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LifeDrive: first mobile manager has gigs of storage Tungsten E2: Bluetooth wireless & protected memory: two new products introduced by palmOne, Inc., this spring are sparking interest among educators who are looking for advanced capabilities to meet their needs in offices and classrooms.

VENTURING BEYOND ITS WELL-KNOWN focus on handhelds and smartphones, palmOne introduced the LifeDrive mobile manager, an innovative product designed to manage significant amounts of digital information. Building on the popularity of the Tungsten E handheld, palmOne also introduced the Tungsten E2, which gives teachers and students expanded capabilities in the classroom. "LifeDrive mobile manager comes at a time when school administrators are ready for more advanced devices that meet their growing mobile-computing needs," said Eric Johnson, general manager of education for palmOne.

"LifeDrive has the potential to empower individual educators, such as school administrators, as well as entire campuses by giving them access to incredible amounts of information--including documents, video, photos and music--and the tools to manage it efficiently and easily. In the classroom, the Tungsten E2 offers teachers and students a new way to communicate and collaborate, along with the security of knowing their data is safe even if the device loses its charge."

LifeDrive mobile manager: Productivity and multimedia

A fusion of productivity tools and multimedia capabilities, the LifeDrive mobile manager offers 4GB of hard-drive storage (3.85GB user available), a large 320x480 high-resolution color screen, and wireless access through built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b) and Bluetooth wireless technologies.

With LifeDrive's large storage capacity, K-12 educators and administrators can easily carry their essential desktop computer files and folders with them wherever they go. Crucial documents can be set to update automatically at each HotSync operation. Secure wireless email--even with attachments--can be received whenever the unit is within range of a Wi-Fi connection or by connecting through a compatible Bluetooth-equipped cell phone. And for those "didn't-know-I'd-need-it" moments, one can even remotely retrieve Microsoft Office files left behind on the desktop computer.

School administrators can use LifeDrive to, for example, instantly access student information system (SIS) data, connect to their offices and handle email from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection. Their important files can always be with them, at the ready for reference or for sharing at faculty or school board meetings. Even traditionally large files, such as PowerPoint presentations, are easily accommodated by the LifeDrive.

Similarly, school or district staff can use the LifeDrive's connectivity to access nearly anything that is stored on the district's network or on their desktop computer, such as class schedules, lesson plans, SIS data, email, multimedia learning resources and more.

A built-in voice recorder also lets staff and administrators capture and preserve what is said in meetings, or easily record on-the-fly reminders and comments. And with the addition of a wireless portable keyboard (sold separately), LifeDrive becomes an ideal tool for writing and communicating.

Aside from all the productivity and information-management benefits, people also want to entertain themselves in a free moment, and to share personalized content, such as photos, home movies or their MP3 collection. The ability to do these things with an all-in-one device is a reality with the LifeDrive mobile manager.

Tungsten E2: Cutting-edge features for teachers and students

The Tungsten E2 is a good choice for both teachers and students, providing premium features at an affordable price--$249 (estimated U.S. street price). The Tungsten E2 builds on the popularity of the Tungsten E handheld. Designed from the ground up to include cutting-edge features for work and play, the Tungsten E has proven enormously popular with educators.

With a powerful 200MHz Intel XScale processor and 32MB of non-volatile flash memory (26MB user available), the Tungsten E2 delivers the speed needed to handle complex documents or applications, as well as more than enough room to hold calendars, contacts, applications, photos, science experiments, homework assignments and projects. And because it's nonvolatile flash memory, data stored on the handheld is fully protected-even if the battery happens to run out. Now there's no worry if a student forgets to charge the handheld, or when handhelds do not get used during school holidays and breaks.

With the Tungsten E2's built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, teachers and students can synchronize the device with their desktops wirelessly. They can even use their Tungsten E2 handheld with a compatible Bluetooth phone to send and receive email, or access the Internet.

The Tungsten E2 handheld also has a new, brighter 320x320 color display, making it easy for educators and students to see their schedules and documents-indoors or outside in full sun. Better color saturation brings photos and video clips to life in rich, dazzling color. And for audio books or favorite tunes, the Tungsten E2 serves as a portable MP3 player too. Simply plug in an expansion card loaded with MP3s and use the built-in speaker or stereo headphones to listen.

The Tungsten E2 comes with DataViz' Documents To Go software, which lets educators and students carry Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files wherever they are-inside the classroom, on a field trip, riding the bus or at home. And with a simple conversion step, Acrobat PDF files can be viewed as well. For writing tasks, just add the unit to palmOne's Universal Wireless Keyboard to make working on documents as easy as typing on a desktop computer. Finally, the Tungsten E2's built-in expansion card slot accepts MultiMediaCard (MMC), SD and SDIO formats, for photos, eBooks, language translators or dictionaries, games and other applications.

