make a difference. Oct 10, 2006 861
Life and death on the waiting list: states with drug waiting lists for low-income AIDS patients are getting some relief from the Bush administration's new prescription drug program. Sep 26, 2006 1422
Radical Islam in your backyard: the quality of life enjoyed by gays and lesbians living in Western Europe has been threatened by an increase in radical Islamic immigrants. Is the United States next? May 23, 2006 1664
California's reprieve. Brief Article Jan 31, 2006 159
Maine's big win. Brief Article Dec 20, 2005 258
Overcoming defeat in Texas. Brief Article Dec 20, 2005 126
Dreier's albatross. Brief Article Nov 8, 2005 184
A victory step. Brief Article Oct 25, 2005 107
Our own V-J Day. Brief Article Sep 27, 2005 187
Spielberg's star pupil: after soaking up the art of film at Steven Spielberg's side for 14 years, out producer Bonnie Curtis flies solo with a new indie film, The Chumscrubber. Aug 30, 2005 427
Ballot box trailblazers: even in superconservative states and the most hostile legislatures, out politicians are making a difference every day. Jun 21, 2005 2645
Mass. voters on board: Bay State voters favor candidates who support same-sex marriage. Will current lawmakers be swayed? Apr 26, 2005 397
A rainbow is a rainbow. Brief Article Mar 29, 2005 102
A struggle out of the LAPD. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 124
Domestic argument: while some call for moderation after November 2, advocates for marriage equality aren't backing off. Dec 21, 2004 417
Don't tread on us: in the 11 states that added marriage discrimination to their constitutions on November 2, gay and lesbian residents are taking stock. Here they share their stories of how the new laws will affect their lives. Dec 7, 2004 958
Tips for emigrating. Dec 7, 2004 706
Republicans vs. the military: can Log Cabin's court challenge to the military's gay ban succeed in a time of war? Nov 23, 2004 391
Lesbian vs. Dreier. Brief Article Nov 9, 2004 144
Enemies of the states: as part of a national right-wing get-out-the-vote effort, an unprecedented number of state-level marriage bans will go before voters on November 2 and are expected to pass. Are we losing the battle for equality? Oct 26, 2004 1238
The politics of outing: a congressman's abrupt retirement has reignited debate over exposing closeted antigay lawmakers. Oct 12, 2004 438
Two steps down the aisle, one step back. Brief Article Sep 14, 2004 227
Courts closed? Congress wants to prevent judges from ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. But is that constitutional? Aug 31, 2004 356
Reaching out to the down low: a look inside the clubs where men have secret gay sex reveals why many can't be convinced to play safe. Aug 17, 2004 1629
It's all natural: biologist and transwoman Joan Roughgarden takes on Darwin and science's traditional view of sexuality. Interview Aug 17, 2004 644
Bringing marriage to New Mexico: Republican county clerk Victoria Dunlap will be out of a job in January, but until then she'll fight for the rights of same-sex couples. Interview Jul 6, 2004 619
Going solo against DOMA as one Florida lawyer challenges the federal marriage ban, some gays would like him to back off. Jun 22, 2004 423
All-American Fran: in a comprehensive ad campaign, Fran Drescher and the ACLU speak out on same-sex marriage. Jun 22, 2004 508
Aged to perfection: at age 55, marketing executive Rick Dinihanian is Playgirl's latest openly gay cover man--proving that sex appeal comes at all ages. Jun 22, 2004 556
A majority leader comes out: Rhode Island legislator Gordon Fox decided to tell everyone why the battle for marriage equality in the Ocean State is personal. Interview May 11, 2004 616
Measure of a man: The Opposite Sex, a two-part showtime documentary, begins with the gripping journey of trans man Rene Pena, a God-fearing, married truck driver. May 11, 2004 685
Coming out in the colonies: how would being gay play in the 17th-century village re-created for PBS's Colonial House? Two men found out. An Advocate exclusive. Interview May 11, 2004 781
A marriage bias? San Francisco news outlets sideline gay reporters who choose to get married. Apr 27, 2004 402
Courting discrimination: the 2003 Supreme Court ruling that demolished sodomy laws has yet to provide a boost for gay rights at the local level. Apr 13, 2004 1314
Gay marriage's secret weapons: local politicians, like New Paltz, N.Y., mayor Jason West, are the most effective activists for marriage equality. Apr 13, 2004 726
New Mexican nuptials. Brief Article Mar 30, 2004 147
San Francisco touches a king. Brief Article Mar 30, 2004 112
Victory in Kentucky. Brief Article Mar 16, 2004 120
The domino effect: White House opposition to gay marriage in Massachusetts may have set off a cascade of antigay state laws. Mar 2, 2004 414
Debunking Darwin. Brief Article Mar 2, 2004 105
Return of the bug chaser: a controversial documentary on gay men who seek HIV infection gets its U.S. premiere, renewing a national debate about unsafe sex and AIDS. Feb 17, 2004 1051
Can Mass. dodge marriage? Brief Article Feb 3, 2004 148
What gay couples know best. Brief Article Nov 25, 2003 161
Kentucky's coming-out. Brief Article Nov 11, 2003 112
Cable compliance. Brief Article Nov 11, 2003 97
Toward perfect unions: California's new domestic-partnership law is second only to Vermont's. Oct 14, 2003 427
Retirement breaks new ground. Sep 30, 2003 129
Recall ramifications: what will California's recall election do to gay rights in the Golden State? Sep 16, 2003 394
Kentucky tug-of-war: a series of pro-gay decisions in the Bluegrass State bodes well for gay and lesbian employees and brings on the usual backlash. (Equality). Jul 8, 2003 388
Cracks in "don't ask": some military officials are dragging their feet when it comes to discharging openly gay service members. (Military). May 13, 2003 542

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