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Liquid Crystal Displays, Passive Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays, Segmented LCDs and Plasma Display Panels (PDPs) Are Some of the Product Segments Analyzed Inside Flat Panel Displays (FPDs) - Global Strategic Business Report.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Flat Panel Displays (FPDs) - Global Strategic Business Report to their offering.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Flat Panel Displays in US$ Million. The Major product segments Analyzed are Liquid Crystal Displays (Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays (AMLCDs), Passive Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays (PMLCDs), and Segmented LCDs, Plasma Display Panels (PDPs), Electroluminescent Displays (EL Displays), Organic Light Emitting Displays (OLEDs), Light Emitting Diode (LED) Displays, VFDs (Vacuum Fluorescent Displays), and FEDs (Field Emission Displays). The Major End-Use Segments Analyzed are Information Systems, Personal Computers, Telecomm. Equipment, Instrumentation, Consumer Appliances, Transportation equipment, and Medical devices. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World. Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2001 through 2010. The report profiles 243 companies including many key and niche players worldwide. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.

Content Outline:



1. Market Overview

2. Outlook

3. Market Trends

4. Competitive Overview

5. Challenges

6. Product Overview

7. Research & Development

8. Product Innovations/Introductions

9. Recent Industry Activity

10. Focus on Select Players

11. Global Market Perspective


1. The United States

2. Canada

3. Japan

4. Europe

5. Asia-Pacific

6. Rest of World


The Companies mentioned inside this report include:

* M Company (USA)

* M Optical Systems (USA)

* M Touch Systems (USA)

* M Touch Systems Sarl (France)

* M Touch Systems SL (Spain)

* M Touch Systems Srl (Italy)

* M Touch Systems UK Ltd (UK)

* A Plus Products LLC (USA)

* Aaeon Electronics, Inc (USA)

* Aaeon Europe (Germany)

* Able Design GmbH (Germany)

* Abuzz Technologies (Australia)

* Accele Electronics, Inc (USA)

* Accuview (USA)

* Ace Digitech Co, Ltd (Korea)

* ADI Corporation (Taiwan)

* Advan International Corporation (USA)

* Advanced Display Systems, Inc (USA)

* Advanced Input Systems (USA)

* Advanced Optics Electronics, Inc (USA)

* Advantech Co, Ltd (Taiwan)

* AEG Gesellschaft FE-r Moderne Informationsysteme Mbh

* (Germany)

* Afficheurs Eridan SA Groupe Data Display (France)

* AG Neovo Technology Corporation (USA)

* Agilent Technologies, Inc (USA)

* Agilent Technologies France (France)

* Akira (USA)

* All Shore Industries (USA)

* Allus Technology Corporation (USA)

* A-Max Kepo Display Limited (Hong Kong)

* Apollo Display Technologies (USA)

* Applied Display Technology, Inc (USA)

* Apricot Technology GmbH (Germany)

* ArianeCorp Ltd (Singapore)

* Argon Corporation (USA)

* Aschenbrenner Geratebau GmbH (Germany)

* Asian Stanley International Co, Ltd (Thailand)

* Attplus (USA)

* AU Optronics Corporation (Taiwan)

* Aydin Displays, Inc (USA)

* AZ Displays, Inc (USA)

* Babcock, Inc (USA)

* Barco NV (Belgium)

* Barco GmbH (Germany)

* Barco Display Systems, Inc (USA)

* Beckmann & Egle Industrieelektronik GmbH (Germany)

* Bodet SA (France)

* BOE-Hydis Technology Co, Ltd (Korea)

* Bolymin, Inc (Taiwan)

* Bright LED Electronics Corporation (Taiwan)

* Bright View Electronics Co, Ltd (Taiwan)

* Brimar Ltd (UK)

* CW Micro-Systems (UK)

* Caltron Industries, Inc (USA)

* Casio Computer Co, Ltd (Japan)

* CeroView (USA)

* Cesa Electronic GmbH (Germany)

