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Influence of Different Loads on Force-Time Characteristics during Back Squats. Kubo, Takafumi; Hirayama, Kuniaki; Nakamura, Nobuhiro; Higuchi, Mitsuru Report Dec 1, 2018 3995
Carry That Weight: How female dancers can learn to be lifters. Henderson, Garnet Aug 1, 2018 762
Relationships of physical performance tests to military-relevant tasks in women. Szivak, Tunde K.; Kraemer, William J.; Nindl, Bradley C.; Gotshalk, Lincoln A.; Volek, Jeff S.; Gome Report Apr 1, 2014 5057
Effects of upper extremity movements on sternal skin stress. Irion, Glenn L.; Gamble, Julie; Harmon, Cassie; Jones, Enoch; Vaccarella, Ashley Report Mar 22, 2013 4622
Mathematical modelling of biomechanical interactions between backpack and bearer during load carriage. Ren, Lei; Howard, David; Jones, Richard K. Report Jan 1, 2013 4712
GAC teamwork makes light work of heavy lift. Brief article Oct 5, 2010 176
My price for rushing liberty: 16 stitches. Pardee, Jeffrey Dec 22, 2007 932
Lifting burns calories! Bell, John R.; Kubetin, Sally Brief article Aug 1, 2006 144
Brief report: can contingent imitation reinforce truck lifting in a three-month-old infant? Cautilli, Joseph; Dziewolska, Halina Sep 22, 2005 1196
The size-weight illusion in team lifting. Naylor, Yoko K.; Amazeen, Eric L. Jun 22, 2004 4944
Effects of load and speed on lumbar vertebral kinematics during lifting motions. Zhang, Xudong; Xiong, Jinjun; Bishop, Angela M. Jun 22, 2003 6113
Lifting and carrying children with special needs: back injury prevention for parents. Cantu, Carolyn O. Aug 1, 2002 1731
Underused patient-lifting devices prevent injuries. (Avoid Musculoskeletal Injuries). Nugent, Tom Jun 1, 2002 370
The employee is #1 when it comes to safety. (Breaking News you should know). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 115
Modular Rucksack Helps Soldiers Tailor Load. (Tech Talk). Foster, Sharon Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 267
Mobility and Transfer Technology: Advances at Three Levels. (Feature Article). Fragala, Guy Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 637
Lift Tables Feature Powered Portability. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 126
The Effect of Handle Angle on MAWL, Wrist Posture, RPE, and Heart Rate. Wang, Mao-Jiun J.; Chung, Hsiu-Chen; Chen, Hsin-Chung Statistical Data Included Dec 22, 2000 5623
Implementing a Zero-Lift Program. McCLIMENT, JOANNE K. Nov 1, 2000 1048
Assessment of the Relationship between Box Weight and Trunk Kinematics: Does a Reduction in Box Weight Necessarily Correspond to a Decrease in Spinal Loading? Davis, Kermit G.; Marras, William S. Jun 22, 2000 6283
FREE CAT[R] LIFT TRUCK INFORMATION. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 717
Effect of Lifting Belts on Trunk Muscle Activation during a Suddenly Applied Load. Thomas, James S.; Lavender, Steven A.; Corcos, Daniel M.; Andersson, Gunnar B. J. Dec 1, 1999 4116
One man can lift a heavy carcass with a simple tripod. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 240
Regression Models for Predicting Peak and Continuous Three-Dimensional Spinal Loads during Symmetric and Asymmetric Lifting Tasks. Fathallah, Fadi A.; Marras, William S.; Parnianpour, Mohamad Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 1999 6927
"Ouch, My Aching Back, Again!". Iyer, Shruti R. Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 1999 515
The relationship between low back discomfort ratings and the NIOSH lifting index. Wang, Mao-Jiun J.; Garg, Arun; Chang, Yu-Cheng; Shih, Yuh-Chuan; Yeh, Wen-Yu; Lee, Cheng-Lung Sep 1, 1998 3135
Patient lift equipment: analyzing costs/benefits. Andres, Robert O. May 1, 1998 1261
Trunk muscle use during pulling tasks: effects of a lifting belt and footing conditions. Lavender, Steven A.; Chen, Sung-Hsiung; Li, Yi-Chun; Andersson, Gunnar B.J. Mar 1, 1998 6245
Effects of team size on the maximum weight bar lifting strength of military personnel. Sharp, Marilyn A.; Rice, Valerie J.; Nindle, Bradley C.; Williamson, Tania L. Sep 1, 1997 3933
Influence of lift moment in determining MAWL. Davis, Kermit G.; Kirking, Bryan C.; Gaudes, Laura L.; Yang, Jaehwan; Marras, William S. Jun 1, 1997 5527
Toward a quantitative definition of manual lifting postures. Burgess-Limerick, Robin; Abernethy, Bruce Mar 1, 1997 3467
An isometric predictor for maximum acceptable weight of lift for Chinese men. Lee, Yung-Hui; Chen, Yi-Lang Dec 1, 1996 3478
Moving heavy stuff. Collier, Ken Feb 1, 1996 1082
Effect of lifting belts, foot movement, and lift asymmetry on trunk motions. Lavender, Steven A.; Thomas, James S.; Andersson, Gunnar B.J.; Chang, Dennis Dec 1, 1995 4827
Effects of back support on intra-abdominal pressure and lumbar kinetics during heavy lifting. Woodhouse, Michael L. Sep 1, 1995 3705
Self-selected manual lifting technique: functional consequences of the interjoint coordination. Burgess-Limerick, Robin; Abernethy, Bruce; Neal, Robert J.; Kippers, Vaughan Jun 1, 1995 7992
Does the NIOSH lifting equation add up? Auguston, Karen Jun 1, 1995 1388
Spinal tap: understanding the mechanics of the spine is a smart way to avoid injury. Berenberg, Cathy Nov 1, 1994 968
Staff back injuries: expert guidelines for prevention. Bruck, Laura Jul 1, 1994 1556
Prevent back pain at work and home. Feb 1, 1994 245

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