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Like Every Good Boy I Look Forward to Meeting My (The)Rapist.

 & suddenly yesterday I stopped being twenty.
I am tired of being found alive.
It was night a minute ago.
I keep losing my head--
Surprised it is always found in the refrigerator:
Citalopram-stench, blueprints of L.
Last night I was so old I could do only one thing:
Trailed the lady who taught me how to use my penis,
Bought us a drink, held her hands in my palms,
Searched for God & even though she had grown old now
She was still willing to teach me again
In case I'd forgotten what I learned at nine.
You don't mind, milady?
I like my Ds young, she smiled.
Every minute about 25 million stars die.
They end up on earth, as dust, maybe, or
In space, maybe, still floating, gathering
Hydrogen, helium, et al., like the woman,
Waiting to be born again--
I don't know my science well.
I struggle too understanding God: how
He could go in & out of Mary without permission,
Caught but never brought to books.
Last night when the city lights came down,
My head was out of the refrigerator again. I kissed her goodnight
& set the house on fire; none of us survived.
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Author:Arinzechukwu, Akpa
Publication:Prairie Schooner
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2019
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