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Liquid Polybutadienes/Derivatives.

Polyoil/Polyvest liquid polybutadienes and derivatives are featured in the company's eight-page, fourcolor brochure. Polyoil and derivatives are stereospecific, low viscosity, unsaponifiable liquid polybutadienes with a high 1,4-cis double bond content. Their high reactivity is said to result in excellent water and chemical resistance, in addition to good electrical insulating properties, according to the literature.

Common applications for these materials include adhesives/sealants, anticorrosion primers, rubber, potting compounds and impregnations.

Polyoil 110 is a nonpolar stereospecific, low viscosity, unsaponifiable liquid polybutadiene soluble in aliphatics, aromatics and ethers. Polyoil 130 is a nonpolar stereospecific, low viscosity, unsaponifiable liquid polybutadiene with a higher molecular weight than Polyoil 110.

Polyvest OC 800 is a maleic anhydride adduct of a low molecular weight 1,4-cis-polybutadiene. Polyvest EP-OC contains a higher percentage of succinicc anhydride groups than the OC 800 S product.


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