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Lighting the way this Summer!! Outdoor Lighting with lighting guru Paul Hill In Association with OCEAN LIGHTING.

Byline: Paul Hill

In this addition of the Homemaker Paul from Ocean Lighting in Middlesbrough has some tips to consider when lighting up your outdoor space - so you end up with a beautifully lit garden this summer.

Garden lighting can be difficult to get right with so many different options and styles of lights so I believe it best to keep things simple. Look at the outdoor space you have and follow our basic lighting layout advice, after choosing the fittings you find most attractive. Think of the areas where there will be most activity. Think of any seating or dining areas that would benefit from being well illuminated. Consider your favourite aspects that would benefit from the addition of garden lighting, inc. water features, sculptures, planted borders and plants, hedges, trees, pathways, steps, terrace and decking areas. You may want to place a good light source near gateways, parking areas or garage doors this is great for both security and practicality. LED Lighting provides great light output these days to illuminate gardens and create good ambience and mood light effects with minimal energy usage.

Garden lights are suitable for installation in both existing and new-build or renovated gardens, so consider cable routes and options of fittings to get the right look at the right cost.

It's always nice to have a mixture of garden light fittings at varying heights within your garden to achieve varying textures and lighting effects when viewed from different areas within the house and garden. Sometime uplighting is ideal where the light "looks up" at medium height trees or bushes, however sometimes the best choice is a medium height light fitting "looking down" over low level attractive plants and foliage.

What to avoid - Think about how you might view your garden lighting from inside your home too - Looking out on a beautifully illuminated garden in the evening can be a real pleasure - but make sure the lighting is directed away from you - the last thing you want is any strong light glare that will spoil the look.

For further outdoor lighting advice pop into Ocean Lighting in Middlesbrough and the team will be happy to help.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jun 29, 2017
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