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Liquid chromatography.

Gilson introduced TRILUTION LC software featuring new fraction collection capabilities for purification and prep LC (Liquid Chromatography).

Gilson's new prepELS (Evaporative Light Scattering) Detector is for any Gilson analytical or prep LC system. It features Thermo-Split Technology, for optimal temperature control. According to Gilson, the prepELS is the only detector on the market that does not retain an altered signal while detecting masses up to 5 mg.

Mettler-Toledo introduced the Multigram III preparative system. Part of the Berger SFC (Super Fluid Chromatography) product line, the new system is designed for higher sample throughput for chiral and achiral drug purification applications. The Multigram III possesses high flow rates and accommodates any preparative column from 2-5 cm.

Thar Technologies introduced its SuperDiscovery SFC system, a SFC system designed for both analytical and small scale preparative applications. The instrument allows the user to perform separations into as many as 12 vials of varying dimensions. It fills in Thar's gap between analytical and dedicated preparative SFC systems.

Waters introduced an ELSD (Evaporative Light Scattering Detector) designed for use with the Acquity UPLC system. Increased capabilities with the addition of the ELSD include simultaneous testing of transparent molecules, antibiotics and natural products. Using MassLynx or Empower software, it allows complete temperature control in the nebulization and evaporation processes.
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