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Linos Beam Expander 1x-4x.

Qioptiq has introduced the motorised Linos Beam Expander 1x-4x, for 515 to 540nm or 1,030 to 1,080nm wavelengths. The motorised variable beam expander enables adaptation of the focus diameter, focal position and spot quality.

Its motorisation contributes to considerably reduced set-up times and higher repetition accuracy for a wide variety of laser material processing, display, micromachining, solar and battery applications.

The new beam expander enables an external control that allows for universal and flexible use of the laser light in production processes to meet the need for different beam diameters and defocusing of the laser. Its fused silica design is able to handle high power and ultra-short pulses, and offers a low absorption broadband coating that minimises thermal effects.

The new beam expander is interchangeable with Qioptiq's previous model (2x-8x).

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Title Annotation:OPTICS
Publication:Laser Systems Europe
Date:Jun 22, 2019
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