Model Zire 31 Zire 72 Tungsten E2
 Handheld Handheld Handheld

Palm OS v5.2.8 v5.2.8 v5.4

Processor Intel ARM, Intel PXA270, Intel XScale,
 200 MHz 312MHz 200MHz

Outlook * * *
Compatibility *

Email & Web * *
Browsing *

Wireless & Infra red (IR) IR, Bluetooth IR, Bluetooth

Sync to Desktop * * *

Expansion * * *
Card Slot

Sync Accessory Mini-USB Mini-USB USB Cable
 Cable Cable

Peripheral Universal Multi-
Connector Connector Connector

Weight 4.1 oz. 4.8 oz. 4.7 oz.

Built-in 16MB 32MB 32MB,
Storage * Flash

Battery Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable

Screen Display 160x160 320X320 TFT 320X320 TFT
 Color Color Color

Headphone/ 3.5mm Stereo 3.5mm Stereo 3.5mm Stereo
Headset jack

Bonus * * *
Software * + Docs to Go + Docs to Go

Special Multimedia, Camera, Non-volatile
Features * MP3 Player Voice Memo, Flash RAM
 Multimedia, Multimedia,
 MP3 Player MP3 Player,

SRP $129 $299 $249

Model Tungsten T5 LifeDrive Treo 600
 Handheld Mobile Manager Smartphone

Palm OS v5.4 v5.4 v5.2.1 H

Processor Intel XScale, Intel XScale, ARM,
 416MHz 416MHz 144MHz

Outlook * * *
Compatibility *

Email & Web * * *
Browsing *

Wireless & IR, Bluetooth IR, Bluetooth & IR,
Connectivity 802.11b (Wi-Fi) GSM/GPRS or
Features CDMA

Sync to Desktop * * *

Expansion * * *
Card Slot

Sync Accessory USB Cable USB 2.0 Cable USB Cable

Peripheral Multi- Multi- Treo 600
Connector Connector Connector custom

Weight 5.1 oz. 6.8 oz. 5.9 / 6.2 oz.

Built-in 256MB Flash 4GB 32MB
Storage * MicroDrive

Battery Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable

Screen Display 320x480 TFT 320x480 TFT 160x160
 Color Color Color

Headphone/ 3.5mm Stereo 3.5mm Stereo 2.5mm Stereo
Headset jack

Bonus * * *
Software * + Docs to Go + Docs to Go + Docs to Go

Special Non-volatile 4GB Hard Drive, Camera,
Features * Flash RAM, Voice Recorder, Display photos,
 Multimedia, Multimedia, Keyboard
 MP3 Player MP3 Player

SRP $399 $499 $249-$479

Model Treo 650

Palm OS v5.4

Processor Intel PXA270,

Outlook *
Compatibility *

Email & Web *
Browsing *

Wireless & IR, Bluetooth,
Connectivity GSM/GPRS,
Features EDGE or

Sync to Desktop *

Expansion *
Card Slot

Sync Accessory USB Cable

Peripheral Multi-
Connector Connector

Weight 6.3 oz.

Built-in 32MB Flash
Storage *

Battery Removable &

Screen Display 320X320 TFT

Headphone/ 2.5mm Stereo
Headset jack

Bonus *
Software * + Docs to Go

Special Non-volatile
Features * Flash RAM,
 Camera, Video,
 MP3 Player,

SRP $349-$699

* Limitations and conditions apply. For complete details see

Both the LifeDrive mobile manager and Tungsten E2 are available through the palmOne Education Purchase Program, which gives schools a way to extend their technology budget and enable equity among students by offering additional free handhelds for various levels of institutional purchases.

Fast Facts

LifeDrive Mobile Manager

* 4GB Hitachi Microdrive (3.85GB user available)

* Vibrant 32gx480 display flips from landscape to portrait at the touch of a button

* Palm OS Garnet (v5.4)

* Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies

* Ability to access POP, IMAP and MS Exchange email accounts

* Smart file management system with Folder Sync: automatically update selected files when synching; File Transfer: drag and drop thousands of files from a PC onto LifeDrive; Drive Mode: transfer files to any PC or Macintosh; and Files View: transferred folder structure remains intact, making it easy to locate important information

* Flash memory keeps information safely intact, even if device loses its battery charge

* View photos and videos with the palmOne Media application

* Support for MP3 audio file

* Voice recorder

Fast Facts

Tungsten E2 Handheld

* Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology

* 200MHZ Intel XScale processor

* 32MB of RAM (26MB user available)

* 320x320 color display

* Edit Word and Excel docs, view PowerPoint files

* View photos, videos and play MP3s

The author is a freelance writer and public relations consultant based in Campbell, California.
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