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Liquid temperature-control equipment.


Fluid-circulating heat transfer equipment for molding, extrusion, thermoforming and other plastic processes includes portable chillers and plantwide central systems. Portable chillers from 1- to 30-ton capacity in air- and water-condensed designs. Central chillers from 10 to 500 tons in air- and water-condensed outdoor and indoor systems.

Water- and oil-circulating mold-temperature controllers. Water units operate between 30 F and 250 F. Oil units operate between 100 F and 500 F.

Cooling-tower systems from 20- to 1000-ton capacity. Metal and fiberglass tower cells. Open- and closed-loop designs standard. Engineering services included with central cooling systems. Equipment can be computer-connected for remote control, information collection, and data storage.


TrueTemp water temperature-control units with 0.75- to 10-hp pumps and standard stainless-steel sheath heater selection from 9 to 24 kw. Off-the-shelf microprocessor control with easy-to-read LED, dual display of setpoint and process temperature, optional SPI communication protocol, and full-feature graphic display panel. Low-profile cabinet designed for stacking and easy maintenance. Standard options include VacuFlow negative/positive pressure units, system water purge, modulating cooling valve, and closed-loop heat exchanger.

TDW-M TrueTemp series features small footprint and serviceable two-piece cabinet design with hinged electrical panel and operator interface. Compact 9- and 12-kw direct-injection water units include field-proven off-the-shelf microprocessor controls with graphic panel and easy-to-read display. Crash Cool feature accelerates process cooldown. Optional motorized modulating valve gives high accuracy under varying loads and helps reduce water hammer.

TDH TrueTemp hot-oil unit designed for high-temperature heating and cooling applications from 100-550 F. Self-contained units offer optional U-type heat exchanger that withstands thermal shock.

Portable air- and water-cooled chillers from 0.5 to 40 tons. Ultra-compact PS series air- and water-cooled chillers from 2 tons have off-the-shelf fuzzy logic microprocessor controls, scroll compressors, and brazed-plate evaporators.

R seriesutilizes hermetically sealed scroll compressors from 30 to 100 tons and semi-hermetically screw compressors from 54 to 195 tons. All scroll compressors and screw compressors up to 75 tons are matched up with stainless-steel brazed-plate evaporators and screw compressors from 90 to 195 tons with shell and tube evaporators. Scroll compressors utilize R-22 refrigerant and screw compressors utilize R-134 refrigerant. Scroll compressor chillers can be configured with an integral pump tank or stand alone.

BFC series air coolers provide air-ring cooling at constant temperature, pressure and volume. Available up to 5000 cfm. Cooling-tower systems for condenser and molding machine hydraulics come in Polymer Tower forced-draft and fiberglass induced-draft models from 50 to 200 tons.


Compact, high-capacity chillers with standard remote control. Units from 3000 to 156,000 Btu/hr achieve [+ or -] 1[degrees]F stability and give unrestricted access to all components. Nonferrous coolant loop, no-flow and low-level alarms, hot-gas bypass for long compressor life, high/low-temperature alarms, and high-capacity heat exchanger for high heat-transfer efficiency. Digital-readout (C/F) microprocessor is programmable and autotuning.


Portable, self-contained air-cooling units for blown film production. With capacities from 500 to 1500 cfm, units can be readily added to any existing air ring to improve bubble cooling. Large-surface cooling coils cool air. Propeller drives have permanently lubricated bearings. Customized designs available.


Counterflow and crossflow induced draft-fiberglass constructed cooling towers with galvanized or stainless-steel component options and standard stainless-steel fasteners. Counterflow units are bottle-shaped to maximize air flow regardless of placement. Design also minimizes fan hp, allowing for smaller-sized motors and less electrical consumption. Units range from 5 to 1500 tons with modular capabilities that save space and simplify cooling tower expansion. Options, upgrades and accessories available.


Roll-heating and cooling control systems use high-temperature water and heat-transfer oils for temperatures from 200 to 700 F. Heat sources include steam, electric heaters, and fuel-fired heaters.


Water-chilling, water-cooling, water-recovery, and water-filtration systems include portable, central, and heat-pump chillers in water- or air-cooled versions. Open and closed central cooling-tower systems. Closed systems available with plate-and-frame stainless heat exchangers. All systems come with complete engineering drawings and warranty for a full year on parts and labor.


Chillers and modular chilled-water systems range from 1- to 60-ton capacity with indoor and outdoor, air- and water-cooled models. Options include open, closed, vertical, and horizontal systems.

Cooling towers in sizes from 5- to 1000-ton capacity are built from FRP materials with PVC filler and piping. Specializes in developing complete systems.


