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Like the seed of wheat.

WE SEE A STIRRED-UP CROWD OF PEOPLE intently taking the dead Jesus from the cross and lowering him into his mother Mary's lap. The background in Zambian artist Batu's painting is not golden as with the old masters; it's an earthen background, like an earth-green rag rug that teems with life. The seed of wheat is being planted into the earth--Mary as mater and earthen womb, ready to receive. As Jesus, taken from the earth, is now to be lowered into the earth, we witness how weighty, how precious this seed is and full of energy, dead yet alive beyond all mortal life. Jesus lives on in us, suffers on and dies in us, and yes, rises like the one seed into the multiple golden fullness of the ear of wheat. We are called to complete Jesus' Passion in our own passionate living. Passion is the only way out of all possible deaths into life.

By FATHER WILHELM WILLMS, a pastor in Heinsberg, Germany, Translated and excerpted with permission from: Stationen der Hoffnung (missio/Don Bosco Verlag [c]2002). Painting: Station XIII, from Stations of the Cross by Artist Batu, Zambia.
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Author:Willms, Wilhelm
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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