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Liquid silicone rubber.

Elastosil LR 3471 self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber is said to have exceptionally high tear strength. It is said to be suitable for food contact applications. Other application areas range from multi-component molded parts for the automotive sector through to applications in the household, babycare and sanitary industries. Elastosil LR liquid silicone rubber grades are paste-like, readily pigmentable two-part mixtures that fully cure in an extremely short time. Even without a primer, they are said to offer excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials, from thermoplastics and thermosets to metals or glass. This is said to make them ideal for producing composite materials, according to the company. Self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber grades are also said to be characterized by excellent mechanical and electrical properties. There are no problems in processing them by injection molding or at high temperatures. Multicomponent parts, such as showerheads or steering wheel keypads, can be molded in a single operation. This is said to reduce unit costs, while also lowering energy consumption. (Wacker Silicones)

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 1, 2004
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