Evaporative-cooling equipment includes cooling towers in crossflow and counterflow configuration, with factory-assembled modular units to 2110 tons/32 million Btu/ hr. Evaporative condensers, closed-circuit cooling towers, heat exchangers, thermal-storage units, and microbiological controls also available.

Factory-assembled equipment available in hot-dipped galvanized steel, galvanized steel with polymer protective coating, fiberglass, or stainless steel. Heat exchangers in shell-and-tube configurations. Microbiological control employs iodine to control growth of bacteria, slime, and algae. ISO-9000 certified.


Full range of mold-temperature controllers, portable chillers, pump-tank stations and cooling tower systems. All equipment is user and maintenance friendly. Systems feature "plug-n-go" capability requiring only power and water connections.


Cooling equipment includes central systems with semi-hermetic open drive or screw compressor; air-cooled units with heat recovery; water-cooled units with "free cooling"; clean-water tower systems; prepackaged mezzanine systems; portable chillers; blown-film coolers; temperature-control units; chemical-treatment packages; mold-area dehumidifiers; and water-filtration systems. Noncorrosive fiberglass towers feature low-hp motors and structural-steel bases.

Custom-built engineered portables, centrals, pumping systems, temperature controllers and towers.


Hot-water and hot-oil systems; negative-pressure hot-oil and hot-water systems; air- and water-cooled portable, self-contained, and central chillers; cooling towers; and pump-tank sets.

Hot-water units in steam or electric heating, direct or closed-loop cooling, portable or stationary in single and multizone configurations from 50-300 F.

Hot-oil units, portable or stationary, ranging in single and multizone configurations from 350, 450, 550 or 650 F.

Negative-pressure hot-oil or hot-water units incorporate an on-board vacuum pump to generate a controlled and reliable negative pressure. Design allows for adjustment of negative pressure as needed. Molds can be evacuated of all hot oil or hot water prior to changeout. Negative-pressure units can be filled from fluid source using vacuum pumps.

Air- and water-cooled chillers, portable and self-contained, with refrigeration and water circuits piped and wired, 3 to 80 tons.

Central chillers have dual-refrigeration circuits, easily serviceable components and full unit frames for component protection. Range from 5 to 400 tons for both air- and water-cooled systems.

Cooling towers in standard galvanized and FRP configurations, 10 to 400 tons.

Pump-tank assemblies, sized to flow requirements of each chiller or cooling tower. Features include tank covers, prewired electrical enclosures and alarms, as well as optional standby pumps and custom configurations.


Mold-temperature regulators control mold temperature without use of electricity by throttling back or allowing water flow through the mold to control water temperature through the mold between 80 F and 120 F. Connection sizes are 1/2-in. NPT(F) outlet and l/4-in. NPT(F) inlet. Differential pressure of 10 psi is required.

Aluminum, stainless steel, or fiberglass-reinforced nylon cooling-water manifolds route water to control temperature at the mold. Sizes from 0.75 through 2 in. supply with any number of ports from 1/8- through l-in. NPT(F) and integral mounting holes. Aluminum manifolds are color-coded for line function identification. Red manifolds denote return water lines and blue manifolds supply water.

Mechanical flowmeters with pressure and temperature gauges that provide diagnostic information come in sizes from 1/4- to 2-in. NPT(F) and 1.5 through 100 gal/min. Dual-scale temperature/pressure gauges exceed flowmeter maximum operating specifications of 240 F and 100 psi.


Stock and pre-engineered microTherm CMX mold-temperature control units ensure precise and compact control of water temperatures from 50 to 250 F. Designed for injection and extrusion applications, the system consists of three major components:

* Custom-cast heat/cool chamber assembly has two chambers for integrated water temperature control capabilities. Corrosion-resistant Incoloy sheath elements provide heat input to 24 kw. Open- and closed-loop cooling options.

* High-performance, vertical mounted centrifugal pump with flow rates from 30 to 80 gpm. Pump housing flange provides virtually seamless coupling with heating/cooling chambers.

* Touch-panel operator console incorporates 2104 digital microprocessor-based temperature controller with separate PID algorithms for heat/cool modes and dual setpoint and process displays, process pressure gauges to monitor to-and-from process pressures, plus pump switch and diagnostic indicators.

Modular hydraulics (heat pump/chamber) and fastener-free cabinet provides ease of service and trims downtime.


