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NCF calls for reduction of light pollution to conserve migratory birds. May 19, 2022 703
Light pollution threatens birds in cities. May 14, 2022 463
Dim the lights for birds at night. May 13, 2022 738
Eta Aquariids meteor shower 2022: When it will be visible and the best places to see it without light pollution; There are a couple of places the National Trust recommends in London and the South East to catch the shower. By, Alicia Curry May 6, 2022 491
Loch up to sky and stargaze. May 4, 2022 194
Dark skies should be conserved as precious natural resource: experts. May 1, 2022 339
GOOD HEAVENS; N.Wales spots among stargazers' favourites. ANNIE OWEN Daily Post Reporter Apr 30, 2022 416
Dark skies should be conserved as precious natural resource: Experts. Apr 29, 2022 394
Dark skies should be conserved as precious natural resource: Experts. Apr 29, 2022 388
Dark skies should be conserved as precious natural resource: Experts. Apr 29, 2022 394
Millionaires told they can't rebuild £4m mansion as light will be 'too bright'; Locals living on Beaulieu River were furious at the couple's plans to build a £4m home with a 'very large' amount of artificial external lights due to the risk of light pollution. By, Milo Boyd Apr 16, 2022 788
Massive London orb the size of Big Ben approved despite fears it could 'blind train drivers'; Campaigners against the huge music venue said it would 'create light pollution for residents'. By, Alastair Lockhart Mar 23, 2022 509
'Absolutely bonkers' to leave outdoors lights on all night. PIERS MEYLER Local democracy reporter @meyler123 Mar 16, 2022 533
The 7 beautiful spots in London where you can go stargazing; Even central London has its dedicated stargazers. By, Erica Buist Mar 14, 2022 599
Dartmoor singled out as top spot for seeing stars. Mar 3, 2022 245
Countryfile sensation 'secret' television star. ANDREW FORGRAVE Feb 22, 2022 822
Answer to Reading's mysterious 'breathtaking' orange glow: 'It stopped me in my tracks'; Some people on Facebook speculated it could have been caused by light pollution or even a fire. By, Lily Morl Jan 31, 2022 349
Astrophotography Cambodia debuts local stars at show. Jan 21, 2022 1570
Noctcaelador in the Anthropocene Age. Lobay, Douglas Dec 1, 2021 2465
DOST launches 3 innovation hubs to support UN's 'sustainable cities and communities' target in PH. Nov 8, 2021 684
Stargazing: a role for astro-tourism in Cyprus. Annette Chrysostomou Oct 4, 2021 742
Fight against light pollution. Myriam Patricia Lopez Yanez Oct 4, 2021 838
Fellow Designation. Aug 1, 2021 367
The Association between Outdoor Artificial Light at Night and Breast Cancer Risk in Black and White Women in the Southern Community Cohort Study. Xiao, Qian; Gierach, Gretchen L.; Bauer, Cici; Blot, William J.; James, Peter; Jones, Rena R. Report Aug 1, 2021 3077
The More Things Don't Change: The more they stay the same. Baker, Alex Jul 1, 2021 1131
Fascinating new map shows dark skies of Wales - away from towns. Apr 30, 2021 170
The briefs. Apr 21, 2021 701
Stars count shows drop in light pollution in lockdown. Apr 7, 2021 237
Nationwide star count finds 'stellar' changes as lockdown clears skies. LIZA RADLEY Apr 6, 2021 521
Nationwide star count finds 'stellar' changes as lockdown clears skies. LIZA RADLEY Apr 6, 2021 521
Wales is leading way for dark skies. Apr 3, 2021 159
Nighttime light, poor birth health linked. Warnick, Aaron Apr 1, 2021 216
Changing Our Vocabulary: Negative descriptors can hinder our embrace of darkness. Slade, Jane Mar 1, 2021 1125
'Unnecessary' blue light at top of new Reading flats to be switched off after complaints; Critics said the blue glow causes light pollution, that could affect neighbours and nearby wildlife. By, Tevye Markson Feb 20, 2021 528
