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The small-state advantage: for more than 200 years, the Constitution has given states with small populations a boost. But in recent years, the imbalance has grown much larger. Is it a threat to democracy? May 13, 2013 1921
A challenge to the Voting Rights Act: the Supreme Court is considering whether a key provision of the 1965 law still makes sense in a very different nation. Jan 7, 2013 868
Race matters: the Supreme Court has agreed to reconsider the use of race in college admissions. Cover story Apr 23, 2012 2038
Lyin' eyes: it turns out eyewitness IDs are often unreliable. When the Supreme Court considers the issue next month, it could give judges more authority to challenge them. Cover story Oct 24, 2011 1748
1971 the Pentagon papers: forty years before Wikileaks, The New York Times published secret Pentagon documents about the Vietnam War. It turned into one of the most important First Amendment battles in U.S. history. Feb 21, 2011 1778
Locked away forever? The supreme court is considering whether life imprisonment for teen offenders constitutes 'cruel and unusual' punishment. Jan 7, 2010 2331
Juries: is almost unanimous good enough? In Oregon and Louisiana, a 10-2 vote can convict or acquit. Nov 23, 2009 513
Decisions, decisions: this fall, the Supreme Court will hear cases that could have a major impact on American life. Here's a look at key constitutional issues they're likely to consider. Sep 7, 2009 2702
Supreme decisions: criminal evidence, voting rights, and presidential authority: three critical issues on the Supreme Court's docket this term. Apr 6, 2009 1574
1927 Sacco and Vanzetti: in the middle of the Red Scare, a pair of anarchists were executed on charges of robbery and murder in Massachusetts. Was justice served, or were they convicted because of their radical views? Nov 19, 2007 1107
The death penalty debate: the United States is one of the few industrialized nations that still uses capital punishment. Under increasing scrutiny by the courts, it continues to stir strong feelings on both sides. Cover story Feb 5, 2007 2253
The first amendment: a user's guide the most famous words in the constitution protect a host of rights for Americans--and still spur debate after 215 years. Oct 9, 2006 1766
1791: The bill of rights: the constitution might never have been ratified without a promise to add safeguards of fundamental, rights. Oct 9, 2006 1701
1971: 18-Year-olds get the vote: with the Vietnam war as a backdrop, the 26th Amendment to the Constitution towered the voting age from 21. Sep 4, 2006 2022
Are there civil rights in cyberspace? Internet sites can legally post discriminatory, false, or libelous information from users. Is it time to better police the Web? Apr 24, 2006 944
1971: the Pentagon Papers: when The Times published a secret study of the war in Vietnam, it touched off a constitutional battle with the government. How far does freedom of the press go? Apr 3, 2006 1683
Locked away forever: almost 10,000 Americans are serving life sentences for crimes they committed before they turned 18. Jan 30, 2006 2110
War of words: for more than 200 years, Americans have revered the Constitution. So why can't we agree on what it means? Sep 5, 2005 1283
Too young to die? There are 72 juvenile offenders on death row. The Supreme Court is set to decide whether executing them amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. Cover Story Feb 14, 2005 1681
1965: at last, freedom to vote: forty years ago, police attacks on civil rights protesters in Alabama led to passage of the Voting Rights Act. Feb 14, 2005 1329
We the jury ...: secretive by design, juries are increasingly the object of public and media scrutiny. Is that good for America's legal system? Nov 15, 2004 1987
Is the group responsible for the individual's crime? Collective sanctions have ancient roots, and are used more widely today than is often realized. But are they ethical? And do they work? May 10, 2004 1118
Separate is not equal: fifty years ago this May, the Supreme Court ruled that segregation in the nation's public schools was unconstitutional. It was a major victory in the long struggle for civil rights. Mar 8, 2004 1712

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