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LinuxWorld Conference & Expo 2005 Exhibitor Profiles.

SAN FRANCISCO -- LinuxWorld Conference & Expo takes place Aug. 8-11 at the Moscone Convention Center. For in-depth information about the event visit

Below are profiles from LinuxWorld exhibitors; breaking news releases are available at, Business Wire's trade show, conference, and event news resource. Business Wire is the official news wire service for LinuxWorld Conference & Expo.
Company: ActiveGrid
Booth/Stand: 938
Media Contact: Robin Bulanti
Phone: 650-340-1986

ActiveGrid, the Enterprise LAMP company, provides enterprise
features built on the proven LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL,
PHP/Python/Perl) software infrastructure stack. ActiveGrid's
Enterprise LAMP helps enterprises rapidly create Web 2.0 applications
with rich user interfaces that weave together existing enterprise
systems into new services and applications. ActiveGrid Enterprise LAMP
applications can be flexibly deployed on grids of commodity machines
or to virtually any ISP.

Company: Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall PTR (Pearson Education)
Ticker Symbol: PSO
Booth: 564
Media Contact: Publicist Heather Fox
Phone: 201-236-7139
Company URL:

Product description:

1) NEW BOOK: The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide, 2nd
2) NEW BOOK: Samba-3 by Example: Practical Exercises to Successful
 Deployment, 2nd Edition
3) NEW BOOK: Peter van der Linden's Guide to Linux(R)
4) NEW BOOK: Moving to Linux, Second Edition: Kiss the Blue Screen of
 Death Goodbye!, 2nd Edition

Addison-Wesley ( & Prentice Hall PTR
( is a respected publisher of quality computer science
and engineering books and software for technical professionals. It is
a unit of Pearson Technology Group, the world's largest provider of
consumer and professional computer, information technology,
engineering and reference content. Pearson Technology Group is an
operating unit of Pearson Education, the world's leading educational
publisher. Pearson Education is part of Pearson plc (NYSE: PSO), the
international media company.

Company: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 118
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE: AMD
Media Contact: Andrew Fox, (512) 426-2957
Investor Relations Contact: Ruth Cotter, (408) 749-4000
Phone: (800) 538-8450

Founded in 1969 and based in Sunnyvale, California, AMD provides
microprocessors, Flash memory devices, and silicon-based solutions for
the communications and computer industries worldwide. AMD is committed
to helping customers take advantage of the phenomenal capacity of
silicon to add value and help differentiate their offerings. AMD
products are developed with customer needs in mind, not for the sake
of innovation alone. More simply, AMD provides real solutions for real
customer problems that exist in the real world today. This philosophy
is referred to as "customer-centric innovation," and it represents the
guiding principle behind everything done at AMD.

Company: Alacos
Booth/Stand: 138
Media Contact: Glenn Thomas
Phone: 206.349.3902

Alacos creates desktop and server migration management software
for corporations and governments. Alacos develops software that makes
the deployment and migration of computer systems easier to manage with
fewer IT resources. Alacos Desktop Migration Agent(TM) Network Server
Edition migrates documents, email, and personal settings through a
centralized automated server. Alacos provides associated computer
migration consulting such as migration pilot projects and
implementation planning.

Company: AMAX Information Technologies
Booth/Stand: 532
Media Contact: James Huang
Phone: (510) 497-8809

AMAX IT, a highly regarded computer manufacturer located in
Fremont, California, will introduce the following new servers:- 1U low
latency interconnect servers, utilizing the new PathScale InfiniPath
clustering interconnect technology.- 5U dual Xeon server with 48 hot
swap drive bays & support for up to 19 TB hot-swap SATA storage
capacity.- 1U Serial Attached SCSI server. iSCSI Enterprise Storage
solutions. - 1U 12.5" depth single-processor server & 1U 14.5" depth
dual-processor server.

