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Lionel Messi comforts injured Roma player as Barcelona teammates celebrate Luis Suarez's goal; More proof, if any was needed, that Messi is a lovely bloke at heart...

Byline: Will Magee

Lionel Messi seems nice, doesn't he?

He seems like the sort of bloke who's really kind to his elderly nan, who probably calls him "our Lionel". We reckon he helps out with household chores and always pets stray cats and is a generally pleasant fellow. It's a gut feeling we have - he just looks like a very polite young man.

Happily enough, our gut feeling has just been reinforced by this clip from Barcelona's Champions League clash with Italian giants Roma . As you can see, Messi's reaction to Luis Suarez's opening goal isn't necessarily what you'd expect - nonetheless, it reflects very well on the superstar's character.

Having tangled with young Roma defender Lucas Digne in the build up to the goal, Messi saw that his opponent had gone down injured. As his teammates charged off with Suarez in celebration, Messi walked calmly over to Digne and attempted to comfort him - thankfully he wasn't badly hurt.

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Is Lionel Messi a nice bloke?

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Title Annotation:Sport,Row Zed
Publication:Daily Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 17, 2015
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