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Lilly's Lunch Bag.

Lilly Raccoon swung her lunch bag in wide circles. She scuffed along the forest path on her way to school, wondering what Mother Raccoon had put in her lunch today.

Peering into her brown lunch bag, Lilly saw a shiny red apple. "Only an apple," she grumbled. Next she found a sandwich wrapped in waxed paper. She sniffed it. "Only peanut butter," she mumbled. Then Lilly found a small bag filled with grapes. "I am tired of grapes," she complained. Another little bag was filled with carrot sticks. "Boring," Lilly decided. But, at the very bottom of the bag, Lilly discovered two oatmeal cookies. Hmmm, she thought, these look tasty.

Lilly thought that her mother made the best oatmeal cookies in the whole wide world. She put them in her pocket and hurried off to school.

But no matter how fast Lilly hurried along, the good smells of the two cookies in her pocket hurried right along with her. "I will eat them now, instead of waiting until lunch," she decided.

So as Lilly scuffed along through the woods, she munched on her chewy cookies, filled with raisins and crunchy nuts.

Just as Lilly reached school, Miss Twiddly Turtle, the teacher, rang the school bell. Lilly put her lunch bag in the coat room between Polly Possum's and Billy Beaver's. She wondered what Polly and Billy had in their bags.

It seemed to Lilly that lunchtime would never come. But finally it did. She sat under the shade tree with her friends and pulled out her peanut butter sandwich.

Polly Possum opened a blue bag and spread out her lunch neatly on a yellow napkin. Lilly sniffed. Cake! There on the yellow napkin sat a cupcake swirled with creamy chocolate frosting.

"I will swap you my sandwich for your cupcake," Lilly said.

Polly Possum eyed Lilly's sandwich. She shook her head. Lilly dug into her pocket.

"I will swap you my sandwich and this bright-red jacks ball for your cupcake," she coaxed.

Polly wiggled her nose. "All right," she agreed.

Eagerly Lilly took the cupcake. How rich and chocolaty it tasted. In no time it was gone.

Then Lilly saw Billy Beaver open his mouth to take a big bite of cinnamon tart. It smelled so good and spicy!

"Wait!" said Lilly. "Do you want to swap that for a big red apple?"

"No," Billy Beaver replied.

Lilly dug into her other pocket. "I will swap you my apple and this special marble for your tart," she coaxed.

Billy Beaver looked at the marble shining in the sun. "Well ... OK," he agreed.

Lilly munched on the tart, filled with cinnamon and sugar. She did not eat it as fast as she had eaten the cupcake, but she decided it was just as good.

Poor Lilly! What a sweet tooth she had! Next she swapped her bag of grapes and a rubber spaceman with Buddy Bear for his honey bun. Then she gave her carrot sticks and a special magnet to Betsy Bunny for her carrot cake with white frosting.

But as Lilly finished the last bite of carrot cake, she started to feel strange. All that rich food had given her a terrible stomachache! She sprawled under the tree. Never had she felt so awful.

To make matters worse, she had traded away a neat rubber spaceman, a special magnet, her favorite marble, and a jacks ball.

Lilly swallowed hard. She wished she had eaten the good lunch her mother had made for her. She thought about the carrot sticks, the grapes, and the big red apple. And she thought about her peanut butter sandwich. After all, her mother made the best peanut butter sandwiches in the whole wide world.

Poor Lilly groaned. She just wanted to go home to bed. All her friends would play ball after school. But she would miss the fun. Then she wondered what Mother Raccoon would put in her lunch tomorrow.

One thing was sure. She would not trade a bite of it!
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Author:Michener, Lucille
Publication:Children's Playmate
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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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