Budding scientists urged to look up at our night skies; Annual count to study light pollution and help map the best places to enjoy beauty of the stars. HEATHER LARGE Feb 10, 2021 781
Budding scientists urged to look up at our night skies; Annual count to study light pollution and help map the best places to enjoy beauty of the stars. HEATHER LARGE Feb 10, 2021 781
Citizen scientists have stars in their eyes. Feb 8, 2021 178
Light fantastic task for 'citizen scientists'. Feb 6, 2021 171
Out for the count. Feb 6, 2021 224
Stargazers needed for survey. TONY HENDERSON @Hendrover Feb 6, 2021 724
All eyes are on the skies! TONY HENDERSON @hendrover Feb 6, 2021 540
Another Sky-Glow Culprit: The trouble with tilted outdoor lighting. Miller, Naomi J.; Grather, Michael Feb 1, 2021 1808
Twinkle little star. Jan 20, 2021 1138
Twinkle little star. Jan 19, 2021 548
Punching above our extra-terrestrial weight: Marcal Sanmarti discusses New Zealand's response to the new space race. Jan 1, 2021 2894
Distillery plans approved; Whisky: Tasting lodge and bothy get go ahead. SEAN MCANGUS Sep 26, 2020 406
Increasing artificial light pollution. Attah Azad Nodizi - Turbat Sep 21, 2020 318
Species at risk as light pollution a threat to their environment; The increase in light pollution infiltrating our night skies could jeopardise the future of species across the globe, argue academics Stuart Jenkins, Svenja Tidau and Daniela Torres Diaz. Aug 12, 2020 794
Moving in the Dark--Evidence for an Influence of Artificial Light at Night on the Movement Behaviour of European Hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus). Berger, Anne; Lozano, Briseida; Barthel, Leon M.F.; Schubert, Nadine Aug 1, 2020 8872
See the sky like our ancestors saw it in Poloniny. Jul 28, 2020 382
Nature Leads the Way: What if we reordered the design process? Slade, Jane Jun 1, 2020 1650
IES and IDA Join Forces. Jun 1, 2020 198
The power of the dark side; With fascinating landforms and minimal light pollution, these are some of Scotland's best destinations for astronomical wow-moments on a staycation this summer, says Vicky Lissaman. Vicky Lissaman May 30, 2020 186
Starry nights are ruined for some. PIPPA ARMSTRONG newsdesk@mnamedia.couk May 28, 2020 372
Starry nights are ruined for some. PIPPA ARMSTRONG newsdesk@mnamedia.couk May 28, 2020 372
Light pollution still blocks view of stars, say campaigners. May 28, 2020 204
THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE; TRAVEL With fascinating landforms and minimal light pollution, these are some of Britain's best destinations for astronomical wow-moments on a staycation this summer, says Vicky Lissaman. Vicky Lissaman May 23, 2020 1108
THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE; TRAVELWith fascinating landforms and minimal light pollution, these are some of Britain's best destinations for astronomical wow-moments on a staycation this summer, says Vicky Lissaman. Vicky Lissaman May 23, 2020 1108
Classification of Continuous Sky Brightness Data Using Random Forest. Priyatikanto, Rhorom; Mayangsari, Lidia; Prihandoko, Rudi A.; Admiranto, Agustinus G. Apr 30, 2020 6897
Starry eyed; As a fall in light pollution reveals night sky's glory, here's our guide. KEIR MUDIE Apr 11, 2020 1155
Starry eyed; As a fall in light pollution reveals night sky's glory, here's our guide. KEIR MUDIE Apr 11, 2020 1170
TRSDC to develop largest Dark Sky Reserve in Saudi Arabia. Mar 2, 2020 674
TRSDC appoints Cundall to develop lighting strategy for Dark Sky Reserve at The Red Sea Project. Gavin Davids Mar 2, 2020 780
TRSDC awards contract to Cundall to reduce light pollution at site. Ashley Williams Mar 2, 2020 230
