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Lindsay Cochrane chatroom; A WEEK IN THE LIFE OFA TEENAGER.

Byline: Lindsay Cochrane

Monday...I am totally and utterly hooked on Big Brother.

It has only beenon a couple of times (we don't have E4... wish we did), but I am already addicted.

Kitten, who looks like the love-child of Jarvis Cocker and Perry of 'Kevin and -' fame, is getting weirder by the minute.

She's always twitching, I think there's something wrong with her. She's forever saying, 'Right, look, you guys...' before launching into a flowery speech about how they should undermine Big Brother, with many a 'like' thrown in for good measure.

I'm not sure how she'll cope in there. She seems loopy enough as it is.

I have developed a soft spot for the beautiful Stuart, in all his long-locked glory. He rates about eight out of 10 on the PHWOAR factor. I'm not loving Marco as much though, he has such an irritating laugh and needs to calm down.

I'm off to watch the latest programme.Tuesday...LADIES and gentlemen, I think I am finally over XBF.

I went through my mobile phone earlier and deleted all 115 stored messages from him, screaming, 'You never meant it anyway!' as though I was a bit crazy. I suppose I am.

I don't know why I've been pining over him for so long anyway. I mean, I dumped him. Still, it was quite nice having a boyfriend.

Oh, heck, I'm starting to talk myself back into it...You don't need him, Lindsay, you don't. Wednesday...MY last exam today hurrah! Freedom at last!

I was talking to an old friend earlier that I hadn't seen in a while, and he was updating meon his college band. Apparently, they're going to be performing the Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show.

This thought disturbs me.He is six foot four and very ginger I can't quite imagine him in fishnet tights doing the Time Warp. In fact, I think I'd rather not imagine it at all.

Thursday...I HADmy second driving lesson today and it wasn't as terrifying as the last one.

I'm still not too sure if I like this driving carry on, it's a bit scary knowing that I'm in complete control of a big machine. I didn't kill anyone today, and even managed to indicate by myself.

I can only really go left, though. I don't really like turning right. I suppose I could go round and round in circles all day.

Friday...I WENT in to town today with the girls to buy a birthday present for our other friend.

On the train home,one friend, akaThe Klutz, somehow managed to get lemon Fanta all over the train.We were practically swimming in the stuff.There was Fanta on my bag, Fanta on her bag, Fanta on (and in) the bag with friend's present in it, and Fanta all over the seats.

Needless to say, we all smelt a bit lemony by the time wewere back in Airdrie.

Appalled when watching Big Brother. What does that Michelle think she's playing at? She's all over my Stuart like a rash. He doesn't actually like her, I can tell. He just wants to do something to pass the time. I was so outraged that I started shouting at her. 'Keep your hands to yourself, you little... harlot!' I cried. Maybe Federico isn't so wrong about the Geordie race.

In my head, Stuart actually fancies me, even though we haven't actually met yet. I'm delighted that Kitten is gone. She made interesting TV but really did my head in. So off she swaggered to snog the face off her girlfriend with the bizarre name.Saturday...I LOVE Harry Potter. My gran bought me the first book for Christmas years ago, and since then, I've been hooked.The whole idea is so magical and wonderful, it makes me really jealous of J.K.

So it only made sense that I went to see the new film. It was disappointing though, a lot of the book was missed out.

My big brother came with us. He'd never read Harry Potter before, or seen any of the films and walked out of the cinema in a sort of daze, asking: 'What happened there then? What was that tree all about?'

I replied: 'That was the Womping Willow.'

He asked, 'What does that do?' My little brother gave a sigh and told him, 'Well... it womps.'

I think the poor lad is even more confused now.

Sunday...I ASKED Mum if I could get my belly button pierced. 'Not today, dear,' she said. Fine, I'll ask her again tomorrow.


BIG BOTHER: Michelle and Stuart
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Date:Jun 8, 2004

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