* CFG SA (Switzerland)

* Chi Mei Optoelectronics Corporation (Taiwan)

* Christensen Display Products, Inc (USA)

* Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd (Taiwan)

* Clearr Corporation (USA)

* Clover Display Ltd (Hong Kong)

* Codar Technology, Inc (USA)

* Codixx AG (Germany)

* Computer Dynamics, Inc (USA)

* Contec Co, Ltd (Japan)

* Contec USA, Inc (USA)

* Crystalfontz America, Inc (USA)

* CTX Electronics Co, Ltd (Taiwan)

* Dain Electronics Co, Ltd (Taiwan)

* Daisy Data, Inc (USA)

* Daitron, Inc (USA)

* Dalian Eastern Display Co, Ltd (China)

* Danielson Nederland BV (The Netherlands)

* Data Display UK Ltd (UK)

* Data Image Corporation (Taiwan)

* Data Modul AG (Germany)

* Datalux Corporation (USA)

* Densitron Technologies PLC (UK)

* Densitron Corporation (USA)

* Densitron Corporation Of Japan (Japan)

* Densitron Germany GmbH (Germany)

* Densitron Nordic Oy (Finland)

* Desotron Design Software Electronic GmbH (Germany)

* Digital Electronics Corporation (Japan)

* Pro-Face France SA (France)

* Pro-Face Italia (Italy)

* Digital View Ltd (Hong Kong)

* Digitec Engineering GmbH (Germany)

* Displaytech, Inc (USA)

* DMV Industrijski Kontrolni Sistemi (Yugoslavia)

* Dok-Tek Systems Ltd (UK)

* Dotronix Technology, Inc (USA)

* Dr Pottharst Und Partner Miditec Systeme (Germany)

* Dukane Corporation (USA)

* DWS GmbH Digitale Wgesysteme (Germany)

* Dynalog (India) Limited (India)

* Dynamic Displays (USA)

* Dynics, Inc (USA)

* EDL Displays, Inc (USA)

* Eizo Nanao Corporation (Japan)

* Eg Semicon Co, Ltd (Korea)

* Electrone Americas Ltd (USA)

* Electro Plasma, Inc (USA)

* Elo Touchsystems, Inc (USA)

* ELume, Inc (USA)

* Emagin Corporation (USA)

* Emerging Display Technologies Corporation (USA)

* Ergo Consoles (USA)

* Ergotron, Inc (USA)

* Excel Display Corporation (USA)

* Font USA (USA)

* Formosa Industrial Computing, Inc (Taiwan)

* Fujitsu Ltd (Japan)

* Fujitsu EspaEa Services SA (Spain)

* Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display Ltd (Japan)

* Fujitsu Siemens Computers SA (France)

* Fujitsu Siemens Computers SA (Luxembourg)

* Futaba Corporation (Japan)

* General Digital Corporation (USA)

* Gercom Automation GmbH & Co, KG (Getretsried)

* Giantek Technology Corporation (Taiwan)

* Global Display Solutions, Inc (USA)

* Grossenbacher Systeme AG (Switzerland)

* HANA Semiconductor (BKK) Co, Ltd (Thailand)

* Hannstar Display Corporation (Taiwan)

* Hantronix, Inc (USA)

* Hebei Jiya Electronics Co, Ltd (China)

* Hitachi Ltd (Japan)

* Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (Japan)

* Hitachi Displays Ltd (Japan)

* Hitachi America Ltd (USA)

* Hitachi Europe (France) SA (France)

* Hitachi Europe (Spain)

* Hitachi Europe Ltd (Ireland)

* Hitachi Display Product Group (UK)

* Hitachi IMG (Belgium)

* Hitachi Sales Italiana SpA (Italy)

* ICP America, Inc (USA)

* IEI Technology Corporation (Taiwan)

* Iiyama International (The Netherlands)

* Ikegami Tsushinki Co, Ltd (Japan)

* Imaging Systems Technology (USA)

* IMRI Co, Ltd (Korea)