Starry starry night; There's nothing like looking up at a night sky sparkling with stars, so countryside charity CPRE is inviting you to do that and take part in an easy Star Count. WORDS: RREBECCA MORTEN Feb 16, 2020 461
Too much light means dark days for firefly. Feb 4, 2020 171
Illumination or light pollution? McGlone, Mary M. Jan 24, 2020 831
Residents kick off over football club's expansion; NOISE AND LIGHT POLLUTION 'EXTREMELY DISRUPTIVE' ... BUT PLANS SET TO GO AHEAD. GEORGE MORGAN Local Democracy Reporter @GMORG01 Jan 18, 2020 511
Honest Disguise: Lauren Concrete leaves no good neighbor plant design criteria to chance, from acoustic and architectural factors to water volume and wind pattern measurement. Marsh, Don Cover story Jan 1, 2020 1912
Keeping skies dark at night. STUART MINTING Local democracy reporter Dec 12, 2019 578
Scientists Make Shocking Revelation How Light Pollution Causes Insect Apocalypse. Snow Digon Nov 26, 2019 356
UK stargazing experiences: Best Surrey and Hampshire places to see the stars and planets; Dark Sky status has been given to a number of spots in the South East while there are other places ideal for seeing the universe. Dave Comeau Nov 2, 2019 1386
Rader Lane & Rose Masters: 2019 National Freeman Tilden Award Winners! Nov 1, 2019 509
Scientist Suggests Using Light Pollution To Search For Alien Life. Aug 26, 2019 368
Pub beer garden improvements given go-ahead despite objection letters from residents; Residents living nearby complained that the plans would lead to noise disturbances and light pollution. Aug 2, 2019 734
LED-lighting the way by 2020. Jul 28, 2019 721
School pitch plan is given green light; NEW SPORTS GROUND APPROVED DESPITE RESIDENTS' OBJECTIONS. Jul 5, 2019 413
Light at night harmful for amphibians. Jun 2, 2019 348
Shedding Some Light in the Dark--A Comparison of Personal Measurements with Satellite-Based Estimates of Exposure to Light at Night among Children in the Netherlands. Huss, Anke; van Wei, Luuk; Bogaards, Lily; Vrijkotte, Tanja; Wolf, Luzian; Hoek, Gerard; Vermeulen, Report Jun 1, 2019 8864
Lights get the nod to shine on. Apr 26, 2019 119
Brits urged to count the stars in bid to measure light pollution levels; Star Count 2019 aims to assess how bad light pollution is across the UK and anyone can help. Feb 1, 2019 443
Dark skies bring stellar PS25m. Dec 17, 2018 560
Getting the Best from Your Backyard: Imaging from a suburban backyard can be rewarding, even under light-polluted skies. Talbot, Jonathan Dec 1, 2018 2271
Light pollution not right for arboretum. Nov 19, 2018 261
Dip don't dazzle for darker skies. Oct 4, 2018 690
Dip your lighting to protect our dark skies; home and business owners urged to stop using led floodlights. Oct 4, 2018 680
Red lights at night hazardous to migratory bats. Aug 27, 2018 602
Space Race. Aug 15, 2018 606
Warrenville project moves closer to reality Closer: Residents fear noise, traffic, light pollution. Aug 7, 2018 549
BRICKBATS. Oliver, Charles Jul 1, 2018 549
The sky at night; Our ultimate stargazing guide will help you to fully appreciate the stars in our solar system, where and when to see them and what equipment to take with you. Jun 20, 2018 1528
Light Pollution Causing Insect Populations To Decline. Jun 20, 2018 560
A Journey to the Dark Site of the Earth: Down Under offered these observers their best views of some dramatic, deep-sky sights. Stare, Jurij; Zembaty, Zbigniew May 1, 2018 2294
Hunter's Zoom Finder: This innovative design solves several problems at once. Oltion, Jerry May 1, 2018 798
Light pollution under the spotlight. Mar 30, 2018 886
Start at Home. Palmer, David Letter to the editor Mar 22, 2018 106
Slovak physicists make the most significant contribution to the topic of light pollution, scientists said. Mar 18, 2018 396
