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Light sources mount directly to microscope.

The KL 200 LED Series cold light engine and EasyLED Ringlight plus stereo microscopy lamp provide high-performance illumination for biological lab applications. Both low-energy-consuming lights include integrated controllers and can be mounted directly to the microscope, saving space and allowing ergonomic operation because all levers are part of the microscope stand. Users do not need to remove their eyes from the eyepieces while working. The fiber optic KL 200 contains an LED light engine brighter than a 20-W halogen bulb, uses 80% less energy and eliminates the need for bulb replacement. In addition, it offers a neutral 5300-K white light and a separate on/off switch. The EasyLED Ringlight Plus features 48 high-brightness neutral white 5600-K LEDs and a "jog dial" wheel for intuitive operation. The ring-lights can be directly attached to lenses and operate over a 50- to 130-mm range of working distances. Segment-able ring-lights can emulate various fiber optic geometries such as continuous ring, double gooseneck, and line lights. Schott North America, Inc. www., 914-831-2200


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Title Annotation:PRODUCT NEWS
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Oct 1, 2008
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