Company: APPRO
Booth/Stand: 126
Media Contact: Maria McLaughlin
Phone: (408) 941-8100
Company URL:

XtremeBlade is the next generation blade solution offering
Infiniband interfaces to all external data and storage networks. This
solution provides added efficiency to large-scale deployments while
adding a tremendous amount of processor flexibility and scalability.
The XtremeBlade solution is ideal for demanding applications that
require enterprise high-availability and high-performance computing.

Appro's headquarters is in Milpitas, CA. Appro has an R&D and
manufacturing center in Asia and a sales and service office in
Houston, Texas. APPRO enables a variety of network computing
applications by developing powerful, scalable, and reliable clusters,
servers, storage subsystems and high-end workstations for the
high-performance computing (HPC), Internet computing and cluster

Company: Aptitune Corporation
Booth/Stand: 155
Media Contact: Susan Connolly
Investor Relations Contact: Brian Clark
Phone: 603-382-4200

Aptitune produces performance analysis tools for UNIX and Linux,
including our flagship product, SarCheck(R). SarCheck analyzes sar
reports, data from the /proc filesystem and ps -elf output. Tunable
kernel parameters are examined to produce a concise plain English
report. SarCheck identifies problems and recommends corrective action.
SarCheck can use gnuplot to create JPEG or PNG graphs accompanying its
text.We're the folks with the propeller hats! - come by and get one
while they last.

Company: APPX Software, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 109
Media Contact: Al Kalter
Phone: 800-879-2779

With a 25-year history in software design, APPX is "The Premier
Development and Runtime Environment for Business Application
Software". The APPX rapid application development environment supports
multiple platforms, multiple databases, and multiple languages for
unsurpassed productivity and success. Also discover the "APPX
Financials", a complete set of accounting and distribution
applications, ready to run or to be customized for the specific needs
of any business or organization.

Company: Avocent Corp.
Booth/Stand: 454 and 553
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: AVCT on NASDAQ
Media Contact: Marianne Higgins, APR
Investor Relations Contact: Rick Hempstead
Phone: (256) 430-4000
E-mail: and

Avocent(R) (NASDAQ: AVCT) is the leading worldwide supplier of KVM
(keyboard, video and mouse) switching, remote access and serial
connectivity solutions that provide IT managers with access and
control of multiple servers and network data center devices. Branded
products include switching, serial, extension, IPMI, remote access,
wireless, mobile, and video display solutions. DSView(R) 3 management
software provides a architecture for redundancy and failover

Company: Bivio Networks
Booth/Stand: 986
Media Contact: Lynn LeScorsur
Phone: 925-924-8642

Pleasanton, Calif.- based Bivio Networks (
has developed the industry's first next generation
application-oriented networking platform based on open software
architecture that combines unparalleled scaling of network
performance, processing power, and application agility for IP service
applications such as security, traffic management, load balancing,
performance monitoring, IPv6, VOIP, routing and communications
infrastructure in a standard Linux execution environment. Designed for
wire-speed execution of emerging network services that increasingly
demand deep packet, wire-speed processing, Bivio Networks fuses
unmatched flexibility with uncompromising performance to enable its
customers to overcome existing bottlenecks and deliver the foundation
of the next generation network infrastructure.

Company: Centrify
Booth/Stand: 2014
Media Contact: Robin Manley
Phone: (650) 961-1100 ex.230

Centrify enables a secure, connected computing environment by
seamlessly integrating your Unix, Linux, Mac, Java and web platforms
with Microsoft Active Directory's identity, access and policy
management services. With its patent-pending Zone technology, Centrify
delivers the only solution that does not require intrusive
reconfiguration of existing systems and provides the granular
administrative control needed to securely manage a diverse set of
systems and applications. With Centrify, you can now fully leverage
your investment in Active Directory to significantly strengthen
security, reduce infrastructure costs, streamline IT operations, and
better comply with regulatory requirements.

