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Lift-out process: high school.

The Art Problem

Synthesize the evolved styles of art history into artwork while obtaining an increased awareness of painting. Demonstrate a usable knowledge of painting media while simultaneously evaluating the selection of various media for an intended creative effort.


1. Make a small compositional study of your subject in pencil. Pay particular attention to the value (light and dark) that makes up the structure of your composition.

2. With a hard (2H-5H) pencil, draw the subject in outline on the canvas Include outlines of shadows and highlights. Go over this outline several times so that it is very distinct.

3. Paint the entire surface with burnt sienna oil paint. Paint as dark as possible but transparent enough to see the pencil drawing underneath If you are using commercial canvas, thin the burnt sienna with thinner only. If you have prepared the canvas yourself, thin the burnt sienna with equal amounts of thinner and linseed oil.

4. Wipe off the lights with a soft, lint-free rag, Q-tips, or your brush. Begin wiping the most brilliant whites, if you wipe too much, add more burnt sienna with a rag, your fingers, or whatever works for you. Develop the painting to a high degree of finish in the burnt sienna

5. NOTE: Class time may allow only partial glazing and lifting out. Work from the back to the front of the picture from the less important to the more important areas of the picture. This gives the student the opportunity to become familiar in the lift-out process.

Guiding Question

Are my values showing a range of light, middle, and dark?

ClipCard submitted by Joan Maresh, an art teacher at G.W. Carver High School for the Arts in Houston, Texas.
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