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Like Bread, Their Voices Rise.

Terence Dosh is a church historian and editor of Bread Rising, a newsletter of church reform.

Rome says women's desire for full participation in the church is only a North American "problem." Like Bread, Their Voices Rise, Sr. Francis Bernard O'Connor (Ave Maria, $9.95), refutes this and demonstrates that the "problem" is global. She writes: "Doing the will of God for the growing multitude of women the world over means speaking the truth, disturbing the peace, claiming our equal place in the church's ministry and challenging the institutional church to live the true message of the gospel." The operative phrase is "the world over."

Her book is the summation of the collected responses of over 1,200 Catholic women from the United States, Brazil, Bangladesh and Uganda to a questionnaire addressing their beliefs, attitudes and experiences as members of the church. The author's credibility is grounded in 20 years of ministry in Bangladesh and six years as superior general of the Holy Cross Sisters.

The crucible of the sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests is not a pleasant topic to address. But face it we must. A relentless crescendo of news reports, feature articles and now books confront us. A Gospel of Shame, by Elinor Burkett and Frank Bruni (Viking, $22.50 cloth) is the prize work that enables us to wrestle with the facts and issues of clerical child abuse.
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Author:Dosh, Terence
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 19, 1993
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