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Ligos Technology's V-Realm Builder Featured On Microsoft's New VRML 2.0 Tools CD.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 3, 1997--An interactive demo of V-Realm(TM) Builder 2.0, the award-winning VRML authoring package from Ligos Technology, is now available on Microsoft's new VRML 2.0 Tools CD. The CD-ROM, which showcases leading VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) products, is available at no charge from the Microsoft Web site at . V-Realm Builder 2.0, recently named "Best VRML Authoring Package" by Web Techniques magazine, was chosen by Microsoft as part of its efforts to highlight cutting-edge tools for creating immersive, interactive 3-D content for the Internet and intranets.

"We're pleased that Microsoft recognized the capabilities of V-Realm Builder and chose it for this project," said Peter Forman, chief executive officer of Ligos. "This CD represents a unique opportunity for Web developers and other content creators to see the many design options that VRML gives them."

V-Realm Builder 2.0 provides Web designers and content providers with the powerful tools they need to create visually enhanced, 3-D enabled Internet sites. These tools, unleashed by a new generation of Web browsers that allow seamless integration of VRML into traditional HTML sites, deliver impressive graphics and interfaces that can be used to create a variety of exciting Web content, including interactive advertising, 3-D visualized data and virtual reality applications. Unlike animated GIFs and dynamic HTML, VRML offers a new level of interactivity that truly brings Web sites to life. By creating content with V-Realm Builder, companies can greatly enhance their investment in the Internet and give their Web sites a competitive edge.

Contacting Ligos

For more information on Ligos and its products, contact the company toll-free at (888) GO4-VRML or via e-mail at . Complete details may also be found at the company's Web site at .

About Ligos Technology

Ligos Technology was recently formed to bring new advances in multimedia technology to both PCs and the Internet. Its innovations have led to powerful new software tools for Web-based 3-D authoring using VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). The company's newest product is LSX-MPEG Encoder, the industry's first software encoder to provide video compression for both MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video. These cutting-edge multimedia tools help Web developers dramatically enhance the creation and delivery of information on the Internet. Headquartered in San Francisco, Ligos is a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrated Data Systems of Savannah, Ga. -0-

Note: Product photography available upon request. For press review copies of V-Realm Builder 2.0 contact Steve Sylvia in San Francisco at (415) 928-8295 or .

V-Realm is a trademark of Ligos Technology. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective companies.

CONTACT: Sylvia Communic@tions

Steve Sylvia, 415/928-8295

Nancy Reuscher, 415/331-7218


Ligos Technology

Kristan Ruona, 415/437-6137
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 3, 1997
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