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Light-winged Dryad of the Trees Succotash.

Light-winged Dryad of the Trees Succotash


   One small immortal bird (a nightingale will do)
   A cup of red wine, laced with Provencal Song
   A cup of white wine tasting of Flora
   Pastoral eglantine (a pint?)
   Petals of musk rose
   Alien Corn
   Lima Beans
   Handful of murmuring flies


Cook corn kernels and lima beans in two cups of water until
something resembling mush stirs, or is stirred, in the pot. Drop
in the nightingale and wine. (Be sure to taste the wine first, until
your mouth becomes purple-stained). While the delicious but
bony bird is pouring forth its soul in some ecstasy or other, add
eglantine and musk rose to taste. Garnish with murmuring flies.
Place on the sill of a charmed magic casement until cool.
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Author:Phillips, Louis
Publication:Atlanta Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2010
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