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Liquid handling firms merge.

Sunnyvale, CA and Dublin, Ireland 1/27/08 -- Labcyte, the maker of the Echo low-volume liquid handling systems based on acoustic droplet ejection, and Deerac Fluidics, formerly known as Allegro Technologies, have announced a merger agreement in a stock-for-stock transaction. Deerac Fluidics provides low-volume liquid handlers for the 50 nL-20 [micro]L range. Labcyte, which generated more than $10 million in revenues last year, expects the acquisition to add approximately $3.5 million in annual revenues. "At Labcyte, we evaluated a wide variety of low-volume liquid handlers and found the Deerac Latitude and Equator to have the best precision in the 50 nanoliter range," stated Labcyte CEO Dr. Elaine J. Heron. She also stated that the acquisition would help Labcyte expand its European business.

The companies' previous relationship include joint seminars on assay miniaturization and the inclusion of Deerac's Latitude system as a component of Labcyte's POD plate assembler. Deerac's R&D operations will remain in Ireland. According to Labcyte, Deerac provides the company with a stronger presence in genomics labs, whereas Labcyte's business is stronger in high-throughput screening labs.
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Date:Jan 31, 2008
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