The Lost LED Revolution. Hattenbach, Jan Mar 1, 2018 542
Reducing light pollution could save OMR1m. Feb 21, 2018 413
Why wasn't Sileby Town application heard in public? Letters. Feb 14, 2018 394
Hong Kong: Pollution By Light! Feb 5, 2018 582
Oman's first satellite to be launched next year. Jan 15, 2018 366
Dark side of light. Nov 27, 2017 981
The Flip Side Of Using LED Lights. Nov 23, 2017 614
Artificial lights are eating away at dark nights -- and that's not a good thing. Nov 23, 2017 981
The future looks bright: light pollution rises on global scale. Nov 22, 2017 464
Briqht-Sky imaging: there are plenty of things to shoot under moonlit and urban skies. Brecher, Ron Nov 1, 2017 1912
Curmudgeon's Corner: Light at Night and Breast Cancer Risk. Schor, Jacob; Wright, Heather Nov 1, 2017 2553
ECHOES. Brief article Nov 1, 2017 238
Nocturnal pollinators go dark under street lamps. Aug 29, 2017 649
New light pollution atlas. Aceves, Ana V. Oct 1, 2016 433
The backyard sky: fall: say goodbye to summer with these seasonal sights. Mollise, Rod Oct 1, 2016 1972
Evluma AreaMax LED Luminaire Receives IDA Seal of Approval. Aug 10, 2016 455
Lebanon's astrophotographers chase stars in the deep reaches of space. Jul 23, 2016 893
Atlas reveals where light pollution masks Milky Way. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Jul 9, 2016 218
We're right on the map for darkness. Jun 15, 2016 583
The (Not So) Dark Night. Jun 12, 2016 526
Light pollution prevents 1 in 3 people from seeing the Milky Way at night. Jun 11, 2016 600
Thunderstones Launches in the iTunes App Store. May 13, 2016 242
Spring flings: Sunset editors share what they pack for trips around the world. May 1, 2016 478
Light it up! Apr 12, 2016 640
Choosing a camera for astrophotography: the question isn't which is best, but which is best for your goals. Wright, Richard S., Jr. Apr 1, 2016 2493
How to capture the night sky on camera. Mar 12, 2016 518
West Texas Drillers Asked to Cut Light Pollution. Feb 17, 2016 504
Star light, star blight. Shultz, Jennifer Feb 1, 2016 344
Red rocks, dark skies. Jan 1, 2016 115
The future of roadway lighting: researchers studying the role of illumination in traffic safety make the case for adaptive control systems. Gibbons, Ronald; Cheung, Joseph; Lutkevich, Paul Nov 1, 2015 4030
Circadian Lighting for Health. Panda, Satchidananda; Marks, Frederick Column Nov 1, 2015 1954
Turn off the lights and bring back the night sky. Sep 29, 2015 747
Surveying Skyglow: satellite images don't tell the whole story--measurements by amateur astronomers are needed. Hattenbach, Jan May 1, 2015 2737
Light pollution clogs marinas with worms; N.WALES SCIENTISTS FIND LINK TO OVER-BREEDING CAUSING FOULING. Apr 29, 2015 340
Public air views in 'master plan' for Gower. Apr 15, 2015 471
Sky's the limit for spectacular photos; Stargazing. Mar 21, 2015 471
Bill to reduce light pollution signed into law. Jan 28, 2015 396
Restaurant at centre of light pollution row shuts. Jan 23, 2015 486
Holystone restaurant that was at the centre of light pollution row closes; A restaurant at Holystone which angered residents by causing light pollution and operating without planning permission has closed. Jan 22, 2015 452
Lights out, America! We need new strategies to bring back the night. Guzauskas, Bob; Henshaw, Colin Jan 1, 2015 553
Spatiotemporal patterns of outdoor artificial nighttime lights exposure in the Republic of Korea between 1995 and 2010. Kim, Minho; Choi, Jinmu Jan 1, 2015 5475
Licking light pollution: you can light your home safely, save energy, and help save the stars. Beatty, J. Kelly Jan 1, 2015 1645
A star walk for everyone: this project aims to protect the night sky by turning people's eyes to the stars. Mrazek, Karoline; Matys, Erwin Nov 1, 2014 1292
