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Lily B. on the Brink of Cool.

LILY B. ON THE BRINK OF COOL. Elizabeth Cody Kimmel. 2004. Read by Kaili Vernoff. 3 tapes. 4.75 hrs. Listening Library. 0-8072-2087-6. $25.00. Cardboard; plot, author, reader notes. J

13-year-old Lily is planning to be a famous author one day and in preparation she is recounting every nanosecond of her life, to be part of her future autobiography. Her summer will be dedicated to this venture since her very best friend, Charlotte, is away at young executive's camp. Lily attends a relative's wedding and meets up with distant relatives who appear quite exotic--delicious fodder for her journal. Her conservative parents, who try their very best to make Lily's life dull, warn her to stay away from the relatives but never give her the reason why. Astute listeners will sense the family is a fraud from the beginning.

The reader has a realistic complaining voice of a 13-year-old who knows so much more than her parents and exasperates them to no end. Lily maintains a cool demeanor with the "parents" while sneaking around to visit the new friends. Actress Vernoff does a wonderful youthful rendition of a teenager and even when the story lags at intervals, the reader keeps the listener engaged. Sherri Ginsberg, Chapel Hill, NC
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Author:Ginsberg, Sherri
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Jul 1, 2004
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