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Linde North America.

Linde North America, a member of The Linde Group, has introduced the Ionic Compressor to refuel hydrogen-powered forklifts. The Ionic Compressor uses ionic direct contact with the hydrogen instead of a piston in the pressurizing process, said Linde. While the technology has been used in Europe for cars and buses, its North American debut is targeted toward forklifts.

"We're well beyond hydrogen-powered vehicles being a scientific curiosity," said Michael McGowan, head of hydrogen solutions for Linde North America. "The technology Linde has developed demonstrates that fueling these vehicles is a commercial reality. And, with the increased emphasis on alternative fuels in the stimulus bill, I think we'll see commercialization grow at a much faster pace over the next few years."

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Title Annotation:EMISSIONS & ALTERNATIVES: Covering Fuel Cells and Other Emerging and Alternative Technologies
Comment:Linde North America.(EMISSIONS & ALTERNATIVES: Covering Fuel Cells and Other Emerging and Alternative Technologies)
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Date:May 1, 2009
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