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Life was sweet before rationing; FEEDBACK.

I ENJOYED reading the letters about the "good old days", especially when monster bags were mentioned. I then remembered many other childhood treats, but from earlier days - the 1930s.

There were coconut chips, sherbet fountains, slab toffee, plain and nutty, that the shopkeeper broke with a little hammer, liquorice comfits, the red ones were much prized by little girls who used them as lipstick, marzipan bonbons, raspberry ruffles, liquorice laces, all at twopence a quarter.

Penny winsos (small bottles of pop made in Cardiff by Winslades of Canton) cocoa cups which were a biscuit cup filled with marshmallow and topped with chocolate - heavenly!

Gobstoppers - two a penny that changed colour so that you were constantly taking them out of your mouth to see the colour (no fears from 'E' numbers in those days) and Sen-Sen sweets to make your breath smell nice.

Then the war came and everything changed. There was sweet rationing and area zoning.

My family posted Mars Bars to relatives in Birmingham who reciprocated by sending their ration of Cadbury's Milk Chocolate to us.

What happy carefree days they were. I hope today's children will have such happy memories to recall when they are pensioners.

Mrs Valerie Berryman Ely, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 27, 2014
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