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Lifesaver's hair-raising race to rescue kayaker.

Byline: DAVID HUNTLEY @davey_huntley

AN RNLI lifesaver had to make a quick dash from the barber's chair mid-haircut to rescue a kayaker who had been thrown into the sea.

Cameron Bond, a helmsman at the Redcar station, had settled into the Turkish barber's chair and was nearly at the end of his trim when the alarm came to rescue a kayaker who had been thrown into the sea at Saltburn.

Cameron leapt from the chair with his haircut only partially complete and ran the short distance to the lifeboat station where he became part of the four-man crew sent to search for the kayaker.

As soon as the lifeboat returned from the rescue mission, Cameron helped refuel the lifeboat before heading back to the barber's chair to get his trim finished off.

Cameron said: "When my pager went off the barber was a bit puzzled.

"He didn't really understand what was happening when I said I had to go in a hurry.

"When I got back to the barbers, he asked me all about the rescue. He couldn't believe I was a volunteer and didn't get paid to rescue people."

The lifeboat was launched just before 9.45am on Saturday after the UK Coastguard received calls reporting a kayaker had been capsized from his craft off Saltburn, and was struggling to make it to safety.

When the lifeboat arrived at the scene the crew discovered that the man had been rescued by a nearby surfer and was safe and well ashore.

The kayaker waved to the crew to indicate where his drifting craft was. When the lifeboat arrived at the location they found that the surfer had paddled out on his board in an attempt to retrieve the lost craft.

Being approximately a mile off shore by this time, the surfer, his board and the kayak were taken on board the lifeboat and returned to the beach near the Ship Inn Saltburn.


Cameron Bond dashed out of the barber's chair to join his team

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Oct 30, 2017
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