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Motorola Razr 5G launched with improved hardware and a more useful outer display. Sep 10, 2020 489
Uncertainties Analysis on the Prediction of Flow and Heat Transfer of Liquid Sodium with CFD Technology. Liu, Zhanwei; Li, Xinyu; Cong, Tenglong; Zhang, Rui; Zheng, Lingyun; Deng, Hang; Cui, Yuning Jun 30, 2020 5472
Sodium Silicate market size is projected to reach USD 11.03 Billion by 2022. Nov 22, 2019 762
Study says liquid metal can help us to clean environment. ANI Oct 12, 2019 621
U.S. Liquid Sodium Silicate Market To Witness Enhanced Application into Catalysts, Detergents, Elastomers, Cement, Pulp & Paper Sectors Till 2024 / Million Insights. Sep 19, 2019 868
Liquid Sodium Silicate Market Analysis 2019 and Industry Insights in the Future. Sep 17, 2019 978
Heraeus and Engel Join Forces on Injection Molding Liquid Metals. Apr 1, 2019 309
Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Back Into Coal. Feb 28, 2019 592
Liquid Metals Used To Create Atom-Thin Oxide Layers. Oct 20, 2017 603
China Liquid Sodium Silicate (LSS) Market to Grow Substantially, Driven by Rising Awareness of Water Purification. Apr 14, 2017 592
SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF MERCURY-EXPOSED GOLD MINERS. Bose-Oreilly, Stephan; Bernaudat, Ludovic; Siebert, Uwe; Roider, Gabriele; Nowak, Dennis; Drasch, Gu Mar 1, 2017 10466
Preliminary CFD Assessment of an Experimental Test Facility Operating with Heavy Liquid Metals. Lizzoli, Matteo; Borreani, Walter; Devia, Francesco; Lomonaco, Guglielmo; Tarantino, Mariano Report Jan 1, 2017 5256
Effects of Different Operating Temperatures on the Tensile Properties of the Grid Plate Hardfaced with Colmonoy in a Pool Type Sodium Fast Reactor. Balaguru, S.; Murali, Vela; Chellapandi, P. Report Jan 1, 2017 3794
Numerical Analysis on Flow Behavior of Molten Iron and Slag in Main Trough of Blast Furnace during Tapping Process. Wang, Li; Pan, Chien-Nan; Cheng, Wen-Tung Report Jan 1, 2017 5132
CFD Study of Liquid Sodium inside a Wavy Tube for Laminar Convectors: Effect of Reynolds Number, Wave Pitch, and Wave Amplitude. Mehdi, Syed Murtuza; Akhtar, Maaz; Hussain, Ahmad; Alothmany, Dheya Shuja; Aziz, Shahid Report Jan 1, 2017 3781
Nature Communications: "Ionic Imbalance Induced Self-Propulsion of Liquid Metals". Zavabeti, Ali; Daeneke, Torben; Chrimes, Adam F.; O'Mullane, Anthony P.; Ou, Jian Zhen; Mitchell, Ar Reprint Sep 1, 2016 175
German alliance focuses on liquid metals technology. Aug 1, 2012 142
Supply of 300 tons alkaline liquid sodium silicate for Moharram Bek Detergents Factory. May 30, 2012 109
Computational and heat transfer analysis of convergent nozzle used for gas atomization of liquid metals. Sanjay, P.; Mahesh, N.S.; Kumar, S. Kishore Dec 1, 2010 4051
A comparative study of pitot tube measurements and CFD results for supersonic nozzles employed for gas atomization of liquid metals. Sanjay, P.; Mahesh, N.S.; Kumar, S. Kishore Report Jun 1, 2009 4291
Metal rebel: under extreme pressure, sodium breaks the rules for turning into liquid. Goho, A. May 14, 2005 483
New England States Get Poor Grades On Mercury Pollution. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 115
Space-age metals: freed from gravity, materials reveal their mysteries. Wu, Corinna Cover Story Oct 24, 1998 2013
Improve safety and avoid hazards in your aluminum melting practice. Groteke, Daniel E. Jun 1, 1998 2553
Iron casters discuss keys to optimizing inoculation. Spada, Alfred T. Jun 1, 1998 2255
Against the wall. Peterson, Ivars Brief Article Dec 6, 1997 232
Mechanical penetration defects. Sep 1, 1994 833
Filtering molten iron with refractory silica cloth. Hitchings, Jay R. Aug 1, 1991 1036
Metal saturation and finning problem can be avoided: controlling metal saturation is a function of knowing refractory porosity, permeability. Stark, Ronald A. Jul 1, 1991 3126
Calculating liquid metal temperature loss due to bath additions. Kern, Ronald Oct 1, 1990 490

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