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Lightweight, portable helium leak detector.

The Adixen ASM 310 helium leak detector weighs only 46 lbs with a small footprint of <140 sq in. The unit can be easily moved while in operation because of its unique low-rotational-speed hybrid turbo pump, which delivers high cross over, as well as fast helium recovery. This is crucial when leak-testing large systems and for locating both large and small leaks. The <[5E.sup.-10]-mbar low base pressure at the analyzer cell guarantees low helium background. The combination of low base pressure and the yttrium-coated iridium filament technology offers a 3-year maintenance-free analyzer cell. High sensitivity ([5E.sup.-12] Atm. ccsec) and high helium stability make the detector a maintenance tool that can be used with all different types of pumping systems, dry or wet, for any application. The oil-free and clean, dry pumping system makes the device suited for leak test maintenance of dry systems that cannot tolerate any contamination. Applications include semiconductor process chambers, a solar panel manufacturing process chambers and medical process chambers. Alcatel Vacuum Products, Inc., 781-331-4200


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Title Annotation:Instrumentation & Equipment
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Jun 1, 2009
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