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Light and Sweet.

I have a serious weak spot for rice pudding. Growing up in Chicago, where Greek diners are as ubiquitous as their menus are long, I often indulged in the dairy-filled confection. (To be honest, whenever life finds me at a diner, I still do.) Thick enough to cling to the spoon, dotted with jammy raisins, and topped with a cap of whipped cream and cinnamon it was perfect every timeambrosia served in an unassuming ceramic bowl.

Because I primarily ate rice pudding at these diners, the dish always felt more connected to my Midwestern roots rather than my Jewish heritage. But while researching dishes to include in The Jewish Cookbookmy forthcoming collection of global Jewish recipesI discovered that rice pudding has a definitive place in the Jewish kitchen, particularly within Sephardi cuisine.

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Author:Koenig, Leah
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Jun 4, 2019
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