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Lifting burns calories!

Tired of seeing your progeny lift nothing that doesn't have a microchip in it while they ignore your threats that slothfulness will lead to a Chris Farley physique? Well, now you have evidence to back your claims, thanks to researchers at Indiana State University in Terra Haute. They actually conducted an experiment to see if children who carried a 3-pound weighted cardboard block burned more calories and had higher breathing and heart rates! And lo and behold, they did. Dr. John C. Ozmun and a graduate student said their findings mean that weighted toys might someday be of benefit to children with cerebral palsy or Down syndrome. (Or maybe poorly defined deltoids? "Bobby, I know you can't even tie your shoes, but what the hey--here's a 5-lb. GI Joe!") After hearing that, baseball player Jose Canseco bet Pete Rose $100 that his 5-year-old could deadlift a bowling ball if he could take some "special vitamins" first.

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Publication:Family Practice News
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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