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Lisa Hopkins and Helen Ostovich, eds.: Magical Transformations on the Early Modern English Stage.

Lisa Hopkins and Helen Ostovich, eds. Magical Transformations on the Early Modern English Stage. Farnham: Ashgate, 2014. Pp. xi + 265. $109.95.

This volume begins with notes on contributors (vii-x), acknowledgments (xi), and an introduction by the editors, "Transformations and the Ideology of Witchcraft Staged" (1-18). The primary text includes essays in three parts. Part 1, "Demons and Pacts," includes: Barbara H. Traister, "Magic and the Decline of Demons: A View from the Stage" (19-30); Bronwyn Johnston, "Who the Devil is in Charge? Mastery and the Faustian Pact on the Early Modern Stage" (31 -46); Laura Levine, "Danger in Words: Faustus, Slade, and the Demonologists" (47-60). Part 2, "Rites to Believe," includes: Alisa Manninen, "'The Charm's Wound Up': Supernatural Rites in Macbeth" (61-74); Verena Theile, "Demonising Macbeth" (75-90); Jill Delsigne, "Hermetic Miracles in The Winter's Tale" (91-110). Part 3, "Learned Magic," includes: Peter Kirwan, "'We ring this round with our invoking spells': Magic as Embedded Authorship in The Merry Devil of Edmonton" (111-22); Jasmine Lellock, "Boiled Brains, 'Inward Pinches,' and Alchemical Tempering in The Tempest" (123-38); Lisa Hopkins, "Profit and Delight? Magic and the Dreams of a Nation (139-54); Part 4, "Local Witchcraft," includes: Brett D. Hirsch, "Three Wax Images, Two Italian Gentlemen, and One English Queen" (155-68); Juditch Bonzol, '"In good reporte and honest estimacion amongst her neighbours': Cunning Women in the Star Chamber and on the Stage in Early Modern England" (169-84); Jessica Dell, "'A witch, a quean, an old cozening quean!': Image Magic and Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor" (185-202); Helen Ostovich, "'Gingerbread Progeny' in Bartholomew Fair" (203-14); Andrew Loeb, "'My poor fiddle is bewitched': Music, Magic, and the Theatre in The Witch of Edmonton and The Late Lancashire Witches" (215-32). The text concludes with a bibliography (233-54) and an index (255-65).

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Date:Mar 22, 2015
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