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Lightweight lattice doors mask the carport.

Grids of lattice suspended in simple 2-by-4 frames make handsome sliding doors that mask the front of a 20-foot-wide carport. The two lightweight doors provide a sense of security and hide the carport's dark recesses and household clutter. The doors roll on hardware for sliding closet doors. The aluminum track mounts to the beam that spans the carport's opening; the rollers screw to the top 2-by-4 of the door frames. Two 1-by-8s hide the hardware from view.

The carport is 8 feet high, but--to give a sense of depth--the door panels are only 6-1/2 feet; they're also the same height as the arched courtyard entry gate. Lap joints strengthen the framework. Lengths of quarter-round molding hold the lattice panels in place.

Seattle landscape architect Thomas L. Berger designed the remodel for owners Christina and James Lockwood.
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Date:Nov 1, 1985
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