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Life skills are the only reward for kids' chores.


FOR INFORMATION AND ADVICE FROM ELAINE, VISIT WWW.MORTGAGE FREEINTHREE.COM One of the best things about the long evenings of summer is that there is time after work to meet up with your pals without having to head to a pricey coffee shop, restaurant or pub.

A few hours of relaxation after a quick tea - hanging out in someone's garden with a couple of drinks putting the world to rights while the kids play together.

And sometimes interesting topics turn up - like last night when I was asked this doozy: "Should we pay the kids to do work about the house?" For me, this is a "No". You see, this is OUR house and Team Colliar work together to make it work. I go out and earn the money, pay the bills and I confess to doing the bulk of the planning... but once my kids could use a computer, they were competent enough to use a washing machine.

If you are skillful enough to build an entire Star Wars set in Lego, you are also safe to be let loose on drying the dishes after dinner.

These are not "special jobs" that you should be rewarded for, these are just chores that help everything run smoothly - and if mum is happy, then everyone is happy.

That is not to say that the kids don't get pocket money. Because in our house, learning how to manage your own money for the future is a pretty important life skill to be passed on.

I live by the slogan "I am not growing boys, I am raising men" the end result has to be young men who do their fair share in their own homes and take responsibility with grace.

I want them to be able to walk out into their lives being able to take care of themselves - although I confess there are days when this is definitely on the "work in progress" list. But we are getting there.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 24, 2016
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