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Liquid Carbonic.

Liquid Carbonic acquired a majority interest in two industrial gas companies in Poland. Polgaz Warszawa and Polgaz Gliwice, segments of the state-owned industrial gas enterprise known as Polgaz, will become a Polish company known as Liquid Carbonic Polska, Spzoo. Under the acquisition agreement, Liquid Carbonic agreed to pay cash and invest additional capital in the ventures over the next ten years. Total amount is approximately $20 million. It also has committed to invest an additional $36 million, over five years, to improve safety and modernize facilities. The Polish companies enable Liquid Carbonic to serve the food, chemical, plastics and other industries in Central Europe. Polgaz Warszawa manufactures oxygen, nitrogen and acetylene. Polgaz Gliwice fills cylinders with oxygen, freon, argon, carbon dioxide and gas mixtures.
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Title Annotation:Liquid Carbonic Inc. acquires two Polish gas companies
Publication:Rubber World
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Jun 1, 1993
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