MoldMonitor pulsed-cooling temperature-control system consists of a single- or multiple-zone controller, heat sensor, and solenoid valves. Unit divides a mold into zones depending on the geometry of the mold and the distribution of heat load. It places a high-resolution thermistor sensor within 0.100 to 0.500 in. of the part surface to sense temperature increase as plastic enters the mold. The unit's microprocessor uses this information to start and stop a burst of cold water right after the mold has been filled. The pulse of water is triggered by the hot melt raising the cavity temperature near a thermistor beyond a threshold set for the type of plastic being molded. Timing of the pulse is based on the amount of BTUs to be removed from the part. The cooling pulse is never throttled. If more or less cooling is needed, MoldMonitor adjusts the length of the cooling pulse.


For press-side temperature control, the economical Thermolator water-temperature controllers feature two-piece castings that eliminate up to 40 leak-prone fittings. Units available in single- or dual-zone configurations for direct injection, closed- or isolated-circuit process heating and cooling. Pumps to 7.5 hp, heaters to 48 kw, and process temperatures to 250 F. Microprocessor controls include a new generation of low-cost TW controls, which combine the functionality of temperature-indicating controls (TIC) with many features of programmable logic controllers (PLC). All units covered by three-year warranty. A special high-pressure, low-flow version of Thermolator TCU available for molders of optical storage media (CDs and DVDs), and corrosion-resistant package option available to minimize or eliminate rust from process water.

HeaTrac oil temperature-control units with pumps from 1 to 3 hp for mold temperatures to 500 F. VacuTrac positive/negative pressure units with pumps from 2 to 7.5 hp.

PCA air-cooled and PCW water-cooled chillers are portable, packaged units built for stable temperature control in machine-side applications. Air-cooled models available in sizes from 0.25 to 30 tons and water-cooled models from 1.5 to 30 tons. Standard features include fin-and-tube condensers on air-cooled units; brazed-plate condensers on larger water-cooled chillers and tube-in-tube on smaller water-cooled units; brazed-plate evaporators; scroll compressor on larger models and reciprocating compressors on smaller units. Controls range from economical microprocessor-based unit controls with simple LED display of setpoint or actual temperatures to flexible PLC controls with automatic fine-tuning of PID control parameters. Process flow and pressure requirements are matched to the proper pump size, and electrical systems for all standard voltages are offered. Range of options includes an air-cooled configuration specifically designed for high-ambient temperature-conditions. Central water systems include outdoor air-cooled chillers in 20- to 527-ton capacities and single-, dual-, and multiple-compressor designs, as well as indoor, water-cooled units from 23 to 481 tons.

Pump-tank assemblies with optional high-end PLC/touch panel controls include 180- to 1100-gal rotomolded PE tanks or epoxy-lined mild steel or stainless-steel reservoirs from 1525 to 5010 gal and over. Pumps from 2 to 100 hp and over.

Rotationally molded polyethylene cooling towers come in capacities from 10 to 500 tons or larger.

Tower isolation plate-and-frame heat exchangers, inline filter/strainers and sand and gravel filter systems round out the company's central-system offering.


Water-chilling systems include industrial open-drive chillers with compressors that eliminate motor burnout, costly cleanups or extended downtime; energy-efficiency ratios of 16 or more; built-in capacity control in response to suction pressure; and positive unloaded start. Extra-quiet models and explosion-proof options.

Portable air-cooled water chillers have high-efficiency hermetic or semi-hermetic compressor, fully insulatedchiller, air-cooled condenser, insulated water reservoir, solid-state temperature controller with readout, built-in freeze-stat, function lights, pressure gauges, and operating and safety controls. Custom options include JIC, NEMA-12, or explosion-proof electricals, automatic alarm system, hot-gas bypass, capacity control or energy-saver, two-speed capacity modulator, dual pumps, heat recovery, glycol low-temperature units, and chilled-water flow switch.


Air- and water-cooled chillers, temperature-control units, cooling-tower systems, and central turnkey systems.

Mini-portable chillers are from 1 to 12 tons and use Scroll compressor technology. Compact portables range from 10 to 50 tons. Both have all nonferrous chilled water circuits. Also available are multicircuited units from 20 to over 300 tons, screw-compressor chillers from 50 to over 300 tons, and cooling-tower systems from 10 to over 400 tons. Temperature controllers with 0.5 to 3 hp pumps have all nonferrous liquid path and lifetime corrosion warranty.

Specialty cooling equipment includes extrusion bath cooling systems. Also provides custom-engineered equipment and installation services.


Supplies central chilling systems for extrusion plants.


Polyethylene noncorrosive assembled package cooling towers include Pioneer forced-draft line from 10 to 100 tons, the Paragon induced draft line from 100 to 250 tons, and the TM series induced draft line from 250 to 2000 tons in multi-fan modules designed and shipped factory complete.

Packed column Vanguard air strippers from 1 to 5-ft-diam. columns, and custom designs over 5-ft-diam. Integrated packages can be pre-assembled, skid mounted, pre-piped and pre-wired including process controls.


