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Limerick laughs.


The Saturday Evening Post will award $100 to the author of the winning limerick for the above picture.

Limericks must contain five lines. Entries will not be returned. Enter as many times as you wish. The Mar/Apt 2012 Limerick Laughs winner will be announced in the Jul/Aug 2012 issue. Entries must be submitted by April 3.

Submit your entry via the form on our website (, email (, or mail(Limerick Laughs, The Saturday Evening Post, 1100 Waterway Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46202).

We congratulate Gayla Baggett, Hendersonville, Tennessee, for the Nov/Dec 2011 winning entry. To read entries from runners-up, visit saturdayeveningpost,com/limerick.


The turkey on top of the crate Cared not that delivery was late. Though his daring escape Caused the townsfolk to gape, He refused to end up on a plate!

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Title Annotation:FUN & GAMES
Publication:Saturday Evening Post
Date:Mar 1, 2012
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