Company: Chelsio Communications
Booth/Stand: 256
Media Contact: Randy Smith
Phone: (408) 962-3681

Chelsio Communications is pioneering the convergence of data and
storage networking with its robust, high-performance protocol
acceleration technology. Featuring a highly scalable architecutre,
Chelsio is shipping 10-Gigabit Ethernet adapter cards with protocol
offload in hardware, which delivers the low latency and superior
throughput required for high-performance computing applications. For
more information, visit the company online at

Company: CommuniGate Systems
Booth/Stand: 916
Media Contact: Natalie Monetta
Phone: 415-383-7164

CommuniGate Systems is the technology leader in advanced messaging
solutions. CommuniGate Pro, the company's flagship product, is a
robust, cross-platform, real-time messaging and collaboration software
solution for email, calendaring, VoIP, instant messaging and video
conferencing targeted for ISPs, broadband providers, telcos and small
to medium size businesses. CommuniGate Systems is headquartered in
Mill Valley, California with offices in Germany, Japan and Russia.

Company: DCCA
Booth: 153
Media Contact: Heather MacKenzie
Phone: 858-587-6700 ext 263

The DCC (Debian Common Core) Alliance is an association of
companies and nonprofits dedicated to utilizing and advancing an
operating system developed by the Debian community and certified to
the Linux Standards Base (LSB). By building products and services upon
and around a common Debian core, alliance members and associates can
meet a diversity of market needs, while consumers, businesses,
schools, and governments are assured of a standards-based, world-class
Linux platform that is not controlled by a particular vendor.

Company: Emic Networks
Booth/Stand: 243
Media Contact: Donna Murno
Phone: (781) 487-4612

Emic offers solutions that provide availability, scalability and
manageability, allowing you to run mission critical applications on
low-cost open source platforms. In order to provide high availability,
Emic supplies synchronous data replication, hot standby with
fail-over, disaster recovery and online maintenance to minimize
downtime. To allow your applications to scale seamlessly, Emic
provides dynamic load balancing and the ability to add new servers to
the cluster in real time. To easily manage your cluster, Emic provides
a single management interface for deployment, performance monitoring,
health checks and alerts. For more information, please visit

Company: Emulex Corporation
Booth/Stand: 949
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE: ELX
Media Contact: Robin Austin
Investor Relations Contact: Michael Rockenbach
Phone: 800-EMULEX-1

Emulex (NYSE:ELX) is the industry's preeminent source for a broad
range of advanced storage networking infrastructure solutions. The
Company's products and technologies leverage an adaptable common
architecture that extends from deep within the storage array to the
server edge of storage networks.

Emulex's award-winning storage networking solution offerings
include host bus adapters (HBAs), embedded storage switches, storage
I/O controller and SAN storage switch products. The world's largest
storage and server OEMs rely on Emulex's highly flexible common
architecture to establish a robust foundation for cost-effectively
integrating a wide array of storage protocols, standards and speeds.

Company: Emu Software
Booth: 459
Media Contact: Greg Wallace
Phone: 919-313-6429
Company URL:

NetDirector simplifies and secures the ongoing administration of
Linux server networks. From a single Web console, users can manage the
configuration of their organization's Linux-based applications. With
NetDirector, making a routine change no longer means manually editing
multiple configuration files on each server and then restarting all

Emu Software has a sole and simple purpose: make the management of
the applications that run on Linux easier and more robust so that more
companies and organizations can do more with Linux.

Company: Four J's Development Tools, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 232
Media Contact: Philippe Wagner
Phone: 650-378-1294

Four J's develops, markets and sells the Genero product suite-a
development and deployment environment purpose built for the creation
of highly scalable, mission critical, transaction oriented business
applications. Genero improves programmer productivity by enabling the
rapid and predictable development and deployment of business logic
across a variety of server, database and operating systems. Four J's
is a privately held, profitable company, with offices around the

Company: EnterpriseDB Corporation
Booth: 552
Media Contact: Christian Danella; 415-441-6639; 415-350-4830 (cell);
Company URL:

EnterpriseDB 2005 (EDB2005) is an enterprise-class relational
database management system that supports update-intensive, high-volume
applications. EDB2005 is built on PostgreSQL, the world's most
advanced open source database, and is compatible with many
applications written for Oracle. Key features include support for
compatible SQL syntax, datatypes, triggers, native stored procedures,
user-defined function and replication.