Water-circulating temperature-control systems feature horizontal pumps that extend seal life and copper sheath heater element that maximizes heat transfer. Units come in single- or multiple-zone configurations operating to 300 F and conforming to NEMA-1 specifications. Custom designs available.

HB upright series comes with standard 9-kw heating element; fully programmable, microprocessor-based PID digital controller; and pumping capacities from 3/4 to 5 hp. Larger capacities available.

A and B series with 4.5- and 9-kw heaters and 1/3- and 1/2-hp motors are suitable for smaller molding machines.

Oil-circulating systems operate to either 400 F or 550 F. Units offer low-watt-density, steel sheath heater elements; long-lasting, positive displacement, mechanical seal pumps; and fully programmable, microprocessor-based PID digital controller. Heater sizes from 6 kw and up, pumping capacities from l0 gpm and up, and single- and dual-zone configurations. Built to NEMA-1 or NEMA-12 electrics.

Water- and air-cooled portable chillers up to 15 tons offer microprocessor-based PID controls, Copeland scroll compressors, stainless-steel evaporators, modulation hot-gas bypass, large reservoir and stainless-steel pump, and fully insulated process and refrigeration circuit.


CF-Series liquid chillers include 1/2- to 60-ton water-cooled and air-cooled units with a nonferrous coolant circuit, storage reservoir and circulating pump, electronic operating temperature control with [+ or -] 1[degrees]F accuracy, and a digital display. All are prepackaged and mounted in a cabinet with casters.

Additional liquid chillers are offered through 240 tons. Air- or water-cooled units have large stainless-steel reservoirs, as well as a walk-in weatherproof enclosure, automatic capacity control from 0-100% with double-pump arrangement, and damage-resistant evaporator design.

Chiller features automatic air elimination, automatic head-pressure control on outdoor air-cooled models, single central control panel, multiple indicating gauges, and closed water system. Indoor or outdoor installation, completely prepiped and prewired, and factory tested.


Full line of controllers for mold and auxiliary equipment cooling. New 3216 single-loop liquid-temperature controller is 90 mm deep and has a text display for easy configuration, high accuracy input, five on-board process recipes with 48 parameters/recipe, and company's patented Instant Accuracy system. Ordering, configuration, and maintenance have been simplified to a code that completely specifies the functionality and configuration.

Features of the 3216 include universal input, universal power supply, the ability to download custom input curves, digital communications, IP65 rating and the availability of a current transformer input for monitoring load current. New version of company's iTools small graphical configuration software allows controller to be configured without connecting it to a power source.


Cooling towers or complete installation of chilled water-cooling systems. Specializes in cooling tower replacements and rebuilding, pumping stations, and chilled water-storage tanks. Parts and service for all makes of cooling towers and pumps. Services include preventative maintenance programs.


Blowmolding Air Chiller (BAC) is an air chiller that is used with specially designed blow pins or needles to increase the production rate of extrusion blow molding by up to 50%. The BAC process flushes the inside of the blow molded product with air at -31F to remove heat from the inside while the same is being done by the mold on the outside, producing parts that show less distortion and internal stresses.

The Blow Molding Booster (BMB) is a smaller version, which provides cold air at 32 F and achieves about 15-20% improvement in the production rate of blow molding processes and is designed for smaller parts such as bottles.

The Atmospheric Air Chiller (ACC) supplies air at a constant temperature of about 37 F to cool blown film and flat film extrusion as it leaves the die and an increase of 25% or more is guaranteed. The temperature and flow rate are controlled to keep the process constant, regardless of the ambient temperature.


Air- and water-cooled portable chillers, indoor and outdoor air- and water-cooled central chillers, cooling towers and chemical treatment packages, pump-tank sets with options for standby pumps, discharge headers, filter systems, and central control and alarm panels.


Supplies central and portable chillers from 1- to 400-tons capacity, including compact, low-cost models of 40 to 80 tons.

Water and oil-temperature controllers with different heating capacity and circulating capacity.


Durable, compact, and self-contained portable chillers, air- and water-cooled in 0.25 to 100 tons, provide coolant in the range of-50 F to 70 F. Hermetic and semi-hermetic units have power-saving hot-gas bypass systems, noncorrosive stainless-steel and copper heat exchangers, and stainless-steel pumps and tanks. Air-condensing units have fully sized condensers to maintain capacity at high ambient temperatures. Water-condensing models have a water-saving automatic regulating valve. Special chillers available for high-ambient hazardous atmospheres, thermal fluids, confined spaces, and unusual applications.

Central chillers are self-contained or split for interior or exterior installation, air-and water-cooled from 5 to 120 tons.

