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Lines and waves.

NEW YORK CITY: When the French Institute Alliance Francaise previewed its adventurous fall performance series Crossing the Line this past summer, comparisons to the Brooklyn Academy of Music's older-and-presumably-wiser Next Wave Festival were inevitable. One enthusiast for the FIAF program prompted giggles by referring to BAM's pioneering fest as "the permanent wave"--a moniker that is as much a tribute as a tweak, given that the series, curated by BAM executive producer Joseph V. Melillo, is in its 31st season, and can properly boast that its groundbreaking programming during those years has enriched America's performance landscape. Crossing the Line, by comparison, is a mere seven seasons old, but its ambitions to shake up the status quo are equally apparent.

One tactic Crossing the Line will take during its Sept. 19-Oct. 13 run of 13 premieres and 3 commissions is to send audiences on site-specific forays around Manhattan and Brooklyn, for such presentations as artist/activist Steve Lambert's Capitalism Works for Me! (Mae/False), which involves a giant, attention-grabbing illuminated sign somewhere in Times Square; and Annie Dorsen's late-night Spokaoke, a participatory event slated for a bar on East 13th Street.

Other shows will settle for more conventional venues like Florence Gould Hall (where Nature Theater of Oklahoma will debut two new installments of its epic Life & Times, Sept. 20-21) and La Ahab E.T.C. (where French director Pascal Rambert debuts a (micro) history of world economics, danced on Oct. 10-12). Co-curators for the fest are Simon Dove, FIAF artistic director Lili Chopra and Gideon Lester, director of theatre programs at Bard College. Visit

Next Wave tees off simultaneously, headlining such international stars as Canadian avant-gardist Robert Lepage, whose Shanghai-set The Blue Dragon runs Sept. 18-21; TR Warszawa of Poland's take on Nosferatu (Oct. 30--Nov. 2), directed by wunderkind Grzegorz Jarzyna; and German director Thomas Ostermeier's rendition of An Enemy of the People (Nov. 6-10). The waves keep coming. Visit

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Date:Sep 1, 2013
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