EnterpriseDB provides and supports enterprise-class database
products that are based on time-tested open source, that are broadly
compatible with proprietary databases and that are robustly reliable
and scalable. EnterpriseDB was founded in March, 2004 and is
headquartered in Edison, N.J. For more information, contact (732)
331-1300 or visit

Company: GenUX
Booth: 2001
Media Contact: Deebra Waters
Phone: 541-908-1088
Investor Relations Contact: Sharon Cohen
Phone: 818-445-8118
Company URL:

GenUX today provides Gentoo users the ability to have precompiled
binaries for that user's specific architecture. GenUX is releasing
shortly a customizable binary repository. A Gentoo OS Installer,
(GenUX Installer), allows a non-experienced computer user to Install
Gentoo Linux on a computer while minimizing the user's knowledge of

GenUX's goal is to bridge the gap of bleeding edge, high
performance, and highly customizable Operating System with the
Stability, Testing, Quality Assurance and Support that a Business and
Enterprise consumer needs. GenUX is dedicated to creating a toolset
that will make Gentoo manageable for Business, Enterprises and End

Company: GoldenGate Software
Booth/Stand: 810
Media Contact: Robin Bulanti, Kulesa Public Relations
Phone: PR: 650-340-1986

GoldenGate Software is the leader in transactional data
management, providing the technology for capturing, transforming and
moving transactional data in real time across major databases and
environments. Fortune 500 companies use GoldenGate solutions to manage
initiatives such as high availability/disaster recovery, high
performance distributed computing, transactional data integration and
compliance. Customers include Bank of America, Visa,,
Sabre Holdings, Comcast and Dell.

Company: Heroix
Booth/Stand: 350
Media Contact: Mary Masi- Phelps
Phone: 800-229-6500

Heroix delivers award-winning software products that help optimize
the availability and performance of multiplatform applications,
systems and networks. Heroix's flagship Longitude (TM) software
provides comprehensive, agentless performance monitoring and reporting
for Linux, Unix, Windows, Apache, Oracle, WebLogic, Exchange, SQL
Server, J2EE applications, and more. Longitude monitors, alerts, and
generates reports and graphs to help IT staff manage more proactively.

Company: HighPoint Technologies, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 2020
Media Contact: Allen Mah
Phone: 510-623-0968

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Fremont, CA HighPoint
Technologies Inc. has positioned itself as a global leader in storage
solutions for data-intensive computing environments. HighPoint was the
first to bring ATA RAID solutions to the market and now provides high
performing multi-channel Serial ATA RAID solutions. We've developed
cost-effective storage technologies and high performing storage
solutions that make it easy to protect business critical data.

Company: Hummingbird Ltd.
Booth/Stand: 958
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NASDAQ: HUMC, TSX: HUM
Media Contact: Michele Stevenson, Manager, Corp. Comm.
Investor Relations Contact: Dan Coombes, Director, Investor Relation
Phone: 416 496 2200

Hummingbird Ltd., a leading global provider of connectivity
solutions, provides a feature-rich, robust and secure suite of
products including Exceed(R), the industry leading Windows PC X
server, Exceed onDemand(R) NFS Maestro(TM), HostExplorer(TM) and
Connectivity Secure Shell(TM). Hummingbird Connectivity provides a
single, consolidated solution that allows organizations to securely
integrate heterogeneous legacy infrastructures, such as UNIX or
Mainframe, with Windows desktops.