Cooling towers and fluid coolers in sizes from 6 to 500 tons. Also custom designs. Tank and pump sets for tower systems.


Direct- or indirect-cooling liquid-temperature controllers in pump sizes from 1/2 to 3 hp and 3-12 kw heating, and solid-state or microprocessor controls.

The 2000 series portable air- or water-cooled chillers from 2 to 35 tons include NEMA-rated components, solid-state temperature controllers, semi-hermetic compressors, and hot-gas bypass.

Also process-water systems, including central chillers, pump tanks, and cooling towers. Heat-recovery systems recycle process heat and use it to supplement plant heat during winter.


Circulators for mold-temperature control have easy-to-read gauges and easy service access to all components. Closed-circuit hot-water circulators have stainless-steel tanks. A positive/negative pressure circulator can also stop line leaks. Air-cooled True-Mold controllers are totally self-contained. Oil-heating circulators have maximum temperatures of 400 F to 550 F.

Open-loop Model P75 provides fast, accurate temperature control. TrueTon air-cooled chillers in 0.5 to 30 tons require minimal maintenance and are self-contained. Other sizes and water-cooled units custom-made.


Pulsed-cooling temperature-control system from REPS Ltd. consists of a controller with up to eight zones of control, heat sensors, an induction-heating coil, and solenoid valves. Cooling pulse is triggered from the molding press at the end of the injection phase of the cycle. Controller analyzes the mold-temperature profile over the last several cycles and calculates the proper amount of cooling pulse needed for the next cycle. At the start of cooling, all water valves are turned on. As each one of the zones proper heat value is extracted, the valve controlling that zone is turned off to provide additional water flow to zones that still need cooling. An induction coil installed in the mold surrounding the core/cavity area allows heating and cooling within the same molding cycle. The coil is turned on after cooling to maintain an optimum cavity temperature and can be used for mold preheating at start-up.


Recirculating water chillers use plate-type heat exchanger and R-22 refrigerant. Units available in 1- to 10-ton capacities and as packaged or remote systems. Microprocessor-controlled, the systems have built-in bypass valve, high-pressure pump, noncorrosive storage tank, freeze protection, and low-ambient controls.


Standard, custom and OEM industrial chillers for indoor and outdoor applications including modular central cooling systems with water- or air-cooled condensers. Capacities from 1700 to 8.4 million Btu/hr at 65 F leaving fluid temperature and 95 F ambient air. Closed-loop models available for cooling molds, heat exchangers, jacketed tanks, hydraulic fluids, transformers and scr's. Features include hermetic, semi-hermetic, scroll or screwcompressors; sealed pressurized reservoirs or atmospheric reservoirs; automatic water make-up; and submersed coil, brazed-plate, plate-and-frame and shell-and-tube heat exchangers.


See Single Temperiertechnik GmbH.


Negative-pressure leak stoppers and negative/positive-pressure mold-temperature controllers for up to 400 F. Vac-U-Temp is a general-purpose temperature controller with negative- and positive-pressure modes usable simultaneously. In addition to controlling temperatures, it stops leaks, improves part quality, and reduces cycle times. Uses water and other heat-transfer fluids.

Company has patented processes for venting molding gases into fluid lines and cooling long, thin cores by transferring water between mold halves through any size core. Free consultation on mold venting and cooling available.


Supplies central and portable chillers (both air- and water-cooled) as well as oil-and hot-water temperature controllers, negative-pressure units, cooling towers, pump-tank stations, heat exchangers, water filters, and water-treatment systems.

New line of cooling products (built by another U.S. supplier) includes portable air-cooled chillers of 0.25 to 30 tons and water-cooled units of 2 to 40 tons. Units have centrifugal pumps (o.24 to 10 hp), scroll or reciprocating compressors, brazed-plate evaporators, nonferrous reservoirs, stainless-steel cabinets, and microprocessor controls with SPI communications protocol.

Also available are pump tanks from 250 to 5000 gal with pumps of 2 to 60 hp and cooling towers of 45 to 450 tons with nonferrous constructions, single or multiple cells.

Firm offers hot-water units of 0.75 to 7.5 hp and 6 to 48 kw for temperatures up to 250 F. Units have modulating cooling valves, stainless-steel cabinets, continuous display of setpoint and process temperatures, and SPI communications protocol. Hot-oil systems heat up to 500 F with 12 to 48 kw and have centrifugal pumps of 1 to 7.5 hp, stainless-steel cabinets, and low-watt-density heaters.


Supplies a full line of cooling towers and air-cooled condensers. New products include the Modulus tower, which is quickly and easily erected from factory-assembled modules; and the new NC tower uni-basin, which is said to be free of leaks and corrosion.


