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Lincoln's Letters: the private man and the warrior.

2000. Read by George Vafiadis. 3 cds, no time listed. Commuters Library. ( 1-58472-112-x. $40.00. Vinyl binder; content notes. SA

In a simply packaged collection, we hear a chronological cross section of letters (plus a speech--not the Gettysburg Address--and a poem) written by Abraham Lincoln. This includes early letters to the editor, gentlemanly love letters, notes of concern to family and his wife, memos to government officials, and messages about politics and the war's progress. He expresses self-doubt, apologizes, micromanages, and is always concerned about the human rights of women and black persons as well as anyone impacted by the war.

Vafiadis has a robust voice that sounds as Lincoln might have. We hear warmth in a letter written to a woman who lost five sons in the war, firmness in one sent to a family member who has shown lack of industry, a scolding tone to a young man who feels his talents are underutilized when he is assigned to command only 3,000 men, and firm resolution when he exhorts his generals to press the war more diligently. The name of the recipient and the date of each letter appear in the text and on the jacket. Missing: notes reminding the listener of the relationship to Lincoln of each person addressed. For the classroom and the general listener. Edna M. Boardman, Minot, ND
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Author:Boardman, Edna M.
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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