The night sky: a wilderness obscured. Scott, Doug Sep 22, 2014 752
What to know about light pollution: identify the types, causes, and remedies of this phenomenon. Curtland, Chris Sep 1, 2014 706
The miscellaneous ramblings of a weary traveler. Horner, Bob Sep 1, 2014 936
Pretoria centre reaches out. Olivier, Bosman Brief article Aug 1, 2014 312
Rosenthal upbeat about turning down New York City lights. Jul 16, 2014 314
Cities from space: images taken from space can tell us a lot about light pollution. Kardel, Scott Jul 1, 2014 437
Provide safe, attractive properties with exterior lighting and controls: whether architectural or security lighting, these systems can provide visual oomph and a safety boost. Curtland, Chris Apr 1, 2014 2116
Star survey is counting on YOU; Campaigners in plea to city stargazers for cosmic census. Feb 27, 2014 394
Measurements of light pollution in the south unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Decker, Michelle; Brevik, Corrine Brief article Jan 1, 2014 296
Let there be dark: civilization's glare does more than interfere with stargazing; scientists have found that light pollution harms the environment, wildlife, and even human health. Wianecki, Shannon Dec 15, 2013 823
Elan Valley reaches for the stars in a bid to get Dark Sky Park status. Dec 3, 2013 498
Another step towards a darker night sky. Mizon, Bob Oct 1, 2013 502
Light pollution hazard to ecology and human health. Sep 26, 2013 200
Lights out! Too many bulbs actually put us in the dark. Pathberiya, Semini Sep 1, 2013 1461
Because the night without stars we lose perspective. Thacker, Rob Sep 1, 2013 640
A dark sky survey in Wales. Griffiths, Martin Aug 1, 2013 2702
75, 50 & 25 years ago. Sinnott, Roger W. Jun 1, 2013 363
Light pollution--a new threshold. Mizon, Bob; Bryant, Graham Jun 1, 2013 1404
Let there be dark. Wianecki, Shannon May 1, 2013 813
Stargazers get better view on this side of the border. Apr 8, 2013 720
Stargazing; Dark Skies are a bright idea for a wealth of reasons. Apr 6, 2013 527
Dark Skies are a bright idea for a wealth of reasons; Stargazing. Apr 6, 2013 530
And incredible bright: ... and blotted out the night sky. Haworth, Holly Mar 22, 2013 987
Move to join the dark side; PAUL TULLY sheds light on a bid to give an area of Northumberland "Dark Sky" status. Feb 27, 2013 1530
State legislatures have been busy: individual states pursuing different outdoor lighting regulations can pose a dilemma for the industry. Horner, Bob Jan 1, 2013 1028
Stargazing near cities: better than you think: from the darkest desert to the brightest city, the stars belong to everyone. You can see more celestial wonders from urban and suburban settings than most people imagine. But it helps to know some astronomical tricks and techniques. Flanders, Tony Jan 1, 2013 3574
Winter: using our chart here, start your deep-sky hunting! Flanders, Tony Jan 1, 2013 1038
Spring: galaxies and double stars mark spring skies. Flanders, Tony Jan 1, 2013 989
Visitor evaluation of night sky interpretation in Bryce Canyon National Park and Cedar Breaks National Monument. Mace, Britton L.; McDaniel, Jocelyn Report Jan 1, 2013 10525
'Nighttime' Earth images reveal global light pollution problem. Dec 7, 2012 335
Roman fort's lights 'damage landscape' Government inspector demands museum replace car park's lamps. Oct 16, 2012 544
Light pollution index (LPI): an integrated approach to study light pollution with street lighting and facade lighting. Saraiji, Riad; Oommen, M. Saju Report Oct 1, 2012 5419
'Light pollution: penetrating the veil'. Livesey, Ron Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2012 315
Dear EarthTalk: Has anyone calculated the energy wasted at night by unnecessary lighting in and around buildings? Aug 12, 2012 617