New GMC series temperature controllers provide precise temperature control through PID microprocessor control. Made of stainless steel and nonferrous components for durability. Using a floatless switch system, GMC seals itself off from pressure and temperature fluctuations in the water supply system. Heater element is sheathed and plated to resist scaling and other harmful deposits.

Compact GMC units require little floor space and are highly energy efficient. Available with 0.4-, 0.8- and 1.3-hp pumps and 3- to 8-kw heaters in water or oil.

Standard equipment includes alarm diagnostics, casters, manifolds, stainless ball valves, outlet pressure gauge with pressure bypass valve and solid-state relays.


Circulating water and heat-transfer fluid temperature control systems, portable and central chillers, pump tanks, cooling towers, maintenance products, and customized solutions to meet process requirements.

Circulating water temperature-control systems with a temperature range up to 300 F. Mokon Minitherm compact circulating water system for small-tonnage machines and laboratory applications available in 2 or 4 kw. Hydrotherm compact and portable circulating water system is equipped with stainless-steel pump and nonferrous plumbing with 9 kw heating capacity and 25 gpm. Mokon Duratherm circulating water systems feature noncorrosive construction, copper piping and heaters, stainless-steel pump, and horizontal brass heating chamber. Available from 9 to 96 kw heating, and 25 to 120 gpm pumping. Systems available in single- and dual-zone configurations and HTP designs (higher temperatures to 300 F and pressure to 60 psi). Duratherm NPS gives accurate temperature control in either a positive or negative pressure mode.

Circulating heat-transfer fluid temperature-control systems with a temperature range to 600 F incorporate a cool oil reservoir that eliminates thermal shock associated with in-line shell and tube heat exchanger. Up to three zones of control in the same cabinet and pumping capacities to 60 gpm and 100 psi.

Air- and water-cooled portable chillers with cooling capacities from 0.25 to 20 tons. Corrosion-free construction with nonferrous plumbing, stainless-steel supply pump and evaporator, and heavy-duty insulated plastic tank. Combination heating/cooling unit provides temperature control from 35 F to 250 F with up to 20 tons of chilling capacity.

Central chiller systems available in air- or water-cooled designs, in single- or multiple-circuit configurations, and with capacities from 30 to 80 tons. Pump tanks constructed of coated carbon steel or stainless steel in a variety of sizes with pumping configurations to meet processing demands.

Maintenance products include Leakmaster negative-pressure systems that eliminate processing problems associated with leaks; D-Scaler systems, which remove rust, scale and/or lime deposits; and ClearFlo heat-transfer fluid and water-filtration systems, which improve efficiency of heat transfer system and reduce downtime and maintenance labor.

Company specializes in custom temperature-control systems and chillers.


Portable, compact, self-contained, air- or water-cooled, packaged "cycling" water chillers range from 0.5 to 50 tons (0.5- to 20-ton units in stock). Include insulated large-capacity storage tank, circulation pump, microprocessor control, remote start/ stop, pump pressure gauge, and full set of refrigeration gauges. Cycling concept is suitable for constant or variable cooling loads. Operating costs are directly proportional to the percentage of chiller capacity utilized.


NHW series of hot-water temperature controllers has four models that pump at 16 to 39.6 gal/min and pressures from 58 to 94 psi, depending on model. Units operate at up to 248 F and feature PID control, solid-state relays, direct-cooling circuit design, and simplified control panels.


Offers constant-temperature circulating baths, as well as full line of sensors, instrumentation, and hardware accessories to monitor and control water- and oil-circulating systems.


Opti Temp combination mold-temperature controller/water chiller is designed specifically for use with all-electric injection machines. Patented refrigeration circuit allows operation from 40-190 F and from zero to full load. Unit is both a water chiller and a mold-temperature controller in a single small cabinet and can be used as a chiller when running cold molds on the machine and as a mold-temperature controller when running hot molds. Unit does not need an outside source of cooling water.


Improved mold fluid-temperature controller heats to 250 F with touch-panel keyboard and digital readout for easier settings and a more accurate temperature control of [+ or -] 1[degrees]F. Designed for continuous use.


Liquid chillers and constant-temperature equipment. Chillers in a variety of cooling capacities with several pump options. Temperature-control equipment for process applications and for small-scale laboratory and quality-control requirements. Controller options from basic analog control to programmable controllers capable of RS232 interface for complex time/temperature profiling.


Low-maintenance cooling towers have corrosion-resistant components. Basin, casing, and air intake louvers are made of long-lasting fiberglass-reinforced plastic. Gelcoat protects fiberglass from ultraviolet rays. In most cases, round, bottle-type cooling towers operate at considerably lower horsepower than rectangular towers. Units from 3 to 1000 tons shipped assembled or knocked down.