Company: Linux Journal
Booth/Stand: 959
Media Contact: James Gray
Phone: 517-303-6532

Since 1994, Linux Journal has been the market-leading publication
for IT innovators who won't take "the computer doesn't do that" for an
answer. Linux Journal is published by SSC Publications Inc., the
leading Linux and Open Source authority. SSC's other properties
include, and
TUX Magazine is the first and only magazine for the new Linux user.

Booth/Stand: 2043
Media Contact: Till Kamppeter
Phone: +33-1-4041-6992

The booth draws together leading developers
involved with different Open Source projects as well as commercial
companies: CUPS, LPRng, Ghostscript, Foomatic, HPLIP, Scribus, FreeNX,
KDEPrint and Ricoh Inc. will present a real world document creation
and printing workflow, culminating in the production of an 8 page
booklet containing interesting info about publishing topics.

One special twist of the booth setup is that we will use the
Scribus desktop publishing application running on a remote Linux
application server, which is displayed on our local desktops in real
time, and the printout will happen live on our booth via an Internet

Company: MEPIS LLC
Booth/Stand: 758
Media Contact: Jenny Baker
Investor Relations Contact: Warren Woodford
Phone: +1.650.265.4392

MEPIS offers affordable, unique, innovative, high quality
solutions for home users and small businesses.

SimplyMEPIS is a complete desktop solution that is easy to try,
easy to install, and easy to use. Users say, "If you hate Windows,
you'll love SimplyMEPIS!"

The MEPIS Traveller DiscTM is an evolutionary application and
technology that enables MEPIS users to automagically run their entire
desktop, files, and identity from any computer.

SoHoServer is a general purpose server solution that can be
installed and configured in minutes. A very cost effective alternative
to Red Hat Enterprise with C-Panel.

For a competitive edge, choose MEPIS!

Company: Mirapath, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 149
Media Contact: Wendy Limsico
Phone: 408/255-6934

Mirapath is a datacenter solution provider focused on out of band
management infrastructure solutions. Supported by our own expert sales
and technical team, our goal is to provide best-in-class products to
fit our customers' needs at superior pricing and value. We specialize
in console servers, KVM switches (analog and over IP), remote power
management strips, racks and cabinets. We are a certified Platinum
Cyclades Partner, Raritan C4 Partner, Avocent Gold Partner, Altusen
Master Partner.

Company: Newisys, A Sanmina-SCI Company
Booth/Stand: 2028
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: SANM
Media Contact: Michael Kovacs
Investor Relations Contact: Paige Bombino
Phone: 408-964-3610

Newisys, a Sanmina-SCI Company, is a creative technology company
significantly impacting the server-computing environment. Newisys is
dedicated to designing and deliveringenterprise-class server and
storage products, offering a family of robust designs targeted for
integration into Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product
offerings. Formore information, visit

Company: Novell, Inc
Booth/Stand: 624
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: Nasdaq: NOVL
Media Contact: Bruce Lowry
Investor Relations Contact: Bill Smith
Phone: 415-383-8408

Novell is a leading provider of infrastructure software and
services to over 50,000 customers in 43 countries. With more than 20
years of experience in data center, workgroup and desktop solutions,
Novell's employees, partners and support centers around the world are
meeting customer requirements for identity-driven computing and Linux
solutions. By providing enterprise-class software and support for
commercial and open source software, Novell delivers increased
operating flexibility and choice at a lower total cost of ownership.
Novell delivers software for the open enterprise.

Company: Open-Xchange
Booth/Stand: 453
Media Contact: Joe Eckert
Phone: 914.332.5720

Open-Xchange Inc., the world's leading open source collaboration
server, will be demonstrating the features of the platform agnostic,
award-winning Open-Xchange Server 5. New migration tools will also be
featured at the show -- enabling users to quickly and easily move from
older versions of Open-Xchange.