* Industrial Electronic Engineers, Inc (USA)

* Industrial PC, Inc (USA)

* Infax, Inc (USA)

* Infodex Display Systems Technologies, Inc (USA)

* Infotronic SpA (Italy)

* Innovative Design Technologies, Inc (USA)

* Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc (USA)

* Integrix, Inc (USA)

* Interlogic Industries, Inc (USA)

* International Display Technology Co, Ltd (Japan)

* Jaco Displays Solutions (USA)

* JANUS Digital Displays (USA)

* Jeongil Intercom Co, Ltd (Korea)

* JVC Company of America (USA)

* Kent Displays, Inc (USA)

* Kent Modular Electronics Limited (UK)

* KJC Corporation (South Korea)

* Kontron AG (Germany)

* Dolch Computer Systems, Inc (USA)

* Dolch Computer Systems (UK) Ltd (UK)

* Dolch Computer Systems France (France)

* Kopin Corporation (USA)

* Korea Data Systems (USA)

* Kristel Corporation (USA)

* Kuang Tien Electronic Co, Ltd (Taiwan)

* Kube Corporation (USA)

* Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation (USA)

* LCD Planar Optics (USA)

* LG Electronics, Inc (Korea)

* LG Innotek Co, Ltd (Korea)

* Nanjing LG Tontru Color Display System Co, Ltd (China)

* LG Philips LCD Co, Ltd (South Korea)

* Lico Electronics Corporation (Taiwan)

* Lite-On Technology Corporation (Taiwan)

* Lite-On, Inc (USA)

* Liteon Electronic (Thailand)

* Litrex Corporation (USA)

* Logan Srl (Italy)

* Lumitex, Inc (USA)

* Poly-Optical Products, Inc (USA)

* Luxell Technologies, Inc (Canada)

* Marposs SpA (Italy)

* Marposs AG (Switzerland)

* Marposs SA (France)

* Matsushita Electric Industrial Co, Ltd (Japan)

* Matsushita Plasma Display Panel Company Ltd (Japan)

* Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co (USA)

* Panasonic Industrial Company (USA)

* Plasmaco, Inc (USA)

* Micro Electronics Corporation (USA)

* MicroDisplay Corporation (USA)

* Microtips Technology, Inc (Taiwan)

* Microtips Technology, Inc (USA)

* Microvitec Display Ltd (UK)

* MKS, Inc (USA)

* Mobitec AB (Sweden)

* Modgraph, Inc (USA)

* Motorola, Inc (USA)

* MTL, Inc (USA)

* Multichip Assembly, Inc (USA)

* Nanjing Instruments Components Research Institute (China)

* Nanjing Lopu Co, Ltd (China)

* National Display Systems, Inc (USA)

* National Polarizers, Inc (USA)

* NEC Corporation (Japan)

* NEC-LCD Technologies (Japan)

* NEC Electronics Corporation (Japan)

* NEC USA, Inc (USA)

* NEC (UK) Ltd (UK)

* NEC Deutschland GmbH (Germany)

* NEC Electronics America, Inc (USA)

* NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH (Germany)

* NEC France SA (France)

* NEC Iberica SA (Spain)

* NEC Italia Srl (Italy)

* NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display (Germany)

* Nematron Corporation (USA)

* Neovia Electronics (France)

* Norsk Display AS (Norway)

* Okaya Electric Industries Co, Ltd (Japan)

* Okaya Electric America, Inc (USA)

* Opto Tech Corporation (Taiwan)

* Optrex Corporation (Japan)

* Optrex America, Inc (USA)

* Optrex Europe GmbH (Germany)

* Pacific Display Devices (USA)

* Palomar Display Products, Inc (USA)

* Para Light Electronics Co, Ltd (Taiwan)

* Patlite Corporation (Japan)

* PD Systems International Ltd (UK)

* Philips Flat Display Systems (USA)

* PILZ GmbH & Co, KG (Germany)

* Pioneer Corporation (Japan)