Produces hot-water and oil-circulating mold-temperature controllers, negative-pressure systems.

QPC is an OEM for a U.S. heating element company. Elements for use with water-and oil-circulating temperature control unit are in stock. Company builds fluid-heating systems and heater tanks.


Water- and oil-temperature control units (water to 320 F, oil to 660 F). Units are supported in the U.S. through wholly-owned Swiss subsidiary. Various models and options allow for configuring to tight band control applications and interface for virtually all presses.


Hot-water and oil temperature controllers and chillers operate at up to 428 F, depending on model. Units typically feature digital display of set and actual value, and heat monitoring by a safety thermostat. Throughput rates range from about 10 gal/min at 44 psi to 37.5 gal/min at 102 psi.


Liquid chiller manufacturer headquartered in Germany offers chillers for high-technology applications such as laser systems, medical applications and for the machine tool industry. Products are based on a standard line of process chillers.


Refrigerated water chillers in four designs of 2 to 24 tons. Air- and water-cooled units have standard 40-gal, stainless-steel, closed evaporator tank. Also portable units, indicating gauges, indoor or outdoor installation, and user-friendly controls. Special controls, instrumentation, or electrical options available.


Replacement water and hot-oil pumps fit most brands of chillers, mold-temperature controllers, cooling towers, and various water-cooling systems. Matching pumps sold under brand names such as Scot, Burks, Aurora, Sherwood, Paco, B&G, Price, and Worthington. A cross-reference of OEM pumps has been compiled for quick identification of replacement seal kits and other parts. Obsolete models also cross-referenced to presently available replacements.


Air- and water-cooled chillers from 0.5 to 20 tons have water systems designed for unrestricted circulation and proper turbulence in the heat exchanger. No need for antifreeze. Extra-large, stainless-steel reservoirs; Tecumseh compressors; polyester powder coating for long life; and conventional fittings, parts, and motors for easy replacement.

All units have tilted control panel, cycle on/off as needed, use no hot-gas bypass, and have contamination-free stainless-steel or bronze water pumps.


Supplies air- and water-cooled chillers, both portable and central types, with cooling capacities from 1 to 58 kw and pump capacity of 27 to 400 liter/min. Water-cooled models are closed-loop, which prevents contamination of circulating water.

Also available are water heating/cooling systems with closed-circuit water cooling, air- or water-cooled condenser, temperature range of 50 to 194 F, and pump capacity of 60 to 400 liter/min. Pressurized hot-water units offer temperatures up to 400 F, said to be superior in cost and safety to using hot oil.

Company also offers hot-oil units for up to 662 F with heating capacity of 3 to 144 kw and pump capacity of 45 to 1080 liter.min. Some models have magnetically engaged pumps.


Water- and oil-circulating temperature-control systems for standard and high-temperature applications to 650 F. Portable and central chilling systems from 0.5 to 200 tons. Chillers have compressor and control technology to match application. Cooling towers, water reservoir and pumping systems, water filtration and treatment equipment available.

Line of compact temperature control units with 9 and 12 kw heaters and pumps from 0.75 to 5 hp. Many models feature simplified internal cast or nonferrous fluid circuit with 40% fewer connections and 80% fewer mechanical parts than conventional designs. Simplified design provides balanced flow with lower pressure drop. Most of the company's temperature control units feature M2B fuzzy logic control, which provides adaptive tuning to the process. Units also feature NEMA 12 electrics and meet new NEC electrical standards.

Water-temperature control units provide water supply temperature to 300 F. Heaters available in sizes to 48 kw; pumps from 0.75 to 7.5 hp. Single-, dual- and three-zone units can be supplied with common power and water supply connections. Nonferrous construction and a variety of control and computer-interface options available.

Air- and water-cooled portable chillers from 0.5 to 30 hp supply chilled water from 0 to 70 F in a variety of flow rates and pressures, using single and dual pumps. PID autotuned microprocessor controls ensure accuracy to [+ or -] 1[degrees]F. Many models feature scroll compressors for lower operating costs.

Air- and water-cooled central chilling systems available along with comprehensive systems design and installation services. Units feature capacity staging and unloading. A central chilling station includes tank, refrigeration, control system and pumping system in a small footprint with lower installation costs.

Metal cooling towers from 10 to 632 tons and fiberglass units from 50 to 200 tons. Equipment, chemicals, and testing programs offered.