Fade to black: as the years go by, LED streetlights may conjure up memories of a summer sky gently transitioning to night. But is that a good thing? Oty, Craig Aug 1, 2012 1020
Bright Lights, Big Problem: How Light Pollution Harms Astronomers, The Environment And People. Jul 5, 2012 765
UV radiation as an attractor for insects. Barghini, Alessandro; de Medeiros, Bruno Augusto Souza Report Jul 1, 2012 4212
Light pollution and planning controls--a CfDS conference at Leicester DMU. Mizon, Bob Conference news Jun 1, 2012 1070
The road ahead: an in-depth survey of more than 200 California cities reveals the direction that streetlight upgrades will likely take in that state. Cunningham, Kelly; Siminovitch, Michael Apr 14, 2012 1571
We're deprived of starry nights; Campaigners say light pollution is worsening. Apr 10, 2012 433
Concerns over night skies; LIGHTING. Apr 10, 2012 205
Second chance for star-counting experiment. Feb 18, 2012 241
IS LIGHT POLLUTION BLOCKING OUT STARS? Survey aims to answer big question. Jan 26, 2012 432
Stargazing survey to assess light pollution. Jan 25, 2012 216
brught idea to counts stars is part of fight against light pollution; Help is needed from all. Jan 17, 2012 554
August: riches of the summer Milky Way: to people living in light-polluted cities and towns, the unspoiled wilderness sky is a revelation. Jan 1, 2012 564
The battle to control light pollution: there's never been a better time than now to make the case for preserving the night sky. Parks, Bob Sep 1, 2011 2604
Light pollution's medical effects: excessive light is a problem for everyone, not just amateur astronomers. Motta, Mario Column Sep 1, 2011 526
Light pollution: plus ca change? Shears, Jeremy Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2011 737
STAR QUALITY SADLY LACKING; Light pollution is blocking out the night sky. May 12, 2011 427
Outshining the stars: excessive night lighting has some communities laying down the law. Madren, Carrie May 1, 2011 771
Lights at night worsen smog. Apr 1, 2011 325
8 eight track players: the 35 LIGHTFAIR seminars represent eight educational tracks. A sampling of speakers offer a preview of their sessions. Apr 1, 2011 4399
Study finds amplification of light pollution by clouds is large. Clinical report Mar 4, 2011 302
Clouds Amplify Ecological Light Pollution. Mar 4, 2011 359
CfDS award for sugar processing plant. Mizon, Bob Brief article Feb 1, 2011 176
Join the CfDS and CPRE in Orion Star Count Week. Feb 1, 2011 357
Bright lights, big pity; Victoria Farncombe looks at a campaign to fight light pollution. Jan 13, 2011 557
Star count to tackle light pollution. Jan 5, 2011 270
August: riches of the summer Milky Way: if you normally live under light pollution, an unspoiled natural sky will be a revelation. Jan 1, 2011 542
Dark sky. Jan 1, 2011 603
Excess light at night can contribute to air pollution: Study. Dec 16, 2010 272
Brighter isn't better: why the LEED credit for light pollution reduction should be on your list. Morton, Jennie Dec 1, 2010 683
Light at night and breast cancer risk worldwide. Spivey, Angela Dec 1, 2010 1161
Night vision. Ketcham, Christopher Sep 22, 2010 1931
Light pollution screws up songbirds' sex lives. Sep 17, 2010 389
Light pollution: apathy and action. Motta, Mario Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2010 279
Saving the night sky: light pollution is worse than ever, but a new mindset and new technology are poised to slow--and perhaps reverse--this bane of astronomy. Beatty, J. Kelly Cover story May 1, 2010 2429
Our light or starlight? Children can play key roles in raising awareness about light pollution. Walker, Constance E. Essay May 1, 2010 641
