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Limousines for hire.

Limousines for Hire

In Winnipeg, only death and marriage seem to rate limousines, agree city limo operators. Battling to have a different image, Bill Stoopendaal, who runs Aristocrat Limousine Service, explains, "People rent my cars to impress others. I drive for wedding sand anniversaries, but not too much for business."

Aristocrat's fleet, three vast Daimlers built in Britain that are virtual royalty in the limo biz, competes with more ordinary stretch Cadillacs and Lincolns. By law, the going limo rental rate is $35 per hour, minimum two hours and waiting time $35 per hour with a minimum of two hours. A point-to-point trip within Winnipeg is $35, which can make the limo competitive with a taxi if the distance the taxi runs on its meter is great enough.

Being driven in a limo can present image problems, admits Wilfred Chliwny, operator of Manhattan Limousine Service. A lot of people see our cars as just functional. They think you need to use them for a serious purpose. I take maybe one couple out on a date each week, but the bread and butter is funerals."

For business use, however, limos are an idea whose time has come. Going in style, at the cost of a cab or a rental car, could be making an entrance of its own on the prairies.
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Author:Allentuck, Andrew
Publication:Manitoba Business
Date:Oct 1, 1989
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