Circulating bath systems for open and closed applications for above-ambient temperatures to a maximum of 250 C. Five bath capacities from 8 to 48 liters and five temperature-controlled circulators make up the 25 available systems. Each can be used as an open bath to provide maximum working area or as a closed circulating system for external apparatus. Inlet and outlet pipes at the rear of the circulator can be used for external circulation or terminated for circulation only within the bath itself. Although designed primarily for heating applications, the baths are calibrated at temperatures below ambient and can be used at sub-ambient temperatures.


Mold-temperature controllers, portable chillers, pump-tank stations, and cooling-tower cells designed for mechanical simplicity and operator convenience, utilizing ultra-rugged construction and fewer components.

Temperature controllers available in water and hot-oil, open- and closed-loop configurations. Water units control to 250 F, oil-circulating units to 400 F. Space-efficient units have high-flow pumps, flanged heaters, and advanced electronic instrumentation with remote capabilities.

Portable chillers and chilling modules available in air- and water-condensed versions. Units from 1 to 30 tons with operating temperatures from 30 to 70 F. Chilling modules from 5 to 40 tons with operating temperatures from 20 to 60 F.

Pump-tank stations utilize minimum floor space while emphasizing vertical dimension for water storage. Standard process connections for pumps, sensors, drains, and water-level controls simplify installation.

Cooling towers in galvanized metal or fiberglass from 10 to 540 tons employ energy-efficient prop fans, generous wet decks, and large water reservoir.


Portable chillers in self-contained air- or water-cooled designs from one to 40 tons have accessible cabinet design, nonferrous water system, and microprocessor controls with dual-digital displays, lifetime warranty, seven positive-action switches, and 19 diagnostic lights.

Air-cooled central chillers include heat-reclaim indoor units or low-ambient outdoor units in capacities to 440 tons.

Water-cooled central chillers in three configurations: TS series economical plant-wide systems from 20 to 100 tons with scroll compressors and two independent refrigeration circuits for precise control; TX series single- and dual-circuit units with screw compressors from 40 to over 440 tons; and TC series single- and dual-circuit units with advanced technology reciprocating compressors from 60 to 300 tons. All central chillers come with PLC touchscreen HMI and a three-year warranty.

Fiberglass cooling towers in FC and FT series from 20 to 240 tons. Units have a high-efficiency induced-draft design and strong, lightweight, noncorrosive FRP shell. Nonferrous construction and five-year total tower warranty (including motor) and 10-year shell warranty on FC series towers.

Pump/reservoir assemblies custom engineered in any size and configuration for tower or chiller applications. Available in fiberglass, PE, stainless-steel, or double-welded steel construction with solid pump decks and premounted, prewired control panels.

Water-treatment systems control scale, corrosion, suspended solids, and microbiological growth with a single panel-mounted unit. Filtration equipment includes sand media filters, centrifugal separators, bag filters, and filter strainers.

Temperature-control units in a complete range of pumping, heating, and cooling configurations for oil and water from 0.75 to 7.5 hp, 3 to 60 kw. Unitized cast construction of twin tank and pump assembly, microprocessor with dual digital displays and five-year warranty, seven positive-action switches, and 15 diagnostic lights. Negative pressure units available.


Circulator line consists of temperature-control modules and bath vessels. Broad range of circulators, chillers, recirculators, and cryostats cover temperatures from -90[degrees]C to 300[degrees]C.


Water and hot-oil temperature controllers and portable chillers.

Water units in upright, low-profile, and subcompact configurations. Microprocessor controls have RS232C, RS422, and RS485 capability. Horizontal pumps with seal flush offer simple operation. Single- and multi-zone models with optional features.

Hot-oil systems control temperature from 100 to 550 F. Heater capacities from 6 kw and up. Centrifugal pumps incorporating water-cooled seals are standard. Upright and compact models available.

Portable chillers with air- and water-cooled condensing from 1 to 25 tons. Hot-gas bypass, stainless-steel or nonferrous fully insulated reservoir tanks, all-copper piping, and freeze-stat control.


Chil-Trak series reciprocating liquid chillers from 2 to 7.5 tons with remote condensers discharge heat outdoors and/or reclaim heat for use elsewhere. All sizes have Head Start receiver, which matches capacity with load to ensure smooth, consistent operation and low-ambient-temperature start-up. Front-panel access to valves for all sections of system.


Tempro line of hot-water temperature controllers in Plus and Basic models. Plus units have single or dual zones and come as either an open system with submersible pumps and no pump seals or as a pressurized system with magnetically coupled pumps. Pump capacity from 7.5 to 15 gal/min, and operating temperatures from 194 to 320 F. Heating capacity from 3 to 9 kw. Single-circuit Basic units operate up to 194 F or 284 F, depending on model. Can have a self-optimizing controller that monitors [+ or -] 1[degrees].
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