Plea to cut light pollution to improve the night sky. Apr 14, 2010 224
Starry, starry night - let's turn off the light. Apr 1, 2010 569
It must be a landscape where the beauty of the starlit sky can still be enjoyed and appreciated; An initiative to minimise light pollution at night. Mar 31, 2010 643
Fading fast. Minard, Anne Brief article Mar 22, 2010 256
Starry refuges. Mar 22, 2010 456
Shedding light. Brief article Mar 22, 2010 250
A call to action. Mar 22, 2010 623
Led watch. Brodrick, James Feb 1, 2010 983
Dark sky. Jan 1, 2010 589
Protect night skies plead stargazers; Light pollution is blotting out our views of the stars. Dec 26, 2009 605
Lights plan victory for tennis club. Dec 26, 2009 155
Night lights: too much of a good thing? Rozell, Daniel J. Dec 1, 2009 1491
Anchorage LED retrofits shine: new lights save energy, money, salmon and health. Bohi, Heidi Aug 1, 2009 1497
Highway in the heavens: do you see the summer Milky Way as a river or a bridge? Schaaf, Fred Jul 1, 2009 578
3 Modelling light pollution for sky-luminance reduction based lighting standards. Baddiley, Chris Jun 1, 2009 467
The BAA campaign for dark skies: twenty years on: a special report. Mizon, Bob Jun 1, 2009 2241
Sky lights. Crane, Cody Brief article May 11, 2009 131
Science news. May 11, 2009 458
One man's battle against light pollution. Naeye, Robert May 1, 2009 390
Now, count the stars to measure light pollution. Mar 21, 2009 283
The best of March: many of the night sky's greatest spectacles are on display this month. Schaaf, Fred Mar 1, 2009 603
Living with light pollution: don't let city lights squelch your love of stargazing. Flanders, Tony Feb 1, 2009 2494
Light pollution campaign in Betty's Bay pays off. Dec 1, 2008 959
Improving your DSLR photos: proper exposure and careful calibration are keys to great astrophotos. Lodriguss, Jerry Oct 1, 2008 2107
Lights out! There are many ways to advocate for dark skies. Fienberg, Richard Tresch Mar 1, 2008 399
Lunar "light pollution". Flanders, Tony Brief article Mar 1, 2008 194
No laughing matter: do you think light pollution is funny? Fienberg, Richard Tresch Nov 1, 2007 389
Dark sky Gemini. LeShane, Kevin Brief article Oct 29, 2007 203
Count light pollution out: equipped with nothing more than their eyes, stargazers around the world are using organized star counts to assess light pollution. Schaaf, Fred Apr 1, 2007 1699
Save money, see more stars. Schaaf, Fred Feb 1, 2007 374
The GLOBE at Night. Schaaf, Fred Brief article Dec 1, 2006 211
Light-pollution notes. Schaaf, Fred Brief article Oct 1, 2006 209
Light-pollution notes. Schaaf, Fred Brief article Jul 1, 2006 212
Light-pollution notes. Schaaf, Fred Brief article May 1, 2006 208
Light all night: new images quantify a nocturnal pollutant. Harder, Ben Mar 18, 2006 1271
Death of a streetlight: sometimes the only good light is a burned-out one. Lehman, Dale E. Column Feb 1, 2006 730
Dimming the lights. Burrall, Paul Brief article Jan 1, 2006 326
Light-pollution notes. Schaaf, Fred Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 230
Restoring the darkness of the night sky. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 137
A lowcountry light pollution assessment conducted by public volunteers. Richards, Dana Brief article Jan 1, 2005 269
Results of a lowcountry light pollution assessment conducted by public volunteers. Richards, Dana; Richardson, Terry R. Brief article Jan 1, 2005 225
Star light, star bright. Brief Article May 1, 2004 155
111 deep-sky wonders for light-polluted skies. Mullaney, James Apr 1, 2003 4121
The Light Pollution Fight Goes Mainstream. Poulsen, Tim Feb 1, 2003 716
Bright Lights, Big Problems. Thessin, Rachel; Beatty, J. Kelly Dec 1, 2002 3126
How I Beat Light Pollution in My Hometown. Crelin, Bob Dec 1, 2002 1759