* Pioneer Electronics (USA), Inc (USA)

* Pioneer Electronics Iberica SA Sucursal EM Portugal

* (Portugal)

* Pioneer Europe NV (Belgium)

* Pioneer GB Ltd (UK)

* Planar Systems, Inc (USA)

* Polytronix, Inc (USA)

* Powertip Technology Corporation (Taiwan)

* PRO-Tech (USA)

* Purdy Electronics Corporation (USA)

* QSI Corporation (USA)

* Regent USA, Inc (USA)

* Region Services Limited (UK)

* Reikotronic

* Reitemeyer, Kohpeiss & Gronski GmbH (Germany)

* Renesas Technology Co (Japan)

* Review Display Systems Limited (UK)

* Rockwell Automation (USA)

* Rockwell Automation de Mexico SA de CV (Mexico)

* Rockwell Automation SA (France)

* Rockwell Collins, Inc (USA)

* Rohm Apollo Electronics Co, Ltd (Thailand)

* Rohm Electronic (Dalian) Co, Ltd (China)

* Rohm Korea Corporation (South Korea)

* Rosen Aviation Displays LLC (USA)

* Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd (South Korea)

* Samsung SDI Co, Ltd (South Korea)

* Samsung Deutschland GmbH (Germany)

* Sceptre Technologies, Inc (USA)

* Schneider Electric SA (France)

* Schott AG (Germany)

* Scott Edwards Electronics, Inc (USA)

* Seiko Epson Corporation (Japan)

* Sharp Corporation (Japan)

* Sharp Electronic Components Taiwan Corporation (Taiwan)

* Sharp Electronic (Europe) GmbH (Germany)

* Sharp Electronics (Schweiz) AG (Switzerland)

* Sharp Electronics Espana SA (Spain)

* Sharp Electronics France SA (France)

* Sharp Electronics SpA (Italy)

* Sharp Electronics Ltd (UK)

* Shelly, Inc (USA)

* Shenzhen Jinghua Displays Co, Ltd (China)

* Shenzhen Seg Hitachi Color Display Device Co, Ltd (China)

* Shenzhen Yajing Electronic Display Technology Co, Ltd

* (China)

* Solari Di Udine SpA (Italy)

* Sony Corporation (Japan)

* Spectracolor Sarl (Lebanon)

* Spectron Engineering (USA)

* Starion Korea (Korea)

* Starpanel Technologies, Inc (USA)

* Stealth Computer Corporation (Canada)

* Symbolic Displays, Inc (USA)

* Synelec Visual Systems SAS (France)

* Synelec Italia (Italy)

* Tactical Displays, Inc (USA)

* Tally Display Corporation (USA)

* Tassin Industrial Pte, Ltd (Singapore)

* Tecdis SpA (Italy)

* Techspan Systems PLC (UK)

* Telco Intercontinental Corporation (USA)

* Telegenix, Inc (USA)

* Teletron Viewcom Srl (Italy)

* Three-Five Systems, Inc (USA)

* Three-Five Systems Ltd (UK)

* Tianjin Tongguang Samsung Co, Ltd (China)

* Toho Technology Corporation (USA)

* Tohoku Pioneer Corporation (Japan)

* Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Co, Ltd (Japan)

* AFPD Pte, Ltd (Singapore)

* Tottori Sanyo Electric Co, Ltd (Japan)

* Trans-Lux Corporation (USA)

* Transparent Products, Inc (USA)

* Trident Displays Ltd (UK)

* Unigraf Oy (Finland)

* United Radiant Technology Corporation (Taiwan)

* Universal Display Corporation (USA)

* Varitext Ltd (UK)

* Varitronix International Limited (Hong Kong)

* Varitronix France (France)

* Vartech Systems, Inc (USA)

* VEF (Latvia)

* Vertex Lcd, Inc (USA)

* Viewsonic Corporation (USA)

* ViewSonic Europe Ltd, (UK)

* Viewsonic Corporation (France)

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