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Lion goes from strength to strength.

FRENCH firm Peugeot's lion is increasingly looking like the king of the car jungle.

The firm gained their biggest share ever of the new plate issue with this month's X-registrations, and lit up last week's British Motor Show with the fantastic new 607.

Starting at pounds 22,995 on the road, the 607 is the model Peugeot hope will confirm their position as a leading maker of world class cars.Major advances in technology since the 406 model have delivered even better levels of comfort, protection and environmental friendliness.

New features include a phone set in the steering wheel, automatic headlamps and state-of-the-art safety.

The car is designed to bridge the gap between the professional and private life of high-paid execs who want a motor defined by its exclusivity.

The 607 has audacious lines and elegant contours, and this refinement continues inside, where the mood is quiet, and the lines of the dash flow are uninterrupted.

The interior is well-designed and there's plenty of legroom for front and rear passengers.

A generous luggage space in the boot adds to the car's versatility.

Soundproofing has been vastly improved, with a triple seal on the doors and thickened glass.

An Electronic Stability Program increases safety if the car starts to loses grip in extreme weather, by working in conjunction with the traction control, electronic brake distribution and ABS systems. Emergency braking assistance improves the stopping distance by 25 per cent.

Hazard flashers come on automatically in the event of an emergency, warning other drivers there is a problem.

In the front, airbags and force-limiting seatbelts are combined for optimum distribution of impact in the event of a smash.

Curtain airbags are deployed from the roof to protect the heads of front and rear passengers, and these are accompanied by new chest airbags for front seat passengers who are more exposed to the dashboard.

Standard equipment on the 607 includes satellite navigation, cruise control and a parking radar that warns the driver of obstacles.

The technology also adapts quickly to outside conditions with automatic rain-sensing wipers, speed-adjusted stereo volume and automatic lighting of headlamps in dark conditions.

When the 607 passes through a tunnel, the lights come on without you having to so much as touch a button. A light sensor on the instrument panel controls the intensity of the display to avoid distraction.

Monitors constantly keep check on the vehicle's condition and will warn you if a tyre is deflated.

If the car does break down, a dash-mounted help button in the shape of Peugeot's lion will automatically patch the driver through to a help centre or the AA.

The 607 comes with a choice of seven interior styles and three engine sizes - the 160bhp 2.2-litre, an ultra green 2.2-litre HDI and the range topping 3-litre V6.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Wilson, Colin
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 29, 2000
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