Open-Xchange enables easy migration and integration to an open
source environment - allowing IT administrators to create and
implement killer-apps without changing existing infrastructure
components, i.e. databases, directory services, message transfer
agents, e-mail servers or web-servers. End users can keep their
favorite mail and groupware client -- most often Outlook, but also
open source clients such as Kontact.

Company: OpenLogic, Inc.
Booth: 2023
Media Contact: Yvonne Lynott
Phone: (303) 651-1771 or 1-800-530-5397

BlueGlue is the first software that automates the reliable
installation, configuration, integration, test and ongoing management
of certified and supported stacks built from customer-specified
combinations of over 100 leading Open Source projects. BlueGlue also
includes a robust knowledge base, professional documentation, and
sample applications to accelerate learning and development.

OpenLogic is the leading provider of software and services that
enable development and IT organizations to easily create and manage
their own integrated, commercial-grade Open Source development and
deployment environments. OpenLogic helps customers substantially
reduce management costs and complexity when using Open Source
software. OpenLogic - Open Source Made Easy.

Company: Splunk
Booth/Stand: 463
Media Contact: Christine Fife
Phone: 415.568.4208

Splunking is the new way to see inside your data center and figure
out what's actually happing with your IT infrastructure. The Splunk
Server, a new search technology, uses a simple and powerful search
language designed to let you navigate any type of machine data - logs,
databases, message queues - on live systems. From one place you can
look across running systems on the fly, follow connections between
components, and find unexpected behaviors.

Company: Storix, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 121
Media Contact: Michael Michalik
Phone: 619-543-0200 Ext 114

Storix, Inc., founded in 1998, developed a system backup and
disaster recovery solution for AIX, and expanded its product line to
support most major distributions of Linux in 2002. Storix is firmly
committed to providing its customer base with products that include
the most flexible and complete full-system backup and disaster
recovery solution available. SBA is available worldwide through a
series of resellers and distributors, or direct at

Company: Sun Wah Linux Limited
Booth: 2034
Media Contact: Minou Nguyen; 206.270.9733; 206.779.4559 (cell);; or Sharon Chan; +852 2250 0221;
Company URL:
Press Kit URL:

Sun Wah Linux Limited is a Hong Kong-based hi-tech company
specializing in the provision of comprehensive and effective high
availability open-source platform solutions to corporate clients. Sun
Wah Linux offers a complete range of services relating to Linux system
consultation, system integration, network infrastructure, Linux
embedded systems, Linux professional training, and software and
application development.

In providing Linux based and open-source products and services,
Sun Wah Linux strives to accelerate Linux movement by supporting open
source projects and organizations that are dedicated to the increase
of awareness and the improvement of Linux and open-source systems'

Company: SWsoft
Booth/Stand: 148
Media Contact: Rufus Manning
Phone: 919-264-0366

SWsoft is the recognized leader in server automation and
virtualization software for service providers and enterprises. With
more than 10,000 customers in over 100 countries, SWsoft offers
comprehensive solutions--integrated through FUSION- including
Virtuozzo, Plesk, PEM, HSPcomplete and SiteBuilder to deliver proven
performance, reliability, manageability and value. Headquartered in
Herndon, VA, with offices around the world; SWsoft is a privately
held, high growth company funded by Insight Ven

Company: Versora
Booth: Novell Partner Pavilion (Booth 624/P24)
Media Contact: Ray George
Phone: 805-963-9800

Progression Desktop automates the migration of data, user and
system settings from a Windows desktop to a Linux desktop. Progression
DB automates the migration from Microsoft SQL servers to databases
running on Linux. Progression Web automates the migration from
Microsoft IIS web servers to Apache running on Linux.

Versora offers migration software and professional services that
enable and accelerate enterprise Linux adoption. Migration solutions
include Linux mail and collaboration migration from Microsoft Exchange
servers, Linux database migration from Microsoft SQL servers, Apache
web server migration from Microsoft IIS web servers, and Windows to
Linux desktop migration.

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