A builder and a healer. Levy, David H. Nov 1, 2002 1284
Dark days for dark nights. Fienberg, Richard Editorial Nov 1, 2002 456
Shedding some light on security: outdoor lighting isn't just smart -- it's safe. Madsen, Jana J. Aug 1, 2002 1238
Hear birds, see stars: most urban areas are overwhelmed by the noise and light of human sensory pollution. Lundholm, Jeremy Directory Jun 22, 2002 1562
InFocus: Lighting; A new kind of pollution; Light. (Tools of the Trade). Madsen, Jana J. Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 784
Light pollution: its effect on observational astronomy at the College of Charleston. Andrews, Katherine; Dukes, Robert J. Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 127
The forgotten pollutant: light. Dukes, Robert J.; Andrews, Katherine E. Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 184
A world awash in light. Beatty, J. Kelly Dec 1, 2001 278
Chicago's controversial ray of light. Aguirre, Edwin L.; Tytell, David Dec 1, 2001 332
Starlight, but skies are too bright. (green gazette). Schaaf, Fred; Cavanah, Sarah Beth Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 485
Light-pollution notes: lighting and crime, Part 1. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 180
Canuck light dispute may fall Colossus. Townson, Don Brief Article Sep 11, 2000 212
LIGHT CONTROL MINIMIZES LIGHT TRESPASS, ASSURES Quality Illumination. Yeager, Ray Sep 1, 2000 1309
Agency Begins Light Pollution Monitoring. Updike, William A. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 536
Darker Skies for the D.C. Area. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 275
Measuring Sky Brightness. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 165
The Radical Amateur. Levy, David H. Brief Article May 1, 2000 966
Take Back the Night. Reese, April Brief Article May 1, 2000 989
New England Light-Pollution Crusaders Meet. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 145
More Light-Pollution Breakthroughs. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 182
Light-Pollution Notes: IDA Breakthroughs. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 186
You, Your Weather, and Your Skies : By matching your targets to your sky, you can have an enjoyable night of observing more often than you think. Gross, Todd Jan 1, 2000 1835
Light-Pollution Triumphs and Heartbreak. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 178
Vermont Prison Passes Vote Again. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 183
No Time for Timidity. ROBINSON, LEIF J. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 470
A Victory for Dark Skies. Brief Article Apr 1, 1999 505
Let's Save Our Dark Sky. Crawford, David L. Feb 1, 1999 1817
In search of darkness. Goldman, Stuart J. Sep 1, 1998 402
Dark nights are SAFE nights. O'Meara, Stephen James Sep 1, 1998 852
Astronomers and light pollution. Green, Daniel W.E. May 1, 1998 1321
Street light upgrades curb light pollution while saving money. May 1, 1998 666
Europe at night. Parker, Samantha Apr 1, 1998 337
Dark sky movement cuts light pollution from cities that never sleep. Preer, Robert Sep 29, 1997 829
The summer shore of eternity. Schaaf, Fred Jul 1, 1996 2247
Measuring the night sky. Burton, William C.; Gural, Peter S. Jun 1, 1996 1247
A timetable for better lighting. Hunter, Tim; Crawford, David Mar 1, 1995 1012
Bad lighting battled in New England. O'Meara, Stephen James Apr 1, 1994 1350
Street lighting program benefits residents and astronomers. Holder, Michael D. Apr 1, 1994 1656
Investing in dark skies. O'Meara, James Oct 1, 1993 837
1993 almanac for star gazers: prepare yourself for the best sky events of the year. Schaaf, Fred Dec 1, 1992 2741

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