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Liquid cooling for PCs.

* greater thermal conductivity

* spill-free connection

As processing power in desktop computers has increased, heat levels have risen and traditional air-cooling methods relying on fans are becoming less effective. Switching tactics, Koolance's compact, user-friendly liquid cooling systems absorb more heat than air, and at a faster rate. In fact, the thermal conductivity of water is about 30 times greater than that of air. "We simply do not want to fight physical sciences," says Tim Hunting, Product Development Manager at Koolance. "With processing power doubling about every 18 months, air cooling has simply reached its performance limit."

The company's EXOS system is a self-contained external PC cooling system. This new product circulates liquid coolant through tubing to and from critical CPU components. To ensure that the system stays "self-contained," the EXOS uses couplings from Colder Products Company to ensure easy, safe and secure connection and disconnection, Shut-off valves in both coupling body and insert prevent spillage upon disconnection, and support high flow upon connection.

"As much as, technology has evolved, water and electronics do not mix," says Hunting. "The connections on the EXOS provide levels of safety and user convenience that truly differentiate the product." The CPC connection device also supports Koolance's goal to simplify installation for users. The thumb latch design on the coupling produces an audible "click" when a secure connection has been made. This provides novice and expert users alike with assurance that liquid will not leak from the system.

A large portion of the Koolance's customer base has been avid gamers. These gamers typically transport their computers and cooling equipment to gaming session sites, and require mobility and durability. Other applications include web hosting companies, ISPs, and audio and video production studios. The high-end components used in these businesses' industrial size servers are increasingly powerful, generating greater volumes of heat output than regular PCs. The company has developed more extensive cooling systems to support these large industrial servers.

"The use of advanced materials and connection devices on our increasing array of cooling systems is imperative," says Hunting. "We need to provide our customers--both PC and industrial users--with the peace-of-mind that leaks or spills will not occur during use and maintenance."

Circle 156--Koolance USA, Federal Way, WA. Circle 157--Colder Products Co, St Paul, MN.
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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